2020 Gotta-See Treestand Accessories

Here's some must-see innovation built to make your time on stand more fun, safe and productive.

by Mark Melotik

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Here’s some must-see innovation built to make your time on stand more fun, safe and productive.

ThermaRestHybrid 900The Hybrid RX by ThermaSeat. Hardcore hunters pulling all-day sits can never find too much comfort, but the new Hybrid RX ($55.99) aims to over-deliver. Just as handy on the ground as it is in a treestand, the cushion’s G4 Premium Gel Core is designed for next-level comfort. The unique construction features a 0.5-inch Rigid Closed Cell Foam that protects your backside from the cold, wet ground, as well as a 1.25-inch layer of Premium Comfort Foam, and a 1.25-inch G4 Premium Gel Core. The cushion also features a non-slip rubber-coated base fabric and a shoulder strap for easy transport. It’s available in Mossy Oak, Realtree, and Black.HAWKUltraLite 900HAWK Elevate Lite Safety Harness. Designed to be the most-comfortable HAWK harness ever made, the Elevate Lite ($109.99) weighs just 1.8 pounds and makes use of form fit technology that includes padded waist and shoulder straps. Quick release leg buckles with adjustable leg straps ensure a comfortable fit and help you slip into or out of this harness quickly. The Elevate Lite also features a flexible tether for 360° movement, a one-hand quick set carabiner, lightweight silent bino cables, and an adjustable and durable elastic chest strap. Each harness includes a lineman’s belt, tree strap, suspension-relief strap and one carabiner; maximum weight capacity is 300 pounds.HSS Shadow 900Hunter Safety System Shadow Harness. Known for its premium line of treestand harnesses, HSS has entered into a new price-point category with the introduction of its Shadow harness ($49.99). Simple by design yet comfortable and extremely rugged, the Shadow is a great harness at an incredible value. At a mere 27 oz., the new Shadow is the lightest harness in the HSS line. Like all HSS harnesses, the Shadow features a comfortable fit design and tactical release buckles so that it goes on easy and has no dangling straps or weave-through buckles. It can be worn over lightweight clothes or underneath cold weather gear for all-season use. Included is a standard tree strap, suspension relief strap, safe-use instructions and DVD. SummitAlumSticks 900Summit Aluminum Folding Climbing Sticks. Going light and mobile is one of the defining trends in hang-on treestand hunting today; Summit has jumped in the game with these versatile and lightweight Climbing Sticks ready to elevate your game. A 3-pack ($149.99) weighs 24 pounds and allows you to climb 20 feet high; the sections are compact and stackable and feature foldable steps for snag-free transport. Each stick attaches securely to the tree thanks to Quick-attach strap points; the system can support up to 260 pounds. SummitSteelStick 900Summit Steel Climbing Stick. Own land or lease? Summit’s all-new Steel Climbing Stick ($169.99) is an even more-affordable option to access hang-on stands, with a four-section system that can reach 20 feet. Equipped with quick-attach straps and strap points, the Climbing Stick’s sturdy steel construction can support up to 300 pounds; total weight is 31 pounds.



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