12 Mechanical Broadheads Making Bowhunters Smile In 2018 [New]

Stronger and lighter construction. More deadly hybrid designs. The year's best mechanicals are ready to increase bowhunting success.

by Mark Melotik

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Stronger and lighter construction. More deadly hybrid designs. The year’s best mechanicals are ready to increase bowhunting success.

RageEX 900Rage X-Treme 4-Blade. Talk about an aptly named head. With its deep-penetrating, sweeping blade angle and huge 2.3-inch cutting diameter, the X-Treme 4-Blade ($30/2) is Rage’s first expandable broadhead to feature a 7/8-inch leading edge cut-on-contact tip. The black

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anodized aircraft-grade aluminum ferrule is still streamlined but the .030-inch thick single-piece, 7/8-inch cut-on-contact tip and two double-bevel .035-inch expandable wing blades that span 2.3-inches combine for total cutting surfaces in excess of 3 inches. You’ll also find Shock Collar blade retention and a second set of red high energy Shock Collars for use with high-energy bows and crossbows. SlickTrickRaptorTrick900Slick Trick RaptorTrick II. The streamlined 100-grain RaptorTrick II ($45/3) is designed to fly true with field point accuracy. After the 4-edge, bone-splitting tip makes contact, two .035-inch steel blades contained in the stainless-steel ferrule deploy to an optimal angle

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for delivering two inches of devastation. Blades are retained by a multi-position O-ring that can be secured in the front notch for high-energy bows and crossbows, in the middle for standard energy bows, and in the rear notch for bows delivering low kinetic energy.SwhackerHybridHero900Swhacker Hybrid. This neat new head retains the wingblade design of previous versions, which deploys the primary blades internally for maximum damage, better retained momentum and increased pass-through performance. You’ll also find a familiar high carbon steel chisel tip and anodized aircraft aluminum ferrule. But this version

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features a new one-inch fixed bleeder blade for a deadly four-blade cut at the point of contact. The Hybrid ($50/3) is available in 100 grains with 1.75-inch cutting diameter and 125 grains with 2.25-inch cutting diameter, in both compound and crossbow models. RageTrypanCrossbow900Rage Trypan For Crossbows. The popular Trypan two-blade line has expanded with a new Crossbow version. The new 100-grain Trypan Crossbow ($55/3) features the same needle-like, streamlined titanium ferrule and two-inch cutting diameter as the original for oversized slap-cut entry holes. And its .039-inch razor-sharp stainless steel blades still slide into a sweptback blade-angle configuration, and also like the original this head measures just 3/4-inch diameter in flight, then deploys to a monstrous two-inch cutting diameter. But this new version features a red polymer Trypan-specific high energy shock collar to withstand the more-powerful launch of crossbows.MuzzyHBTi 900Muzzy Titanium Trocar HB-Ti. Expanding on its award-winning Hybrid line for 2018, Muzzy has added this wicked 100-grain head featuring an aggressively redesigned, thinner titanium ferrule that provides the strength of steel at a fraction of the weight. Next, the Trocar HB-Ti ($50/3) combines a multi-faceted bone-crushing chisel-tip with a .050-inch-thick, one-piece fixed blade with a single-bevel serrated edge that increases arrow spin in flight. Finally, a pair of .039-inch-thick surgically sharp stainless-steel center-pivot wing blades are designed to deploy on contact for a total cutting diameter of 1 5/8 inches. The end result?  Strength and accuracy combined with hide-cutting, bone-splitting devastation.RockyMountainWarhead 900Rocky Mountain Steel Warhead SS. One good thing often leads to another. Based on the success of last year’s Warhead mechanical, Rocky Mountain has expanded (pardon the pun) the line to include this two-blade design ($30/3) with over-the-top blade deployment for superior hide penetration and bone breakage. As the name implies, it features a precision-machined stainless steel ferrule with a 1.5-inch cutting diameter and a hybrid-tip design that cuts on contact, yet has the strength to bust through bone. The durable .035-inch-thick stainless steel blades are securely held in place during flight and reliably “jackknife” open on contact. Also available is a 100-grain Crossbow versionGrimReaperCarni-Four 900Grim Reaper Carni-Four. This deadly new head leads with a new-and-improved Pro Tip that’s designed to cut on contact and bust through bone. Behind that, in a typically rugged ferrule is a 4-blade mechanical configuration featuring Staggered Blade Technology. The instant the two longer (1 ½ inches) razor-sharp .035 stainless blades

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make contact and compress the internal spring, the two shorter (1 ¼ inches) blades release and open with the touch of a feather, or a hair. The end result is a 2.75-inch linear cut, the largest four-blade entrance hole on the market and an incredible “square” wound channel. A “Snap Cup” design with no O-rings or clips holds all components in place for easy installation and is rated for the fastest, most-powerful crossbows. The Carni-Four ($45/4) comes in 100 and 125 grains and is available exclusively to pro shops and retailers with pro shop services.G5 EAT 900G5 DeadMeat. An all-new SnapLock retaining collar on the three-blade DeadMeat mechanical ($50/3) features an integrated clip that marries with a tiny knob on the back side of each blade for quick and secure blade retention. Even better, the collar creates an audible “snap” when each of the three blades is locked securely in place for flawless flight. The super-tough ferrule is machined from 100 percent stainless-steel and its three heavy-duty blades produce a gaping 1.5-inch cutting diameter. All heads are 100-percent spin-tested and available in standard 100- and 125-grain configurations, as well as a Crossbow version and Deep Six configuration.TheNastyBroadhead 900Dead Ringer The Nasty. Fixed or mechanical—can’t decide which way to go? Dead Ringer is offering both in the same deadly package. The patented SBT blade retention system on Dead Ringer’s Variable fixed/mechanical hybrid The Nasty ($35/3) allows you to switch between a 1-inch-cut fixed head to a 2-inch hybrid cutting width, both with field-tip accuracy and a bone-breaking tip.ThornBroadheads900Thorn Broadhead. Thorn Archery’s unique Hidden Blade Technology means no exposed blades during flight, making these mechanicals more aerodynamic and extremely accurate. With a body built from 70/75 aircraft aluminum it’s also rugged, and the stainless steel Rip-Tip is designed to grab hair and flesh as it enters the body of the animal. This impact presses the tip back into the ferrule, causing the hidden blades to cut the patented and reliable sheer pin that holds them in place and deploy, whereupon the 440 stainless steel “butcher blades” create a 1 ¾-inch cut. Thorn Broadheads ($50/3) are available in 100 and 125 grains for crossbows and compounds.NAPSwingFire900NAP Killzone Swingfire. Here’s another sweet-looking hybrid design all bowhunters need to see. The independent pivoting motion of this 100-grain head’s rear deploying mechanical blades is designed to reduce friction loss and resistance, as its four cutting surfaces pass through a massive 2-inch cut, then exit for monster blood trails and easier recovery. The blades of the Swingfire ($40/3) are specifically designed and weighted to remain closed in flight, regardless of bow speed, and to work as well with super-fast crossbows as they do with lower-poundage vertical bows.TG3202AXTruGlo Titanium X Backflip. When it comes to bowhunting, having several smart choices is always better. The 100-grain Titanium X Backflip mechanical ($45/3) is available in 2-blade (1 ¾-inch cut) and 3-blade (1 ½-inch cut) models that feature reverse-folding blades that open immediately after the tip punches through hide, providing great expansion and massive exit wounds. As the name implies, they’re constructed with a grade 5 CNC-machined one-piece titanium ferrule and Tru-Cut one-piece titanium tip to slice hide and flesh immediately upon impact, and Tru-Thru precision sharpened, reverse-folding stainless steel blades to cut a devastating wound channel.



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