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Top-selling game cameras. Unique feeders and game-management tools. A user-friendly website. By any measuring stick Moultrie is on a roll, and sportsmen are noticing. 

by Mark Melotik

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Top-selling game cameras. Unique feeders and game-management tools. A user-friendly website. By any measuring stick Moultrie is on a roll, and sportsmen are noticing. M-40i hanging on tree with door open.

HuntStand: What sets Moultrie apart from the competition—what makes your company unique?
A. Moultrie is unique because we have always been a grassroots game management product company. Everything we create, from our feeders to our trail cameras are reliable and hardworking, just like the people who invest in them. We are known as the industry leaders of game management products; a reputation we are proud to have earned. With an insight for innovation, a commitment to excellence and continuous improvement, we are driven to develop new and superior products year after year. Moultrie is known as the number one feeder-selling company in the industry. We believe that’s a result of our great products, including our top-selling brand of game cameras, superior customer service, and loyal customers.

Hunter inserting a 4GB SD Card into an A-30i Game camera. HuntStand: What are some new developments at Moultrie for 2017?
A. 2017 is turning out to be another great year for Moultrie customers! We are really excited to introduce our new line of cameras and feeders, along with the continuation of Moultrie Mobile. Utilizing a field modem, Moultrie Mobile users can now control their cameras remotely, allowing for less interference in the woods and more time to focus on something else. Through an Android or IOS phone, the free Moultrie Mobile app will allow the hunter to handle it all from anywhere in the world. Because of the extensive battery life in our cameras, the hunter will only have to visit to the camera to refresh bait or to hunt. We are also continuing to set the bar high for game managers with our new feeder options:  the super simple electronic Deer Feeder Standard and a basic gravity fed Feed Station Pro. In addition, there are some UI/UX improvements coming to Moultrie Mobile that will enhance the user experience. These changes were made based on important consumer feedback and are designed to make app navigation more fluid. Our trend-setting camera line is expanding once again, with simplified package labeling to help customers choose exactly what camera will fit their needs and budget.

Moultrie5 900HuntStand: How and when did Moultrie get its start, and where are you currently based?
A. Birmingham, Alabama is where we currently call home, but it hasn’t always been. Over 37 years ago, avid hunter and founder Dan Moultrie saw the potential that game management philosophy played into his passion for the outdoors. Unsatisfied with the products on the market, or lack of actual products on the market, he decided to start tinkering with his own ideas. Soon Moultrie was enjoying great success with his own feeders, and the rest is history.

Moultrie7 900HuntStand: What accomplishment is Moultrie most proud of over the last year?
A. We have so many points of pride; it is hard to settle on just one. We’re proud of our reputation for setting the industry standard high for game management tools. We have managers from the hobby level, all the way to professionals and across the globe, that have been loyally using our products since we first entered the game. Our reputation is something we hold sacred, and we will not waiver on anything that goes into it. We’re at the top for a reason, and we’re proud of how hard we have worked to get there. Most recently, we are proud of our Moultrie Mobile system. Hunters and managers all across the world are taking advantage of today’s technology, and appreciating how Moultrie Mobile enables them to reduce interruptions and interference in the woods, and provides them with more personal time, all while better managing their property for wild game.

Close up of adjusting settings on an S-50i game camera.HuntStand: How does Moultrie engage its customers for feedback, ideas, or suggestions for improvement
A. We are an old school, grassroots American company. We don’t ever want to lose focus on how we got here—through feedback and support from our customers. We still employ American workers and have them communicate with our customers over the phone, internet and through the US Postal service.  That being said, we also take advantage of any technology that we can get our hands on. We have a very user-friendly website, active social media presence and are affiliated with some of today’s top industry professionals. Moultrie has become a household name, synonymous with high quality game management. We got here through customer support. Keeping our customers happy is how we will stay in the lead.

HuntStand: What are two things most people don’t know about Moultrie?
A. Most people don’t realize that when we say “game management” we mean it. We have products for all game species—not just deer and turkeys. We also have a line of fish feeders for those who love to wet a line. We make a whole line of attractants for bears and hogs as well. Moultrie also makes food plot implements, such as sprayers and spreaders for use with ATV’s. Our Wingscapes line of bird watching cameras is very popular. We also have a line of surveillance cameras.

Moultrie1HuntStand: What is your company mission statement?
A. Our mission statement, “Helping Grow the Hunt” clearly says it all. We are dedicated to making products to help hunters have a better, more enjoyable experience. Be it the professional land manager, with thousands of acres that he is responsible for, or the weekend warrior with five acres to his name, we work hard for all of our customers. We know the outdoor experience is amplified when we all contribute to conservation and better health of our game animals. We are outdoorsmen and women. We hunt and fish too, and we strive to have our products be known as both high quality and fairly priced. We work to continue to make sure that the name Moultrie means something to people.

HuntStand: How many people do you employ, and are you currently hiring?
A. We are always looking to hire good people. We are proud of the hard working, American workers we employ, and the families that depend on us to stay ahead of the game. The outdoor industry is very competitive, and we know our greatest resource is people. Everyone here buys into the mission, and regardless of their role, is part of our high functioning team. Vacancies can be found at for future available jobs.

Moultrie M-40 Game Camera mounted on pine tree.

HuntStand: If you could change one thing about Moultrie right now, what would it be?
A. We don’t want to change a thing. We have been blessed beyond belief at Moultrie that we’re going to stick with our plan, because it is working. However, some things at Moultrie are going to continue to evolve. We know our cameras and feeders are the best available, and we are confident that when someone invests in a Moultrie product, they will see our quality and become loyal customers from that point forward. We want to continue to set the industry standard for game management products. We like competition, because it will only make us better.

HuntStand: What are some short-range (less than two years) company goals?
A. Our short-term goals are growing our market share and educating our customers. As we hinted at earlier, we are really excited about the camera packaging and classification system. Each camera is designed for a reason, be it the basic Game Spy 2 Plus all the way to one of our high-tech Moultrie Mobile integrated cameras. We are planning on educating the public on our labeling system so their decision-making experience can be as quick and stress free as possible. We are also looking forward to educating the world about Moultrie Mobile. This amazing technology is going to enhance the user’s experience in so many ways.



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