10 Questions With HuntStand Hunting: Rinehart Targets

If you're a bowhunter you know about Rinehart Targets. Or you should. The company's exclusive solid, self-healing foam targets are near-legendary

by Mark Melotik

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Long known for offering some of the most-durable, realistic 3-D archery targets available, for 2016 Rinehart has expanded its line with some great-looking, ground-breaking decoys.


From the current wind and weather conditions to insights into the best hunting tactics and gear, all of us here at HuntStand believe that more knowledge leads to more hunting success. And that’s part of the genesis of this new feature, which aims to introduce the HuntStand community to a whole host of hunting-focused companies and gear.

If you’re a bowhunter you know about Rinehart Targets. Or you should. The company’s exclusive solid, self-healing foam targets are near-legendary; Team HuntStand members can vouch for the fact that they can take hit after hit without tearing or other damage—and that’s whether you’re shooting fieldpoints, broadheads or expandables. And just as noteworthy, pulling arrows is quick and easy.

For 2016 there’s even more excitement in the Rinehart camp—a new line of collapsible, silent, full-size decoys that created all kinds of industry buzz at the 2016 ATA Show back in January. Like many of the people who have seen these decoys and their many advantages, Team HuntStand can’t wait to put them to the test this fall.

To get the scoop on the new decoys and other behind-the-scenes company developments, we talked recently with Rinehart Targets president James McGovern.

HuntStand: What sets Rinehart Targets apart from the competition—what makes your company unique?
A: Rinehart differentiates itself from the competition by delivering products crafted from only the highest-quality materials. Another factor is the performance of our products—from extreme product life to anatomical correctness to diversity of products. The value of each Rinehart target and decoy is in its ultimate durability.

Hogzilla600copyHuntStand: What are some new developments at Rinehart Targets for 2016?
A: Rinehart launched the Doloma Decoy line at the 2016 ATA Show, featuring a whitetail doe, whitetail buck, antelope and coyote. That’s been huge. In the 3D target lineup—which is what Rinehart has built its business upon—new models include the Hogzilla (pictured above) and Woodland Boar targets (pictured further below) that were launched at the 2016 ATA Show to take advantage of the exploding hog-hunting market.

HuntStand: How and when did Rinehart Targets get its start, and where are you currently based?
Rinehart originally started as a taxidermy mold company, working with world-class wildlife artists and sculptors to create the most-lifelike molds available for taxidermists. This background and expertise has allowed Rinehart targets to be true-to-life representations in scale, size and overall authentication. The company operates from Janesville, Wisconsin.


HuntStand: What accomplishment is Rinehart most proud of over the last year?
A: 2016 marks the first major brand extension for Rinehart, broadening its scope into the decoy market. Accomplishing this—bringing these revolutionary decoys to market in a very efficient timeframe—was a huge accomplishment for the Rinehart team.

HuntStand: How does Rinehart engage its customers for feedback, ideas, or suggestions for improvement?
Our biggest customer-relations tool is the R-100 traveling 3D shoot. This allows us to speak directly with the end consumer in the field. In addition, all Rinehart employees keep a very aggressive tournament schedule—from the president on down—by attending and working archery tournaments across the country to keep in constant contact with the dealers and consumers.


HuntStand: What are two things most people don’t know about Rinehart Targets?
A: Most people don’t know that Rinehart is a family-owned business, and that allows us to stay true to our core values. Additionally, Rinehart’s foam targets and Doloma decoys are proudly made in the USA, and that’s very important to us.

HuntStand: What is your company mission statement?
To reduce the cost of participating in archery by providing high-quality products at a tremendous value.

Boar copy600HuntStand: How many people do you employ, and are you currently hiring?
A: We continue to expand the business with high-quality employees … running two shifts, 10 hours per day. We continue to seek quality employees on a daily basis and average 40 people with seasonal employees.

HuntStand: If you could change one thing about Rinehart Targets right now, what would it be?
A: We need to be more nimble. As we continue to grow and expand with industry trends and consumer demands, we will continue to maintain our agile, family owned philosophies. If we can’t stay nimble, we can’t continue to lead.


HuntStand: What are some short-range (less than two years) company goals?
A: The main focus right now is to explore opportunities that bring the Doloma Decoys (pictured above) to other product categories. The entire decoy line has been extremely well received, and expanding its reach simply makes sense.



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