Pursuit of passion.

Among app and technology companies, our passion for the outdoors gives us unique insights. This has driven the development of dozens of tools and features made by hunters for hunters.


HuntStand was founded in 2012 by the company’s CEO, Lanford Holloway. Years before, Lanford was out hunting on a piece of land that he had known very well. After living out of state for several years, the land had been clear cut, stands had been moved, and new trails and food plots had been created. Lanford found that he was no longer familiar with the property and was having to ask where things were.


Sitting in his stand later that day and realizing how outdated his understanding of the land was, Lanford was looking at satellite images of the property on his phone and thought “there has to be a better way”.  He realized that it was possible to create a tool that allowed people to map out their land on their smartphones and then share those maps with their friends. The idea for HuntStand was born. After HuntStand launched in 2013 it rapidly became one of the most popular mapping apps on the market. Since then, the app and website have been massively expanded and refined. 

After HuntStand launched in 2013 it rapidly became one of the most popular mapping apps on the market.

Today the HuntStand App has millions of active users spread throughout North America and the world. It has become a trusted source for mapping, satellite imagery, property boundaries, public land access, wind and weather information, useful tools, and many other great features for hunters. HuntStand has also solidified its place in and contributions to the industry through dozens of high-impact partnerships both with large brands, and conservation organizations.


In 2019, as part of our mission to bring critical information to hunters, we launched HuntStand Media, now HuntStand Fieldnotes. Working with the industry’s biggest brands and top experts, HuntStand Fieldnotes brings quality content to millions of hunters across North America including featured video series, pro tips, gear reviews and more. As we look to the future, the HuntStand team is dedicated to constantly innovating and improving our tools and offerings. The HuntStand App is truly a “one stop shop” for hunters and land managers, while HuntStand Fieldnotes is quickly becoming one of the industry’s top content sources. 

active-hunters Tools & Information

To improve hunter engagement, enjoyment, safety, and success through the widespread availability of reliable and user-friendly information, data, and tools.

goals-compass Land Access

To increase awareness of and access to public and private lands for hunting, shooting, angling, and other outdoor recreational pursuits.


goal-shoe Strength in Partnership

To strengthen North America’s leading wildlife conservation organizations and agencies through financial and in-kind support.

goal-binocular Our Future

To support the future of hunting and the shooting sports with a special emphasis on programs with proven track records of recruiting, retaining, or reactivating hunters and shooters.


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