2018 Waterfowl Hunting Loads Worthy Of Your Blind Bag [New]

A better non-toxic option. Smaller shot offerings for denser patterns. Anyone looking to bag more birds this season needs to check out the latest waterfowl shotshells.

by Mark Melotik

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A better non-toxic option. Smaller shot offerings for denser patterns. Anyone looking to bag more birds this season needs to check out the latest waterfowl shotshells.2018WaterfowlLEAD 900KentBismuthGood 900

Kent Bismuth Premium Waterfowl. Kent Cartridge is providing a great alternative to steel shot for waterfowl and upland enthusiasts. Bismuth Premium is non-toxic shot, which is 24-percent denser than steel. It is malleable like lead, making it a safe choice for older and fixed-choke guns.

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The process used for developing the pellets ensures uniform spheres for consistent performance at all ranges. From specialized powders and primers, to specially engineered wads, Kent Bismuth Premium Waterfowl loads speak to quality and consistency; they are available for 12-, 16-, 20- and 28-gauge shotguns, in both 2 ¾- and 3-inch loads ($32 to $45). BrowningBXD 900Browning BXD Waterfowl Extra Distance. BXD Waterfowl Extra Distance has only been on the market for a couple of years, but the Browning brand has quickly found a sound following. The combination of high velocities, perfect spherical pellets, and a wad designed for long-range

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performance add up to happy hunters. This year there is a 3-inch load shooting 1,450 fps in #3 shot ($19 to $27). It should deliver great pattern density, along with more hitting power, and should be embraced by avid duck hunters.

FedBlackCloud 900_edited-2Federal Black Cloud in #1 Shot. Federal has been producing Black Cloud shotgun shells for many years and has mastered a unique design that is lethal on all types of waterfowl. Its FlightControl wad and FlightStopper pellets have a reputation for delivering devastating results for

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waterfowl enthusiasts looking for clean kills. The combination of 60/40 premium steel and FliteStopper pellets make it deadly. Black Cloud is now available in #1 shot for dense, hard-hitting patterns, available in both 12- and 20-gauge loads ($28 to $37). HeviSnow 900Hevi-Shot Hevi-Snow. Hunting snow geese is a new passion for many waterfowl enthusiasts, but long-range performance is often critical to success. Hevi-Snow offers larger steel pellets moving at 1,550 fps to put more white geese in your daily bag. Available in 3- and 3 ½-inch loads, waterfowl enthusiasts can choose from BBB, BB, #2, or #1 shot sizes ($17 to $20).

FederalSpeedShok 900Federal Speed-Shok. Federal has reengineered its Speed-Shok line of shotshells with hot primers and faster-burning powder to reduce residue and enhance velocities. Easy gun cleaning and faster loads should make any waterfowl enthusiast smile. Available in 10-, 12-, 20-, 16-, 28-, and .410-gauge loads ($10 to $34).



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