How we're moving the needle.

We’ve established four pillars that define our company’s core conservation values and priorities. These include improving the availability of information and tools; increasing access to public and private lands; supporting wildlife organizations and agencies; and assisting efforts to recruit and retain more hunters.

Through our partnerships, HuntStand provides both financial and in-kind support to maximize efficiency and success. In brief, we help these groups do what they do well – even better – while amplifying their message to a larger audience. HuntStand’s millions of active users is a huge and powerful force that, when mobilized, can make a meaningful contribution to the future of hunting and wildlife conservation. Moving forward, we will keep our users better informed on issues that matter and inform them about how to make a positive difference, either individually or through one of HuntStand’s conservation partners.


We believe one of the most effective ways to move the needle is to partner with and support the leading organizations and agencies already doing the vital work in these areas. This has led to the establishment of strategic partnerships with many of North America’s leading hunting, advocacy, and conservation organizations.

active-hunters Tools & Information

To improve hunter engagement, enjoyment, safety, and success through the widespread availability of reliable and user-friendly information, data, and tools.

goals-compass Land Access

To increase awareness of and access to public and private lands for hunting, shooting, angling, and other outdoor recreational pursuits.

Conservation Goals

goal-shoe Strength in Partnership

To strengthen North America’s leading wildlife conservation organizations and agencies through financial and in-kind support.

goal-binocular Our Future

To support the future of hunting and the shooting sports with a special emphasis on programs with proven track records of recruiting, retaining, or reactivating hunters and shooters.



Protecting our rights.

Since 1977, the Sportsmen’s Alliance (SA) has fought to protect our outdoor heritage of hunting, fishing, trapping, and shooting in all 50 state legislatures, in the courts, in Congress and at the ballot box. As SA’s work continues to grow stronger so too has the animal rights movement and its efforts to undermine the North American Model of Conservation.


Educating future archers and nonhunters about their role in conservation

The Archery Trade Association’s new Conservation Initiative strives to boost hunting participation nationwide by teaching archers and nonhunters their role in conservation and detailing how hunters contribute generously to wildlife-management programs. ATA seeks to teach future generations to appreciate the outdoors and that their impact on it is critical to preserving our rich hunting and conservation heritage.


Addressing key conservation needs across 738 million acres

The NWTF has taken a highly strategic approach to conservation with the introduction of the Big Six – which are six areas of concern across 738 million acres of key landscapes throughout North America. This will enable NWTF’s limited resources to have a greater impact on the conservation needs in each region. This process will help ensure wild healthy, huntable wild turkey populations for future generations. This effort, unlike many previous ones, focuses on the sustainability of species and habitats across large landscapes rather than specific areas.


Recruiting the next generation of waterfowl hunters and advocates

Delta Waterfowl’s First Hunt is the largest waterfowl hunter recruitment program in North America. Since inception, Delta’s volunteers have introduced more than 80,000 people to duck and goose hunting and the need for wetlands research and conservation. Chapters across the United States and Canada have already hosted nearly 300 First Hunt events involving more than 9,000 participants.


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