10 Questions With HuntStand Hunting: Code Blue

Deer Scents. Scent Elimination. Smart Cover Scents and Apparel. Code Blue's offerings are expanding, and that's good news for hunters everywhere.  

by Mark Melotik

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Deer Scents. Scent Elimination. Smart Cover Scents and Apparel. Code Blue’s offerings are expanding, and that’s good news for hunters everywhere.  

Hunter preparing for hunt with DCode Field Spray.

HuntStand: What sets Code Blue apart from the competition—what makes your company unique?
A. Years ago Code Blue made a huge impact on the outdoor industry and hunters’ success, with our unique “One Deer One Bottle” philosophy. Simple to us, but unachievable at the time, we are unique for this simple reason, we do not compromise on quality—not back then, not now, not ever. We were the first people to produce deer scents that were not synthetic blends, but legitimate samples from each unique animal. Back when we introduced ourselves to consumers it seemed that the other scent producers were committed to making a profit. We were simply dedicated to increasing hunter success. Our patented collection process still ensures that each bottle of Code Blue is from a single source, a real deer.

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HuntStand: What are some new developments at Code Blue for 2017?
A. 2017 has been another great year for us at Code Blue. Since our humble beginning, we’ve expanded our operation a bit. We still offer the cornerstone of our company, single-sourced deer scents. Along with that, we now have scent elimination products, cover scents, several handy accessories, and a great line of Code Blue apparel. Our D/CODE line of scent elimination products were a huge hit at the 2017 ATA show and for good reason. With our patented Silver Scent technology, we use scientifically proven natural, medical grade silver nanoparticles to stop stink where it begins, on bacteria living on your clothes, gear and body. This unscented and all-natural odor eliminator is available in Field Spray, Field Wipes, Laundry Detergent, and Shampoo/Body Wash. Also, new to Code Blue is a natural smoke cover scent/absorbing spray, our Calming Zone attractant and relaxing scent bar, and expandable scent wicks. Once hunters get their hands on our D/CODE products, don’t be surprised to see this series dominate the scent elimination market in 2017 and beyond.

 Hunter spraying DCode Field Spray on arm and hands.

HuntStand: How and when did Code Blue get its start, and where are you currently based?
A. Code Blue started out of necessity. When we got started, there was no single-sourced deer scent available for hunters on the open market. This lack of pure urine was partly due to the fact that nobody knew how to properly collect it, and partly because nobody knew enough about how deer use scents to communicate. Either way, we were revolutionary in both areas by developing our “One Deer One Bottle” concept. Deer can be conditioned to behave in a certain manner, similar to dogs. We know that with the help of Code Blue scents, and scent elimination products, we are making hunting better and more enjoyable for countless Code Blue users. Our developments have contributed to numerous buck harvests year after year.

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HuntStand: What accomplishment is Code Blue most proud of over the last year?
A. We are very proud of our D/CODE line of products. Anyone can create synthetic, chemical-based scents and scent elimination products. We are more concerned about the natural approach to things, and worried about the longevity of our customers, their gear, and their health. Strictly focusing on all natural scents, and scent elimination products, we adhere to strict guidelines and standards, and are proud of the products we create. We are also proud of the “Trophy Room” on our website. Look there to see why. For years, smiling faces of proud, successful hunters grace the trophy room pages. Year after year all of these hunters voluntarily send us pictures, along with thank-you notes and testimonials about how much they appreciate our products. More than anything, happy customers who appreciate our hard work and dedication make us proud.Bone Collector Michael Waddell in camo holding a bow and DCode Field Spray

HuntStand: How does Code Blue engage its customers for feedback, ideas, or suggestions for improvement?
A. At Code Blue, we surround ourselves with good people. Just as we are committed to excellence and quality in our products, we are also committed to employing excellent and quality people. With our team of great people, be it employees, ambassadors, or the professionals we sponsor, we engage our customers through grassroots efforts. With an open and honest approach, we show customers how to best use our scents and scent control products. Code Blue can be seen on today’s top TV shows, in numerous reputable magazines, and at hunting and outdoor shows throughout the continent. We also engage our customers through our easy to use website, by phone, and traditional USPS mail. Regardless of the manner of contact, we treat each customer with respect, and are proud of the customer service and level of satisfaction that we offer. We really feel that our customers are part of our family.

HuntStand: What are two things most people don’t know about Code Blue?
A. For the longest time we were known as the One Deer One Bottle scent company. We love that reputation, but we’re also pretty darn good at scent control and cover scents. We’ve also created a few things that some people aren’t aware of… yet. We have amazing natural scientific technology to eliminate odors where they live, on any surface. Our new Smoke cover Scent not only covers any rogue odors with a natural wood smoke odor, but it also adsorbs odor molecules and prevents future stink from occurring. Something else people may not be aware of yet is our Calming Zone. Deer are social animals, and they have strength in numbers. That’s why does bed and feed in groups, often facing every which way, because they  have each other’s backs. With our Calming Zone attractant and relaxing odor stick, not only will deer be curious and come in; they’ll be relaxed and calm. The Calming Zone smells like a well-used bedding area, and other deer will feel safe near it.

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HuntStand: What is your company mission statement?
A. Code Blue is dedicated to making the highest quality, most true-to-life natural scents and eliminators on the market. Our mission to is enhance the hunters experience, and help them get more ethical, standing-still shots at big game animals. Our One Deer One Bottle philosophy says it all. We don’t do things the easy way; we do things the right way.

HuntStand: How many people do you employ, and are you currently hiring?
A. We’ve grown quite a bit from an idea, a handful of people, and a few cooperative deer to one of the industry’s biggest scent companies. Our company headquarters is located in Birmingham, Alabama, with production, collection, and testing facilities throughout the country. We are always looking to hire good people. If you are not afraid to work hard, take pride in your work, have attention to detail, and are dedicated to perfection, send us an email or stop on by sometime because we’d like to talk to you.

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HuntStand: If you could change one thing about Code Blue right now, what would it be?
A. To be honest, we wouldn’t change a thing. This industry and its customers have been so good to Code Blue. We appreciate the reputation we have earned. We love to see people try our new products, knowing that if Code Blue is on the label, they are making a safe, wise investment. We would like to continue to earn more of the market share, and would really love to see one of our customers shoot the new world record whitetail over a Code Blue scent wick, but other than that, things are good. We’ve got something special here, and we don’t plan to change.

HuntStand: What are some short-range (less than two years) company goals?
A. At Code Blue we are very goal oriented. As we just mentioned, we would love for more people to become aware of our products, and learn how Code Blue can increase their odds of success. We are industry leaders in the deer scent market, and people expect us to continue to innovate. We look at that expectation as a challenge, and are constantly pushing ourselves to be creative, and stay ahead of the trends. In fact, we like to set the trends. We plan to keep taking feedback from our customers, and solving problems. We will continue to fill the voids left by other companies, and fill the needs of our customers. We didn’t get this big overnight. It took time to make sure our products were perfect, and exactly how we wanted them. We will continue to innovate and set trends. When the time is right, when our next product is ready, and all of our staff and field testers are happy, you’ll be the first to see it at the ATA (Archery Trade Association) show.



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