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A powerful masterclass that will give you an edge this turkey season. This live-streaming event will bring you expert insights on e-scouting, play-by-play daily turkey hunting strategies, and a Q&A session to answer your toughest questions about hunting the King of Spring. What’s turkey hunting without talking turkey? We’ve got that covered, too, with a dedicated turkey calling presentation lead by one of the greatest turkey callers of all time!

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Maine is home to about 75,000 eastern wild turkeys and approximately 20,000 turkey hunters. Do the math, and that’s a favorable turkey-to-hunter ratio. Historically, with about five weeks to pursue birds, and unpressured birds to pursue, this is a great hunt for those willing to make the journey. Last season, hunters bagged over 7,000 birds. Despite the incorrect perceptions of some, the turkey hunting in Maine is no joke.

In past years, on average, it costed about $35 for residents and $70 for non-residents to hunt The Pine Tree State. These are incredibly affordable licenses and tags. Tack on great turkey production numbers for the past few years, and this season should be great.

Hunters will likely find the best turkey population densities in the southern stretches of the state, but that area is mostly private land, and it’s harder to get permission to hunt there.

Furthermore, this destination has a lot to offer in way of cultural appeal. The atmosphere is incredible, environment is beautiful, and food is delicious. Add in hard-gobbling birds, and these are all great reasons to head northward.

Of course, there is still no Sunday hunting here. Plus, it’s a great distance to travel for most non-resident hunters. Still, if you can overcome these hurdles, it’s certainly a northeastern turkey hunt to try. Hunters will likely find the best turkey population densities in the southern stretches of the state, but that area is mostly private land, and it’s harder to get permission to hunt there. Central Maine has lower turkey numbers, but sees less hunting pressure, too. Turkey populations get quite scarce in northern Maine.

Never one to back down from a challenge, Turkey POSSE host Josh Dahlke knows a great opportunity when he sees one, and that’s exactly why he traveled to Maine to chase thunder. As part of a three-state turkey tour in the Northeast, this leg obviously paid off. A sneaky river-bottom gobbler waddles in, but it doesn’t get the chance to waddle away. It comes in quietly, but Dahlke lowers the boom. Turkey nuggets for dinner.

25 Steps to More Turkey Hunting Permission



The loss of a loved one can transform our other greatest loves into painful reminders. Darline Boultinghouse, known by her family as “Nana,” formed some of her fondest memories in a deer blind with her husband, Steve. Nearly 7 years after Steve’s tragic and unexpected passing, Nana returns to her farm and embraces the healing power of whitetail hunting.

Texas isn’t all mesquite flats, corn feeders, and wire fences. Some of the most extreme terrain in the country can be found in the Lone Star State, and it just so happens that hunting opportunities abound for the adventurous.

Native to North Africa, the aoudad is an intriguing, exotic big-game species that thrives in the rugged Trans-Pecos region of West Texas. And Casey Sanford (aka the “West Texas Sherpa”) has carved out a niche as the aoudad authority.

Join HuntStand’s Josh Dahlke as he laces up his boots to go after a mature aoudad ram, and gains an appreciation for Sanford’s addiction.

At HuntStand, we like to go boom, and so we’re stoked to drop the hammer on the best new rifle ammo for 2023. Popularity in long-range rounds for western big game continues to grow, while on the flip side we’re seeing a major resurgence in straight-walled cartridges paired with lever guns for nostalgic brush-busters. Somewhere in the middle you’ll find small—but meaningful—advances in practical ammo for whitetail country.

Remington Premier Long Range Featuring Speer Impact

best new rifle ammo for 2023

Speer’s Impact bullets are legendary and a top choice of the reloading crowd. Now, for 2023, you can have Speer’s kingpin bullet with molecularly bonded construction and a high ballistic coefficient in a Remington box. Dubbed the Remington Premier Long Range Featuring Speer Impact, the bullet’s patented SlipStream Tip initiates expansion at velocities 200 fps lower than standard polymer tips to ensure you bring home the backstraps and the headgear when shooting at extended distances. The Impact is sleek and slim, and the tightly tapered hybrid ogive combined with its boattail make it comparable to a match-grade bullet.

Remington 360 Buckhammer


best new rifle ammo for 2023

Straight-walled calibers are the rage, especially in the whitetail woods, and Remington has cooked up a good one as part of the best new rifle ammo for 2023. Enter the 360 Buckhammer, a bullet optimized for lever-action rifles with ballistics that deliver buck-dropping ability beyond 200 yards. The round is lethal, and according to those who’ve tapped a Remington 360 Buckhammer primer, it produces low recoil, which is excellent news for small-framed shooters. This round is worth a look in Remington’s Core-Lok SP in grain weights of 180 and 200.

Hornady 7mm PRC

best new rifle ammo for 2023

As with many horizontal bow makers, Hornady tends to drop new products in October, which was the case with its 7mm PRC rounds. Filling a void between the ultra-popular 6.5 PRC and the .300 PRC, the 7mm PRC is a long, ballistically perfect make that comes in a 175-grain ELD-X load, a 180-grain ELD-M, and a 160-grain CX load in Hornady’s Outfitter line. Our favorite is Hornady’s 7mm PRC 175 gr ELD-X Precision Hunter, which has a muzzle velocity of 3,000 fps and a G1 ballistic coefficient of .689, which is remarkable. The 7mm PRC is set to take on any big-game animal in North America and abroad.

Federal Power-Shok 360 Buckhammer

best new rifle ammo for 2023

It’s nothing new for ammo powerhouse Federal to release a smattering of new cartridges, but it’s a pair of straight-wall Power-Shok additions making the most noise. Available in 180- and 200-grain options, Federal’s Power-Shok 360 Buckhammer was specifically created for lever-action guns. The caliber is perfect for whitetail fanatics from East to West, especially those who prefer to sling lead in locales that were once regulated to slug-only hunting. Federal notes maximum performance beyond 200 yards, and the .358-diameter jacketed soft-point bullet promises exceptional energy transfer.

Federal Hornady ELD-X

best new rifle ammo for 2023

When we see Federal and Hornady branding on the same box, we buy that box and give the ammo inside a dance. A legendary collaboration like this belongs among the best new rifle ammo for 2023. Available in an array of popular calibers, this match-grade-accurate bullet hits like a tank and guarantees expansion across a range of velocities, meaning whether your target is 50 yards or 500 yards, terminal performance will be achieved. The bullet’s tip is a non-standard polymer tip, and it has been specially crafted to resist deformation, maximize ballistics, and initiate extreme-range expansion. Other call-out features include the concentric copper jacket, robust shank, boat-tail, and nickel-plated brass.

Browning Silver Series

Offered in an array of calibers, Browning’s new-for-2023 Silver Series utilizes proven, traditional bullet technology with a twist. That twist is a classic soft-point bullet design with nickel plating to ensure maximum corrosion resistance and smooth chambering in bolt-action and semi-automatic rifles. The heavy soft-points hit with fury and cause massive trauma on wild beasts.

Browning Max Point


Browning knows the whitetail is the most sought-after animal in North America, so why not design ammunition designed to drop big white-tailed bucks in their tracks? Don’t worry, they did, and they did it well. Dubbed the Max Point, this rifle ammunition was designed to transfer on-impact energy quickly to ensure the drop-’em-in-their-tracks performance. Offered in a pile of favorite deer calibers, Max Point is also great for mule deer, pronghorn, and other medium-sized big game. The HuntStand community is teeming with whitetail hunters, so this one easily made the cut as part of the best new rifle ammo for 2023.

Winchester Power-Point .35 Whelen

A classic caliber that, over the years, has been used for elk, deer, hogs, bears, and about every game animal, the .35 Whelen needs no introduction. Branded by many as the poor man’s magnum, Winchester adds the .35 Whelen to its tested-true Power-Point line. A design that gives the shooter downrange precision and maximum lethality, Power-Point bullets showcase a copper jacket with strategically placed notches around the jacket’s mouth to initiate rapid and uniform expansion. Winchester’s Power-Point .35 Whelen is offered in a 200-grain bullet option, which will be effective on big game.

Barnes Pioneer

Barnes knows what hunters want, and the current lever-action craze is off the charts. So, this savvy manufacturer created a full line of lever gun ammunition and branded it Barnes Pioneer. The big focus when creating Pioneer was consistent feeding and cycling, and early indications tell the mission was accomplished. The first offerings in the lineup include .30-.30 Win., .45/70, .357 Mag., and .45 Colt. Yes, some lever gun cartridges are also revolver cartridges, and if you have a revolver in the calibers mentioned, this is some mighty fine ammo.

Berger Elite Hunter 6.5 PRC

Berger’s Elite Hunter lineup is cheered by the shooting masses, and for 2023, Berger has added the 140-grain Elite Hunter to its 6.5 PRC line. Crafted to be a whitetail and other medium-sized big-game wrecker, the bullet boasts a hybrid-ogive profile for long-range precision. Promising results that rival those of precision handloads, Berger’s Elite Hunter 6.5 PRC is loaded with clean-burning and temperature-sensitive propellants. Another hat-tipper is that Elite Hunter bullets utilize Berger’s J4 Hunting Jacket, which means the bullet must penetrate between 2 and 3 inches before producing extreme hydrostatic shock.

Modern hunters have a world of options in firearms for going after game—big and small—but bolt guns are still boss. Here’s a quick snapshot of the best new bolt-action hunting rifles for 2023.

Savage AXIS II Precision

Renowned as a budget-friendly rifle, Savage has boosted its AXIS family with a precision series upgrade available in calibers ranging from .223 Rem. to 6.5 Creedmoor. Partnering with Modular Driven Technologies (MDT), the AXIS II was engineered to be a one-hole rifle that doesn’t break the bank. Fitted with an MDT chassis designed for the Savage AXIS II platform, the rifle sports an airy look, and black with an olive drab finish adds some eye appeal. The trigger is a user-adjustable AccuTrigger (2.5-6 pounds), and the 22-inch carbon steel button rifled threaded barrel boosts long-range accuracy. MSRP: $999

Savage 110 Carbon Predator

Savage’s Model 110 line is rooted deep in bolt-action lore, so it only makes sense to include this 110 addition as part of the best new bolt-action hunting rifles for 2023. The 110 Carbon Predator is fitted with an 18-inch carbon-wrapped stainless-steel Proof Research barrel, threaded for a suppressor or a brake. It comes in at a fighting weight of just a tad over 7 pounds. Created for pelt chasers, this rifle features Savage’s Accustock, which is fully adjustable for comb height and length-of-pull, and the rubberized pads on the fore-end and grip boost the rifle’s ergonomics. Savage did add a pair of 22-inch-barrel rifles to the lineup — a 6.5 Creedmoor and .22-250 Rem — and we like the detachable box magazine. MSRP: $1,695

CVA Cascade XT

Known for producing great smoke poles, CVA dips its toes in the bolt-action game and creates a precision-oriented rifle with a #5 taper-fluted barrel. The barrel has some weight, which was the idea — CVA wanted to boost stability and pre-shot balance. Reducing recoil is the radial muzzle brake, and fitted with a tactical-style bolt knob, manipulation of the bolt is rapid. CVA’s new, affordable Cascade XT bolt-action comes in calibers of 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Win., .450 Bushmaster, .350 Legend, 6.5 PRC, 7mm Rem Mag, and .300 Win Mag. As one of few models coming in under a grand, CVA earns its place in the best new bolt-action hunting rifles for 2023. MSRP: $799 

Benelli BE.S.T Lupo Bolt-Action Rifle – Walnut

We were a tad shocked when Benelli launched its AA-Grade Satin Walnut line, which was stunning … but didn’t include calibers of .308 Win and .30-06 Sprg. Don’t fret, though; that issue has been remedied for 2023. Both rifles are fitted with 22-inch precision Crio-treated free-floating barrels attached to a hardened-steel barrel extension bedded to a steel block alloy receiver. As reliable as the day is, Benelli’s BE.S.T Lupo Bolt-Action Rifle family has been received well by the bolt-action nation. With this caliber expansion in classic walnut, it makes the cut as one of the best new bolt-action hunting rifles for 2023. When it comes to comfort, the Progressive Comfort System and Combtech cheek pad shine. These three-lug bolt-action shooters feature a 60-degree throw and a detachable magazine. Not to mention, this beauty shoots as good as she looks with the AA Grade Walnut stock. MSRP: $2,199 

Franchi Momentum All-Terrain Elite

Get it as a coyote killer or a deer wrecker in calibers of .223 Rem. and .308 Win., and hit the woods confidently with Franchi’s shiny new penny. Dubbed the Momentum All-Terrain Elite, both models come with an 18-inch threaded barrel and sport a Midnight Bronze Cerakote finish on the barrel and receiver. The rifle’s short, stocky build is optimized for truck or ATV carry, and both models can shoot their 5.56 and 7.62 Nato counterparts, which is an added bonus. The stock is modular with a low-rise comb that should ensure proper cheek-weld while ensuring good optic-to-eye or eye-to-front-iron-sight acquisition. The free-floated Picatinny-rail gives you loads of mounting options, and a 10-round Magpul AICS magazine is included. MSRP: $1,449

Browning X-Bolt Speed – Suppressor Ready


Browning scores again in 2023 with its X-Bolt Speed Suppressor Ready rifle. The want to add a suppressor to hunting rifles is at an all-time high, and this legendary gun maker gives hunters a suppressor-ready firearm right out of the box. Available in a range of popular hunting calibers, the rifle is unique compared to other X-Bolt makes in that barrel lengths are 4 inches shorter than what is normally designated for the caliber. The rifle sports a composite stock cloaked in Browning’s OVIX pattern, and the smoked-bronze Cerakote finish is as nice as they come. Each rifle has a muzzle brake, and weights range from 6.12 to 6.62 pounds, and in true X-Bolt fashion, you just can’t beat the quick, controlled throw of the bolt. MSRP: $1,429-$1,529

Mossberg Patriot Predator 7mm PRC

A caliber that has all the BC nuts buzzing, Mossberg adds the 7mm PRC to its fine and affordable line of Patriot Predator rifles. The Patriot’s chassis is tried-and-true. When you add in the suppressor-ready threaded barrels, Picatinny rail for easy optic mounting, and a user-adjustable trigger, hunters get an enormous bang for their buck. This bolt-action beauty comes in a pair of finish options: Flat Dark Earth (synthetic) and True-Timber Strata (polymer). Of course, Mossberg’s trusted push-feed, twin-lug action is fail-proof and marries perfectly with the rifle’s polymer magazine. MSRP: $519-$619 

Mossberg Patriot LR Tactical Bolt-Action Rifle

Banging steel and punching lungs at long distances on the rifle range and in the woods is something many modern shooters crave, and Mossberg gives those in this crowd a fancy-to-do new option. The Patriot LR Tactical Bolt-Action Rifle will help you extend your downrange reach via its adjustment-ready customizable design. The MDT stock sports aluminum V-Block bedding for improved shoot-at-distance grouping, and the rifle has an M-LOK compatible forend. The rifle comes in .308 Win., 6.5 Creedmoor, and 6.5 PRC—a trio-proven group of long-range killers. All muzzles are threaded; the .308 and PRC come in barrel lengths of 22 inches, and the PRC sports a barrel length of 24 inches. Depending on barrel length, total weight ranges from 8.8 to 9.4 pounds. MSRP: $1,085

Bergara B14 Squared Crest

best bolt action hunting rifles for 2023

Go ahead, roam the mountains with a 6.9-pound shooter finished in Sniper Grey Cerakote in your choice of .308 Win., 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC, or .300 Win. Mag. It’s called the B-14 Squared, and each caliber features Bergara’s proven B-14 action and barrel. The two-bolt action system with sliding extractor and tapered bolt and breech stop scream smoothness. Sweetening the pot is the monocoque stock, a 100-percent carbon-fiber stock with an internal spine that provides the shooter with increased rigidity and strength. Not only is this rifle durable but it also meets the long-range accuracy needs backcountry wanderers demand. MSRP: $1,999

Weatherby Mark V Apexbest bolt action hunting rifles for 2023

Weatherby’s Mark Series has seen some remarkable bolt-action builds, but the new Mark V Apex might sit at the top of the heap. It’s the most costly in our roundup of the best new bolt-action hunting rifles for 2023, but shocking good looks and performance often come at a premium. A long-range assassin designed to be lightweight, the rifle’s backbone is Weatherby’s Mark V steel action with a fluted two-toned Cerakote barrel. The carbon stock cuts weight, and the new Peak 44 vertical grip boosts comfort, reduces weight, and boosts accuracy. Sporting the world’s first 3D-printed recoil pad, the 3DHEX contains a series of interlocking voids that work in concert to thwart post-shot recoil. MSRP: $2,799-$2,899 

Coyotes are incredibly efficient predators with a unique sense of situational awareness, so to hunt coyotes you must always be thinking at least one step ahead of them. One critical consideration is coyote hunting guns. Will a ‘yote pop up at close range, or might you need to take a poke at a long-range dog? Consider the landscape in your ground scouting and e-scouting to envision likely shot scenarios. A well-rounded coyote hunter knows it’s important to have versatile firepower, so here we’ll reveal “the triple threat” of coyote hunting guns.


Choosing the right coyote hunting gun for your situation is a crucial step in the preparation process. Image by HuntStand

Choose the perfect gun for your next song dog adventure. Image by Honeycutt Creative

Be fully prepared for your next song dog adventure. Image by Honeycutt Creative

Common Coyote Guns

There are many different gun options available to coyote hunters. Each viable gun offering has a set list of pros and cons that go with it. There’s give and take, regardless of the choice. It’s all about choosing what best fits the conditions and situation. That said, there are three primary categories of coyote hunting guns to consider.

The first and likely most popular is the bolt-action rifle. This is a great selection for most coyote hunters. In fact, most leisure or passive coyote hunters choose to use their deer guns while hunting song dogs, which is fine, and most of these are bolt-action boom sticks.

The AR platform is the next option. This tactical approach gives hunters a higher magazine capacity, along with the ability to fire more rounds and stay in an optic easier with the semi-automatic action. For those hunting in areas with higher coyote densities, and larger packs of coyotes, this is a solid option.

Finally, we arrive at the shotgun. While this is the least common gun used by coyote hunters, it certainly has its place. The scatter gun, as it’s commonly called, certainly carves out a unique niche when hunting coyotes in close corridors. It’s also a great secondary and recovery weapon.

Bolt-Action Rifle for Coyote Hunting

Savage Impulse Predator

The Savage Impulse Predator is an excellent bolt-action rifle for coyote hunting. Image courtesy of Savage Arms

The bolt-action rifle is a staple in the world of coyote hunting. Its prevalence is unparalleled, and hunters nationwide rely on it to harvest song dogs each year. It offers numerous advantages over both ARs and shotguns. Oftentimes, it offers more distance and downrange accuracy than both other guns.

It does have downsides, though. In most cases, these hold fewer rounds (but is not an issue with our selection below). Also, reloading tends to be slower. That’s a significant negative trait for those who need to take numerous shots in a short amount of time.

That said, for the bolt-action rifle selection, it’s a no-brainer to go with the Savage Impulse Predator. Predator hunting oftentimes involves follow-up shots, or shots at multiple targets (especially with coyotes). This is a speed-oriented bolt gun. Its round knob bolt handle and straight-pull action is built for predator hunting and quick reloading. The 10-round AICS magazine with ambidextrous release also quickens its pace.

Furthermore, the Impulse Predator holds incredible downrange accuracy. While the overall length is 41.5 inches, it has a 20-inch barrel and a 1:12 twist rate. The gun also includes a 20-MOA rail that’s machined into the receiver. The Impulse Predator weighs 8.7 pounds, and it’s available in four calibers, including .22-250 Rem., .243 Win., .308 Win., and 6.5 Creedmoor.

As for aesthetics, it comes with a matte black aluminum receiver and carbon-steel barrel. The AccuStock with AccuFit has an adjustable length-of-pull and comes cloaked in camo.

Shotgun for Coyote Hunting

Savage Renegauge Field

The Savage Renegauge Field is a top pick for many coyote hunters. Image courtesy of Savage Arms

Many hunters love a good shotgun for coyote hunting. And in some instances, the coyote hunting regulations call for it. Some seasons allow only shotguns. This is especially true for night hunting in certain locations.

A shotgun offers other benefits for coyote hunting, too. Durability is key. The scattergun effect is also great for fast shooting in short-range scenarios, such as thicker cover. And of course, fast cycling with a semi-auto is a great benefit for quick follow-ups. The one downside, of course, is the shortened range.

In the shotgun category, the top pick is the Savage Renegauge Field shotgun. It’s won numerous awards, and for good reasons. At the pinnacle of these is it performs well and is very reliable. This semi-auto delivers the payload proficiently.

The Renegauge is a 12-gauge shotgun with a 3-inch chamber, and the barrel is fluted and has a melonite finish. The barrel length is 28 inches, and overall length is 49.5 inches. Its carbon-steel ventilated rib features a red fiber-optic sight. It also has a loading magazine port optimized for safety and speed. Its oversized controls aid in this effort, too.

Furthermore, the patented Dual Regulating Inline Valve (DRIV) gas system vents excess gas before driving the bolt. This delivers a fast cycle, consistent shell ejection, and minimizes felt recoil. It’s also very adjustable, as comb height and length-of-pull are customizable.

This model includes a chrome-plated action bar assembly and chrome-plated reciprocating components. A stock rod buffer reduces felt recoil. The package includes full, improved cylinder, and modified choke tubes, and even a hard-sided carrying case.

Aside from the Renegauge Field, another solid bet is the Renegauge Security. It too works very well for coyotes, and other predators, and doubles as a home-defense gun. It’s available in 12 gauge.

AR-15 for Coyote Hunting

Bear Creek Arsenal BC-15 6.5 Grendel

The BC-15 is a wonderful choice for those interesting in the AR platform. Image courtesy of Bear Creek Arsenal

A lot of coyote hunters, and predator hunters in general, prefer an AR platform. These guns offer numerous advantages, including faster semi-automatic cycling, medium- to long-range capabilities (make, model, and barrel depending), the ability to add key accessories (such as lights), and more.

Therefore, our pick for the AR category is the Bear Creek Arsenal BC-15 6.5 Grendel. It comes with a 20-inch heavy barrel with a 416R stainless finish. It also has a 1:8 twist rate. It’s a very accurate AR with stout durability and dependability.

This gun has the BCA bolt carrier group, M4 flat-top billet upper receiver, BCA mil-spec AR-15 lower, rifle length gas system, 0.750 gas block system, right-side charging handle (gen 2), and 15-inch MLOK rail. It weighs 8.75 pounds. It’s largely manufactured in Sanford, North Carolina, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

For those who aren’t fans of the 6.5 Grendel caliber, another great AR option is the Bear Creek Arsenal BC-10 chambered in .22-250 with a 1:14 twist rate. It offers many of the same advantages and is equally affordable.

The Best of All Worlds

Regardless of the firearm choice for a coyote hunt, it can be extremely beneficial to mix up gun types if you’re hunting with buddies. This is especially good for hunting terrain that isn’t monotonous and consists of short-, medium-, and long-range opportunities. For example, someone with a shotgun is better equipped for shorter ranges in thicker cover, while those with a rifle are better suited for more open settings. Then, the spectrum is covered with each of the great coyote hunting gun categories.

Bonus: Predator Gear Grab Bag

In addition to your selected coyote hunting guns, there are other items to include in the gear bag. While this isn’t an exhaustive list, these are great additions to the arsenal.

Coyote Light Pro: For those hunting where regulations allow, the Coyote Light Pro is an excellent addition to your rail. It’s more compact and less weight than most options on the market. Plus, the LED bulb has a 65,000-hour lifespan. It sports up to 48 hours of continuous run time. Light up eyes at 1,000 yards and full bodies at 500 yards. Get it in red, green, or infrared. It weighs 1.2 pounds.

Halo XR700 laser rangefinder: The XR700 by Halo is an excellent rangefinder for coyote hunters. Per the name, it offers 700 yards of range. It also sports auto acquisition, angle intelligence, scan mode, 6X magnification, water resistance, and more. A lanyard, lens cloth, and CR2 lithium-ion battery are included. It comes with a 1-year warranty.

Beat the stink with the Scent-A-Way Home Kit. Image courtesy of Scent-A-Way

Hunters Specialties Scent-A-Way Max Home Kit: Coyotes have great noses and knocking back the volume of scent is important. The Max Home Kit includes laundry detergent and dryer sheets for camo, body soap, shampoo, and anti-perspirant.

HuntStand Pro

HuntStand Pro: We can’t forget a HuntStand Pro subscription. This offers numerous benefits over the free version of our app, including property boundaries, property ownership data, detailed hunting and public maps, 3D mapping layer, stand reservations, and unlimited offline maps.

While it doesn’t take a lot of money to be a successful coyote hunter, choosing the best available options within your budget can oftentimes make noticeable differences. This especially holds true when searching for the best options in great coyote hunting guns.


Some outdoorsmen cut their hunting teeth chasing geese, ducks, pheasants, and quail with a shotgun. The mere thought prompts a wry smile at the corner of their mouth, and a slight pep in their step. Their heart beats a just little faster knowing they get to tote a shotgun to the woods. Obviously, a good scattergun is worth its weight and is one of the few weapons that allows the hunter to pursue a smattering of small and big-game species. Here are our top 10 shotguns for 2023.

Stevens 560 Field

Top Ten Shotguns for 2023

A 3-inch chamber, 28-inch barrel, semi-automatic shotgun with solid reviews and one that hits a price point under $500, the Stevens 560 Field is great for a newbie wing-shooter or a seasoned veteran. Full-size and compact models are available, and the Turkish Walnut stock and forend with a hard-chrome lined barrel give this shotgun flare. The shotgun comes with a trio of chokes (IC, IM, F), and the raised rib with fiber optic front sight will be appreciated whether you’re smashing clays or birds. MSRP: $499

Mossberg 835 and 500 Optic-ReadyMossberg Shotgun

Neither platform from Mossberg needs a lengthy introduction; the 835 and 500 models have proven their salt in the field over the years. New and exciting for 2023 is that the 20-gauge 500 and 12-gauge 835 are now optic-ready, which sweetens the pot. The RMR-style cut allows for a low mount, so you don’t have to take your cheek off the stock to acquire the mounted red dot. This leads to increased accuracy and reduced recoil. Dipped in Mossy Oak Green Leaf, this pair of shooters have great eye appeal, and their durable nature makes them difficult to ignore. MSRP: $644-$693

Mossberg SA-20 Turkey Gun

Once you jelly a head with a 20-gauge, feel the light recoil, and embrace the fact that a good 20 with a top-tier scope will kill as good as any 12-gauge, you’ll never look back. Mossberg has crafted some great turkey makes over the years, but we have our eye on the SA-20. The 22-inch barrel keeps the semi-auto compact and maneuverable, and at 5.5 pounds, you can tote this shotgun all day. The vent rib with fiber-optic Ghost Ring sights promotes accuracy, and if you want to mount a red dot, Mossberg has included a top rail. The gas system ensures smooth cycling, and the shotgun comes with extended turkey chokes. The SA-20 is also available in 28-gauge, and .410 bore as well. MSRP: $816

Browning Silver Field Auric Camo

Top 10 Shotguns for 2023

Browning’s Silver Series is loved by many, and for a good reason, each model has proven field-worthy. For 2023, the Silver family grows with the addition of the Silver Field Auric. As semi-autos go, especially Browning semi-autos, this 3-1/2-inch chamber 12-gauge is economical and will serve every purpose from doves to ducks to upland. The new Auric pattern gives the shotgun a great look, and Browning’s Active Valve Gas System reduces felt recoil and ensures the cycling of a wide range of loads. The Silver Field is available in barrel lengths of 26 and 28 inches and comes with full, modified, and improved cylinder chokes. MSRP: $1,349.99

Browning Gold Light 10-Gauge Field

We haven’t seen a good 10-gauge in a hot minute, but if Browning produced it, we’re all in. Designed for waterfowl lovers that spend a lot of time shooting high-flying birds on the firing line of a reservoir’s edge and those looking for a 3 1/2-inch chamber goose wrecker that leaves no doubt in the decoys, Browning’s Gold Light 10-Gauge Field is pretty awesome. The shotgun comes fitted with a redesigned composite stock with an updated drop for a more customized fit and feel, and the Inflex recoil pad tames much of this gun’s anger. Textured grip areas in the stock and forearm up dexterity when Mother Nature is at her worst. The Gold Light 10-Gauge Field is available in barrel lengths of 26 and 28 inches. MSRP: $1,999.99

Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 20-Gauge Realtree Max-7

Top 10 Shotguns for 2023

Utter the abbreviation SBE in the waterfowl world, and the eyes of hunters glaze over. Benelli’s SBE 3 series is one of the best waterfowl guns ever created, and for 2023, 20-gauge goers can have their Super Black Eagle 3 20 cloaked in Realtree Max-7 — one of the finest waterfowl patterns ever created. Every SBE 3 promises improved ergonomics, flawless shot-to-shot consistency, and shooting joy, making you want to repeatedly take the gun into the field, no matter the bird species you’re after. By splitting the stock diagonally and inserting shock-absorbing chevrons, the SBE 3’s stock is one big pillow, and in an already reduced-recoil 20-gauge, you can shoot boxes of high-magnum goose loads and not feel a thing. Of course, Benelli’s Inertia-Driven System is legendary, and this shooter will handle everything from light dove loads to yellow shells designed to drop big honkers. MSRP: $1,999

Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 BE.S.T 28-Gauge

Benelli Shotgun

If you’ve never shouldered a 28-gauge and dumped ducks back-peddling in the decoys, you haven’t lived, and for some reason, the task is just a little more enjoyable when you’re shooting Benelli’s new-for-2023 BE.S.T 28-Gauge. BE.S.T stands for Benelli Surface Treatment, which is armor for a gun you know will be put against the most challenging situations Mother Nature can muster. Another must-note feature for this small-bore shotgun, depending on barrel length (26- and 28-inch available), is its feather-like 5.5-pound to 5.6-pound weight rating, and Crio Extended Choke Tubes. MSRP: $2,099

Franchi Instinct Sideplate O/U

Already available and cherished by the O/U shotgun crowd, Franchi adds 16- and 28-gauge Instinct Sideplates to its 2023 shotgun menu. The sub-gauge train is rolling, and those on it or looking to get on it, should look no further than these shooters. Showcasing sleek lines, lustrous wood, gold inlaid game scenes, and blued barrels, this dynamic duo are stunners. Handling is second-to-none, and once shouldered, the 28-inch barrel shotguns provide exceptional balance and feel. Both shotguns come with extended chokes of C, IC, M, IM, and F, and the added custom-fitted hard case to ensure safe transport to and from the field is a nice touch. MSRP: $2,399

Stoeger M-Series Semi-Auto Shotguns

Not to give you a list, but Stoeger launched many new models in its M-Series for 2023. Stoeger wanted to provide every hunter, no matter their budget or in-the-field needs, a shotgun that would crush clays, puff doves, pound ducks, and crumble fast-flying pheasants. In short, the M-Series was created to be a working man’s shotgun. All operate on the proven Inertia Driven System, which means no gas, but a rotating steel bolt head that ensures a positive steel-to-steel lockup. The Model 3500 is offered in 12-gauge models and will handle shotshells up to 3-1/2 inches, while the Model 3000 (12 ga.) and Model 3020 (20 ga.) cycle shotshells up to 3 inches. Fitted with more oversized controls, a removable cheekpiece, and a red-designed fore-end, this trio shouldn’t be overlooked. MSRP: starts at $559

Stoeger M3500 Waterfowl Special

Top Ten Shotguns for 2023

We can’t get enough waterfowl action, so we’re excited about Stoger’s M3500 Waterfowl Special. This shooter is a waterfowling dream, a 28-inch barrel semi-automatic beauty cloaked in Realtree Max-7 with Cerakote Flat Dark Earth on all metal components. Equipped with oversized controls and a specially engineered loading port that makes feeding this shotgun a breeze (even in frigid conditions), wearing big gloves isn’t a problem. Add in the large bolt handle and bolt-release button, and the loading and unloading task is simple. The front fiber-optic sight stands out in low light, and the padded cheekpiece with the vented rib ensures rapid target acquisition so you can pull more doubles and triples. The M-3500 Waterfowl Special will handle 2 3/4-. 3-, and 3 1/2-inch shotshells. MSRP: $849

You’d think by now that compound bow companies would run out of meaningful improvements to technology—the stuff that actually gives us a leg up in the field. But every year there are at least a handful of impressive innovations, and the best new compound bows for 2023 are worth a nod.

Here are two examples. While Picatinny rails were featured on a low number of bows in the last couple of years, now almost all brands have embraced it as sort of the new standard sight-mounting medium, and sight manufacturers have followed suit and launched compatible sights. Integrated rest mounting systems are also found on most of 2023’s new bows.

What are some highlights of this year’s lineup? As expected, some manufacturers continue to push the speed envelope, while others have held true to smooth and steady. You’ll find some new bows with substantially reduced shot noises and vibrations. One manufacturer released its first-ever carbon bow, and another released a carbon bow that blows away its previous carbon models.

There are dozens of new models hitting the market, but we’re bringing you a hand-picked roundup of our first-look favorites …

Mathews Phase4

Mathews Phase4 New Compound Bows for 2023

The Mathews Phase4 flaunts all of the V3X’s strong points plus two killer new features. A direct-to-riser stabilizer mount accepts Mathews’ new Bridge-Lock Stabilizer, creating a super-rigid connection with stabilizer-length adjustability in half-inch increments. The Phase4 has eight individual limbs, which allows Resistance Phase Damping. A dampening material is sandwiched between each limb pair. The result of these two new technologies? Up to 37 percent fewer vibrations and up to a 13 percent sound reduction, earning its rank among the best new compound bows for 2023. The Phase4 is rich with proven Mathews hallmarks: CrossCentric Cam System with SwitchWeight Technology; the stout and stable Bridge-Lock Riser; built-in Bridge-Lock Sight Technology; Integrate Rest Mount/ and compatibility with the LowPro Quiver. This bow could very well be the quietest available and have the finest accessorized balance—when paired with Mathews accessories—that money can buy. MSRP: $1,299 (Phase4 29); $1,399 (Phase4 33)

Bowtech Carbon One

Bowtech Carbon One New Compound Bows for 2023

Bowtech’s new Carbon One is an ultra-premium carbon bow that looks unlike the rest. At first blush it’s a head-turner as part of the best new compound bows for 2023, but it’s also tough as nails and deadly accurate. A pleasure to carry and shoot in any bowhunting context, this snazzy bow measures 30 inches between the axles, and its long riser and wide limbs and pockets maximize stability. DeadLock Cams put tuning within reach with just a hex wrench. The DeadLock Cams are rigged with FlipDisc modules, which convert between two draw cycles. The Comfort setting is so smooth that it could rival any other bow. The Performance setting trades some smoothness for velocity gains. Orbit Dampeners mute shot noises and thwart vibrations, and the Clutch Performance grip comes in two modular options. The Carbon One is compatible with Integrate rests, and Dual Lock Pockets are trim and yet ultra dependable. A 6.75-inch brace height puts the finishing touch on Bowtech’s flashiest, quietest, and most accurate carbon bow to date. MSRP: $1,799

Best New Broadheads for 2023 [First Look]

Hoyt VTM

Hoyt VTM

The Hoyt VTM rocks Hoyt’s most advanced riser design—aesthetically flawless, unrelentingly rigid, and stable without compromise. Up to 31 percent quieter than past models, the reduction is achieved by using In-Line System accessories and reimagined Holeshot V2 string silencers. The Versaflex VitalPoint Grip exudes comfort and promotes consistent hand placement. HBX Pro Cams draw smoothly and deliver efficient, hard-hitting performance. The stiff TEC riser averts flexing as the bow is drawn and shot, and it guides vibrations away from the shooter’s hand. Flip between 80- and 85-percent let-off with a simple let-off module. The 31-inch version is stable and easy handling, while the 34-inch model is designed for all-out stability for long-range accuracy. Hoyt is known for its rugged dependability, and the VTM is designed to withstand punishing backcountry conditions. Two exciting new finishes and the purposeful Drop Cord Slot ice the cake. If carbon is your thing, check out Hoyt’s Carbon RX-7. MSRP: $1,349 (VTM 31); $1,449 (VTM 34)

Bear Archery Execute

Bear Archery Execute

No matter the location or game pursued, Bear Archery’s Execute 30 and 32 deliver the reliability and performance you need to deliver an accurate, hard-hitting arrow under tough conditions. A new tough-as-nails riser design features a tunable swing-arm cable guard. The new Shock Management System (SMS)—including highly-effective riser dampeners—achieves Bear’s quietest, most vibration-free bow yet. Stout Gordon limbs enhance strength and stability, and the Execute’s new machined-aluminum limb pockets ensure confidence for the world’s wildest places. The smooth-drawing EKO Cam adjusts between 75-, 80-, 85- and 90-percent let-off and has a positive back wall. Clever Align Lok Technology aids in making second- and third-axis sight adjustments. A rubber bowstring cushion reduces oscillation, while two grips offer fit-and-feel options. MSRP: $1,199

Elite Carbon Era

Elite Carbon Era

Elite brings its fan-favorite shoot-a-bility to the carbon world for the best new compound bows for 2023, and its first-ever carbon bow is one for the ages. The Era features the new SP Cam, which offers draw-length adjustability in quarter-inch increments and let-off adjustability in 1-percent increments. A 7.25-inch brace height is big on forgiveness, while a 336-fps IBO speed delivers all the punch needed for game around the globe. High-modulus, hand-laid carbon provides exquisite aesthetics, while Elite’s proven dual-cage design maximizes strength in a bow weighing less than 4 pounds. The Era aims like a dream come true despite its ultra-maneuverable, 31.25-inch axle-to-axle length. Impeccable balance is the product of wider limbs and strategically distributed riser weight. The riser is comfortable to the touch in the coldest weather, and S.E.T. Technology makes tuning as easy as 1, 2, 3. MSRP: $1,699


Prime REVEX New Compound Bows for 2023

Prime designs its bows with built-in stability by positioning the grip at the physical center of the riser. This yields a steadier sight picture in the heat of the moment, and that’s just one reason why Prime’s new REVEX is the bow to beat. Offered in three different axle-to-axle lengths, the REVEX features the new CORE Cam with draw-length-specific modules to optimize efficiency and performance at every draw length. It uses the same cam-aligning technology as last year’s InLine Cam and has an even smoother draw cycle. The forward-thinking Prime Nanogrip, which is made from NASA-developed materials, offers a perfectly contoured fit and feel while remaining comfortable to the touch in the coldest weather. A plethora of hunting and target finishes run the gamut. Riser and limb dampeners minimize noise and vibrations. Cam spacers allow the CORE Cams to be shifted on the axle in order to address cam lean and achieve a perfect tune. MSRP: $1,299 (REVEX 2 and REVEX 4); $1,399 (REVEX 6)

PSE Mach 34

PSE Mach 34

At 34 inches from axle to axle, the new Mach 34 is an ultra-stable yet lightweight carbon bow with a wildly strong riser set to take on bowhunting’s most brutal destinations. Deadly at distance, the Mach 34 is offered in three cam options to accommodate different shooters. The new EZ.220 Snap Spacer System allows the cams to shift left or right on the axles when the bow is pressed so that you can address cam lean and achieve impeccable arrow flight. PSE’s Full Draw Stability is designed to increase effective brace height and minimize shooter-induced bow torque. In other words, the Mach 34 is easier to shoot accurately when you’re faced with a now-or-never shot opportunity. The Mach 34 is outfitted with a solid mounting plate for either Hamskea’s Epsilon or QAD’s Integrate rests. The streamlined Limb Vise Pocket System locks and secures the limbs to enhance confidence. If you’re looking for next-level performance in a carbon bow, you’ve come to the right place. MSRP: $1,799

Darton Prelude E 32

Darton Prelude E 32

Fast and smooth define Darton’s Prelude E 32 in a nutshell. Its patented Equalizer Cable System reduces the cam-bearing load and stabilizes the limbs to yield an incredibly smooth draw cycle. Outfitted with dependable custom bowstrings crafted by Team Darton, the Prelude E 32 weighs a stout 4.9 pounds to anchor solidly in windy conditions. Its new draw module adjusts from 27-30.5 inches in quarter-inch increments. The new pre-stretched, pre-stressed 7075 T-6511 riser brings benchmark strength and dependability, and it’s rigged with the Integrate rest-mounting system. Tweak the cable load to tune the 32 with an adjustable roller guard. Wider limbs and pockets harness stability. Top that off with a new grip and a small stabilizer at the bottom end of the riser, and you have Darton’s baddest bowhunting bow yet. MSRP: $1,149

Diamond Alter

Diamond Alter

The value of Diamond’s new Alter is in the tricked-out Octane package. A fully accessorized bow for only $650? No kidding! Though affordable, the Alter over-delivers in the performance category, thanks to sweet features like its slim grip, proven synchronized Binary Cam System, and forgiving 7-inch brace height. The Alter can fit virtually any bowhunter, but it’s especially ideal for fast-growing youths because it can grow with them due to its 8- to 70-pound draw-weight range and 21- to 31-inch draw-length adjustability. It’s one of the best new compound bows for 2023 because it delivers undeniable value. Whether you choose the black or Mossy Oak DNA finish, the Alter delivers all the performance needed to bowhunt successfully on a budget. MSRP: $649.99 (w/Octane package) 

APA Black Mamba 29

APA Black Mamba 29

APA Archery’s bows resemble no others, and the Black Mamba 29 teems with APA technologies. Hang the bow on a tree limb with integrated Riser Fangs and carry it using the built-in carrying handle complete with finger grooves. Built into the riser are purposeful features such as a broadhead wrench, nock wrench and broadhead sharpener. Need to service your bow at home or afield? A cam-lock pin offers bow-press capabilities without the bow press. The Micro Tune Cable Guide smooths out the draw cycle and offers no-bow-press-required tunability. The Black Mamba is one of the lightest of its kind at merely 3.55 pounds. Couple that with a 29 1/8-inch axle-to-axle length, and you have a bow that is unbelievably easy to carry and shoot in all bowhunting applications. Its diminutive size is no indication of its power, however. The 29 smokes at up to 355 fps (IBO). MSRP: $1,192 (USD)

Xpedition Archery Xlite

Xpedition Archery Xlite

A proprietary alloy Magnite riser sets apart the Xlite from all other bows. The material is 33 percent lighter than 6061 aluminum and stronger than commercial-grade carbon. But that’s not the only benefit. Magnite dampens vibrations 20 times more effectively than commercial-grade carbon and 3 times more effectively than 6061 aluminum. A durable Cerakote finish is aesthetically pleasing and delivers long-lasting durability, ideal for bowhunting’s knocks and blows. The Xlite is available in 31- and 33-inch sub-models, and if you compare their risers to past bow models with identical axle-to-axle lengths, you’ll notice that the Xlite’s risers are longer, adding stability for downrange accuracy without the bulk of a longer overall length. The XB1 Cam balances well throughout the draw cycle for smoothness and improved arrow flight, while dual stops produce a well-defined back wall. MSRP: $1,949.99 (Xlite 31); $1,999.99 (Xlite 33)

Gearhead P30

Gearhead P30

A new rotational limb-support system is the big buzz around Gearhead’s new P30. The innovative technology reduces limb stress throughout the draw cycle, increases velocity, smoothes the draw cycle, and minimizes sound and vibrations. The P30 can convert for right- or left-handed bowhunters who are looking to pick up one of the best new compound bows for 2023. The Pick a Grip system provides options for different statures and preferences. Gearhead’s shoot-through riser design is interconnected at critical points by pillars and the dependable Zero Gap Limb Pockets, and the structure is superior in strength and stability. The P30’s brace height is 6.25 inches with the Standard grip and adjustable from 5-6.75 inches with Gearhead’s Slider Grip. Five stabilizer holes allow the stabilizer to be positioned for optimal balance. Available in standard and Short Draw models (smaller cams), the P30 has let-off up to 90 percent and an IBO speed in the upper-330-fps range. MSRP: $1,049

Martin MTX 29

Martin MTX 29

Martin’s MTX 29 accommodates short-draw and long-draw archers on one cam size via two different modules. Four full-draw contact points—the Dual MOD Stops and Dual Limb Stops—provide a clear-cut back wall. The molded grip is comfortable, yet removable if you prefer to grip the riser directly. Draw weight can be quickly reduced by precisely 5 pounds simply by pivoting the Tri Loc shoe system. Parallel limbs and WDS dampeners located at both riser ends produce a smooth, vibration-free shooting experience. The tunable, low-torque roller guard enhances smoothness and improves arrow flight, and ThreadZ Custom Bowstrings offer performance trusted by several well-known champion target archers who’re also accomplished bowhunters. The 29 3/8-inch MTX 29 handles ideally in all bowhunting applications and hits hard with an IBO rating of 347 fps. MSRP: $1,199

Athens Elevate

Athens Elevate

The Elevate’s new Low-Pro Molded Grip improves cold-weather comfort while delivering the same feel Athens fans loved with previous bow models. The RT-X Cam System, outfitted with the Rev 2 module, has infinitely adjustable draw length (24.5-30.5 inches) and let-off (70-90 percent), so dial-in on settings that work for you. A Picatinny sight mount and QAD Integrate mounting system provide strong accessory connections that also position accessory weight at or near the center of the riser to improve balance. X-Out limb dampeners cancel out vibrations, and the 32-inch axle-to-axle length is the perfect mix of stability and easy handling for tight spaces. The roller-equipped Tunable Cable System allows the cable load to be adjusted and promotes smoothness that complements the RT-X Cam. Available in several sweet finish options, there’s an Elevate for everyone. MSRP: $1,199

Obsession Nitro Ghost 2023

Obsession Nitro Ghost 2023

Equipped with a two-track cam system featuring a rotating module is Obsession’s Nitro Ghost 2023. Let-off is adjustable from 75-85 percent. A meticulously designed riser achieves benchmark strength while keeping mass weight to a manageable 4.4 pounds. Dampening features are a cable-slide cushion, bowstring cushion and limb dampeners. A front stabilizer mount beneath the grip and another one on the back of the riser near the bottom allow you to manipulate balance and land on a feel that works for you. An unbelievable 16 riser finishes and three cam finishes let you mix and match flavors. The Nitro Ghost 2023 is smooth, accurate and fast, making it one of the best new compound bows for 2023. What more could you want from a bow priced under a thousand bucks? MSRP: $987

We’re always pushing updates to maps to make sure you have the most accurate and up-to-date information, right at your fingertips. Here are a few of the most recent updates to the Property Info, Public Lands, and Hunting Lands maps. For nationwide access to these essential maps in the app, upgrade to HuntStand Pro today.

Property Info

Property Boundaries and Landowner Data has been updated for all 50 states. All Property Boundaries have been updated in Ontario.

Public Lands

An update to the Public Lands map for all 50 states has been processed. Keep in mind, this map may include areas that are non-huntable as this map displays all publicly owned land that may (or may not) have open access to hunting. Areas that do not allow open access to hunting may allow other recreational activities of interest, like dispersed camping or fishing easements.

Hunting Lands

We’ve made some spot updates to the Hunting Lands map in several states, including a big update to North Dakota to include electronic postings for privately owned lands. Here’re the details broken down by state.

North Dakota

Electronic postings have now been added to the Hunting Lands map for North Dakota. These postings are gathered and updated from the state of North Dakota, the postings are not controlled by HuntStand. If you’d like to electronically post any land in North Dakota, please visit this link.

Electronic posting is an additional form of posting land for landowners who wish to prohibit hunting access. Landowners can still use traditional signage to prohibit access. FAQ’s on electronic postings can be found here.

South Dakota

Updates to all hunting lands, including adding school and public lands and updates to Game Production Areas.


Updates to Idaho Large Tract Access Agreements.


Updated Wyoming walk-in hunting areas.


Updated all public hunting lands including MRAP Private Hunting Lands, MDC Lands, Dove Fields, and Natural Areas.


Updates to public hunting lands and WMA’s.


Spot updates to New Jersey and other states.


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