10 Questions With Lancaster Archery Supply

Looking for archery and bowhunting gear or shooting/tuning advice? Check out the world's largest selection, backed by an expert staff and killer new website.

by Mark Melotik

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Looking for archery and bowhunting gear or shooting/tuning advice? Check out the world’s largest selection, backed by an expert staff and killer new website.

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HuntStand Media: What sets Lancaster Archery Supply apart from the competition—what makes your company unique?

A. There are several things, but heading that list would be our offering of the world’s largest selection of archery equipment from over 700 manufacturers; the knowledge our archery Techxpert technicians have of those products, and of coaching and bow tuning; and the degree to which we go to try to satisfy each and every customer. Also setting us apart is our commitment to the sport, including the level of support we give to international, national and local organizations, clubs and others involved in growing archery and bowhunting.

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HuntStand Media: What are some new developments at Lancaster Archery Supply for 2020?
A. The expansion of our sister company, CAM (Competition Archery Media) in bringing archery events into the mainstream via live and produced content, in order to expand and grow the sport of archery. We’re also producing additional “How-to”, equipment reviews, tuning and other archery videos and written articles for the archery community.

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HuntStand Media: How and when did Lancaster Archery Supply get its start, and where are you currently based?
A. Company Founder, Rob Kaufhold, was one of the top competitive Olympic recurve archers in the nation, and an avid bowhunter, when he started the company in 1983 to provide a reliable, trustworthy source for quality target archery and bowhunting equipment. The company is currently based in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, with a Pro Shop and Academy on the same site where the business was founded – 2195-A Old Philadelphia Pike, Lancaster, PA, and offices, warehouse and our distribution center just a few miles away at 21 Graybill Road, Leola, PA.

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HuntStand Media: What accomplishment is Lancaster Archery Supply most proud of over the last year?
A. The successful launch of our new website and continued record growth in a difficult and challenging industry, with our team of dedicated professionals.


HuntStand Media: How does Lancaster Archery Supply engage its customers for feedback, ideas, or suggestions for improvement?
A. We are open to any and all feedback, and we hear from our customers via social media, Google, Yelp and online reviews, phone calls, emails, in-person contacts and so on. One of the reasons we have been so successful over the years is that we attend dozens of events each year and we listen to our customers. They know that, and they aren’t afraid to tell us what they think.

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HuntStand Media: What are two things most people don’t know about Lancaster Archery Supply?
A. We have a full-service academy, with 55 shooting lanes on the ranges at our Pro Shop, loaded with the most basic to the most-advanced equipment, to teach anyone from a first-time archer who has never picked up a bow to top-tier, world-class competitors. And it is staffed by a team of top-flight coaches, including two Level 4 USA Archery certified coaches.

Also, we allow customers to test-shoot any bow that’s in our inventory, as they work through the process of picking out what they want to buy, including one of the nation’s largest selections of left-handed bows. That allows customers to compare different bows side by side on our range.

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HuntStand Media: What is your company mission statement?
A. Helping archers and providing customer service are of the utmost importance to us at Lancaster Archery Supply, and we are committed to doing everything we can to help as many as possible enjoy the sport that is our passion. To set the example as the best customer-focused business in America, and the most successful and respected business in our industry, for the benefit of our customers, employees, suppliers and owners as we serve God, the archery community and industry.

HuntStand Media: How many people do you employ, and are you currently hiring?
A. We currently employ more than 120 people. And we are hiring in several departments. Check out our job openings by clicking here.

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HuntStand Media: If you could change one thing about Lancaster Archery Supply right now, what would it be?
A. To be able to give people who haven’t shot archery an opportunity to do so, and to effectively educate people about the benefits of bowhunting, both for them personally and for wildlife conservation efforts.

HuntStand Media: What are some short-range (less than two years) company goals?
A. To increase our educational and broadcast content and other efforts, to expose as many people to the sport of archery and bowhunting as possible.



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