2018 Hunting Gear: 24 New Items Worth A SHOT

The 2018 SHOT Show has come and gone, but the sweet new hunting gear introduced there will help us see more success for years to come. Here's a small taste of our new gear coverage.

by Mark Melotik

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The 2018 SHOT Show has come and gone, but the sweet new hunting gear introduced there will help us see more success for years to come. Here’s a small taste of our new gear coverage.

SHOTcarhartt 900_edited-1New rain gear is just a fraction of the good-looking new huntwear styles from Carhartt, which also include an exciting new partnership with Mossy Oak.

SHOTkent900The big news from Kent Cartridge for 2018 is new Bismuth Premium Waterfowl and Upland Shotshells that feature high-density non-toxic shot, with 24 percent greater density than steel.

SHOTengel 900The stylish new Heavy Duty Cooler Bag from Engel Coolers is raising the bar on portable cooler technology for both hunters and anglers.

SHOTtristarAnyone looking for a sweet new .410 needs to check out this sleek (and nicely affordable) new autoloader from Tristar. Grouse, woodcock and doves beware.

SHOThevi 900Waterfowlers and turkey hunters take note: Testing has shown that new Hevi-X tungsten shot from Hevi-Shot delivers 40 percent more knockdown power at 40 yards, and 60 percent more at 50 yards.

SHOTmoultrie 900Many of us don’t have to be told that keeping game cams and their accessories organized and ready to rock can be a tedious process. The new Quick Camera/Field Bag from Moultrie is ideal for keeping your gear in top shape when not in the field.

SHOTbrowngcams 900Speaking of game cams, the new-for-2018 models from Browning Trail Cameras are not only ultra compact, they also offer impressive trigger speeds and crisp, high-resolution images.

SHOThiviz900Turkey hunters: If you haven’t seen the Tri Viz sight from Hi-Viz it’s time you did. The fully adjustable low-profile fiber optic system allows for more-precise, consistent accuracy with the kind of rugged dependability hunters crave.

SHOTanilogics900Willy Wonka move over…deer mineral/attractant specialist AniLogics Outdoors has placed 21 Golden Tickets inside bags of its proven Ani-Supplement Gold; a drawing will earn the Grand Prize winner a PSE Carbon Air bow…which is sweeter than sugar.

SHOTskullhooker900No one likes a hefty taxidermy bill but the innovators at Skull Hooker are helping with its smart lineup of euro-mount options that include the unique and eye-catching Trophy Tree: a great way to display multiple european mounts without need for wall space. Smart and classy.

SHOTarcticice900If you own a cooler it’s time you checked out the complete lineup of reusable Arctic Ice cooler packs that eliminate all the hassle and mess of dealing with ice.

SHOTwicked900All hunters need a good limb saw (or three). The Wicked Tough Hand Saw shown here is designed to be the toughest on earth, with cast aluminum handle, hardened locking hardware and Wicked Sharp blade backed by a lifetime warranty.

SHOTtenpoint900One of several new and exciting crossbows from TenPoint for 2018 is the reverse-draw-style Nitro X, which measures an ultra-narrow 7-inches wide and delivers devastating speed up to 440 feet per second.

SHOTprimos900Cellular trail camera technology has been growing by leaps and bounds, some of the latest proof being the aptly named Proof Cellular camera from Primos, retailing for just under $200. Amazing.

SHOTexcalibur900The big news from Excalibur Crossbows is the exciting new Assassin Crossbow that makes use of proven, bombproof recurve-limb technology, and features an amazing new cocking/de-cocking system that reduces felt draw weight to a mere 12 pounds. You have to try it to believe it.

SHOTscentcrusher 900Big-game hunters everywhere can benefit from the well-rounded scent-eliminating lineup from innovator Scent Crusher, including the Scent Crusher RealTree Ozone Gear Bag shown above and the innovative Scent Crusher Room Clean unit that plugs into any standard 110 volt AC outlet to release ozone and rid unwanted odors in your home, cabin, or RV.

SHOTgarmin900The new Xero A1 bowsight from Garmin is one of several groundbreaking products that have dedicated bowhunters buzzing. Why? This auto-ranging digital bow sight automatically measures distance to the target while at full draw and provides an LED pin for the shot. It also comes in a left-handed model.

SHOTbearknives900Hunters looking for durable, versatile blades need to check out the new Bear Edge series from Bear and Son Cutlery that offers an impressively well-rounded made-in-the-USA lineup.

SHOTkingscamo900The latest and greatest from King’s Camo includes some nifty packable, ultralightweight insulating layers, as well as a new partnership with Realtree Camo.

SHOTwrc900In 2018 scent and scent-eliminating specialist Wildlife Research Center is celebrating its 35th anniversary, with its 100-percent money-back guaranteed products that include new formulas for its proven Scent Killer Gold Autumn scent-eliminating lineup.

SHOTbarnett900One of six new crossbows from Barnett for 2018 is the Predator, a premium choice that offers speed to burn: 430 feet per second.SHOTalps900Some of the sweet new-for-2018 options from pack specialist ALPS OutdoorZ is great-looking Veil camo, which includes new Cervidae and Wideland patterns, available within the ALPS Extreme Packs line.

SHOTtenzing900Here are just a few of the neat new models from pack specialist Tenzing; not shown is a sweet, redesigned turkey pack that any ground-covering turkey chaser needs to check out.

SHOTcanyon900All premium coolers are not created equal and Canyon Coolers is proving that fact with several new models that include the newly redesigned Quest 25-Quart Backpack cooler, and the huge 150-Quart Navigator, which measures 42.5x23x19.7 inches, and comes complete with truck bed-friendly skid plates.



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