2021 Bowsights Built To Fine-Tune Bowhunting Accuracy

Faster setup. Ounce-shaving designs. These members of the Class of '21 prove bowhunters looking for top accuracy can also find a whole lot more.

by Mark Melotik

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Faster setup. Ounce-shaving designs. These members of the Class of ’21 prove bowhunters looking for top accuracy can also find a whole lot more.

TRidge Retaliate Sight 900

Trophy Ridge Retaliate 5-Pin Sight. Looking for fast setup and dependable accuracy? This all-new horizontal-pin sight ($179.99) features exclusive, proven React Technology that makes sighting in a breeze: Simply sight in your 20-yard pin and any other yardage, and instantly, the pin gaps of all remaining pins are set. Included are five .019 pins; you’ll also find tool-less micro-click windage and elevation adjustments, and reduced vibration while maintaining lightweight strength with the Ballistix CoPolymer System. An aluminum mounting bracket delivers extreme durability, and you’ll be able to strengthen accuracy over longer distances with the included second axis adjustment. Adjust brightness to suit any shooting condition with the included rheostat LED click light. IQ MicroSight 900IQ 5-Pin Micro Sight.  Take a winner, and make it better. That was the thinking behind this proven sight’s new-and-improved bladed-pin construction that’s 50-percent thinner with enhanced fiber optic containment. Now, users can continue to further their accuracy at extended ranges with more peace of mind and greater durability. This 5-pin, all-aluminum Micro Sight ($199.99) comes standard with IQ’s patented Retina Lock Alignment Technology system for use with or without a conventional peep sight, to improve your shooting at all distances and especially at long range. You’ll also find tool-free micro-adjust windage and elevation knobs and dials with an angled mounting bar offering multiple bow and quiver attachment points. The new .019 pin system allows for closer pin gaps so users can fine-tune individual pins to ultimate precision. Available in right or left-handed models. BlackGoldProHunter HD 900Black Gold Pro Hunter HD. Black Gold built this new sight to the specs discriminating bowhunters asked for: Precision accuracy backed by lightweight maneuverability. The new Pro Hunter HD (available with a 3- or 5-pin head, .019 pins) incorporates all the industry-leading features of Black Gold’s proven Ascent Verdict, but with the Pro Pin. The Pro Pin provides a narrower pin throat that ends in a round pinhead; this smaller throat allows for less target obstruction, as well as a more-defined aiming point. Included is micro-adjust first and third axes and second axis adjustability; it’s also 2x or 4x lens adaptable, making targets easier to see, and an indicator needle is indexable for easy re-sighting should your setup change.BlackGold ProFX 900 Black Gold Pro FX. Much like Black Gold’s proven Pro sight, the new Pro FX was designed to allow archers to fine-tune their setup quickly and accurately with micro-click adjustment. The head and windage of the Pro FX also has Black Gold’s proven micro-click adjustment but eliminates the dial-of-death for those who do not require the extra floating pin option. Included are second and third axis adjustability; the sight also accepts optional 2x or 4x lenses that make targets easier to see. As with all sights in the Pro Series, it is constructed from a rugged 6061 aluminum design and comes with Black Gold’s unconditional guarantee.Stryker5Pin 900Octane Stryker 5-Pin Sight. Who says bowhunting accuracy can’t be nicely affordable? The Stryker 5-Pin Sight ($39.99) features five Ultra-bright pins nestled in a housing that delivers a 10-percent larger field of view than 1 ¾-inch housings. You’ll also find a Hi-vis level for consistent shot-to-shot accuracy, as well as clear, bold windage and elevation markers for easy adjustment, and a mounting hole that accepts most aftermarket lights. Easily accepts one-piece quiver installation.



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