10 Questions With HuntStand: Ultimate Wild

Log on to the Ultimate Wild website and almost immediately, you get the feeling you've found a company that knows a thing or two about smart innovation.

by Mark Melotik

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This gear innovator is laser-focused on making tomorrow’s technology available today—in the form of smart and affordable outdoor lighting, game cameras, gear transport solutions, and more.

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From the current wind and weather conditions to insights into the best hunting tactics and gear, all of us here at HuntStand Hunting believe that more knowledge leads to more hunting success. And that’s part of the genesis of this new feature, which aims to introduce the HuntStand community to a whole host of hunting-focused companies and gear.

Log on to to the Ultimate Wild website and almost immediately, you get the feeling you’ve found a company that knows a thing or two about smart innovation. Whether it’s ground-breaking, affordable outdoor-focused flashlights and lighting systems, feature-packed game cameras, or smart solutions to gear storage and transport, this company is making waves by finding ways to do things better, and at price tags all outdoorsmen can appreciate. For a behind-the-scenes look at Ultimate Wild we talked recently with Ronnie Henson, company director of operations.

HuntStand: What sets Ultimate Wild apart from the competition—what makes your company unique?

A: Ultimate Wild was founded on the belief that we would not compare ourselves to the current market. Instead we researched our industry, and took what we learned from our own experiences—as well as those of the people who use our products. Then we built a line of products that solve the problems that outdoor enthusiasts have always accepted as the norm. By creating a relationship between outdoor products and today’s ever-evolving technology—as well as building our product line from the ground up—we have been able to launch products that are redefining the standards for the outdoor industry.


HuntStand: What are some new developments at Ultimate Wild for 2016?

A: The amazing thing about having a team of “Outside-the-Box” guys like we do is that at any given time there is a table full of new innovative ideas. One of the things we will be launching soon is “Optimal Response Technology” for game cameras. In a nutshell it will take into account many shortcomings that we have all faced in the game camera industry, and provide a premier experience for not only professionals, but also “Weekend Warriors” like so many of us are. Another great example is DPHD Technology, which we have implemented in the development of our line of illumination products for 2016. DPHD (Depth Projection High Definition) is a precise and perfected combination of bezel width, cone shape and depth, plus LED selection to create the brightest and most perfectly balanced light pattern for the intended use of the light. DPHD uses a proven calculation that ensures maximum illumination intensity.

HuntStand: How and when did Ultimate Wild get its start, and where are you currently based?
A: Ultimate Wild is based in the oldest town in Texas: Nacogdoches. Ultimate Wild was founded out of necessity; in today’s world there is ever-evolving technology all around us—from the phone you hold in your hand or the computer screen you’re using to read this article. We know that with today’s technology, we can build a better product for ourselves as well as for fellow outdoor enthusiasts. In doing so we are bridging the gap between old and new, and giving the modern family common ground to stand on as they explore all the outdoors has to offer. In this fast-paced, constantly connected world it is so easy to forget that there is adventure just outside your door.


HuntStand: What accomplishment is Ultimate Wild most proud of over the last year?

A: Ultimate Wild has seen significant growth over this past year. It has been amazing to see the reaction from everyone when they actually use our products. It makes us proud to see this kind of response from the people we build our products for.

HuntStand: How does Ultimate Wild engage its customers for feedback, ideas, or suggestions for improvement?
A: The fact that we build and service our products in-house gives us that “one-on-one” interaction with our customers on a daily basis. We take all feedback to heart and have a full R&D facility on site. Before we launch any product we test each one extensively in the environment for which it was developed.


HuntStand: What are two things most people don’t know about Ultimate Wild?

A: Number one, most people do not understand that we build all of our products from the ground up—from concept, to prototype, to development, and testing. We know that if a product does not meet our standards it will not meet those of the people we build them for. Number two, a number of people do not realize the full line of products that Ultimate Wild has to offer. We offer a full line of outdoor products including Illumination, Rugged Gear Cases, Trail Cameras, Tactical Lights, and much more.

HuntStand: What is your company mission statement?
A: Here at Ultimate Wild we always take the path with the wind in our favor and set sail for adventure. Ultimate Wild knows that vision is key, timing matters, and that the technological advancements of tomorrow can be available today.

HuntStand: How many people do you employ, and are you currently hiring?
A: Ultimate Wild employs 20 people; we employ specialists in each field of our operation so that we can streamline the development process while minimizing overhead so that we can keep the cost low for our customers. Yes we are hiring; we are always on the lookout for like-minded people to add to our team.


HuntStand: If you could change one thing about Ultimate Wild right now, what would it be?

A: To have more hours in the day! We are at a point in this industry where new developments are around every bend, and new innovation is at a level that has never before been witnessed. There are more new ideas than there are hours in the day, and we are honored that so many have chosen our products—which further fuels our love for the outdoors and what we do.

HuntStand: What are some short-range (less than two years) company goals?
A: Ultimate Wild will continue to introduce innovative products that will change the way we interact with the outdoors. Our goal is to continually develop a relationship between technology and the outdoors, to bridge the gap between generations and provide the whole family a new adventure.



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