2021 Thumb-Trigger Release Aids Ready To Increase Bowhunting Success

Thumb-trigger releases are hot, and these new models are making it easier than ever to increase your hunting accuracy.

by Mark Melotik

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Thumb-trigger releases are hot, and these new models are making it easier than ever to increase your hunting accuracy.

TRidge PrecisePro Release 900Trophy Ridge Precise Pro T Handle Release. Ready to shoot like a pro during your bowhunting adventures? This new ergonomic 4-finger design allows you to utilize more drawing power, while taking advantage of the smooth release provided by the sear-style mechanism. The caliper head of the Precise Pro T Release ($109.99) rotates a full 360 degrees, eliminating any torque, and allowing you to find your ideal draw. The thumb-trigger and sear tension are both fully adjustable for absolute accuracy, and perfectly consistent release. And the included sling wrist strap makes it as bowhunter-friendly as possible.ScottSummit 900Scott Summit Release. Who says you have to pay premium dollars for a premium thumb-button release? The affordable new Summit ($109.99) makes use of an open hook roller sear thumb button, to offer archers


an opportunity to expand their shooting style without breaking the bank. You’ll find a best-in-class crisp trigger feel, auto hook return, and adjustable trigger travel for a true custom feel. The comfortable, ergonomic four finger handle with included wrist lanyard makes for a true bowhunter-friendly design.ScottApex 900Scott Apex Release. Not willing to settle for second best? The new Apex ($279.99) delivers ultimate comfort and confidence at full draw, while offering numerous options to match your shooting style. Target-inspired, the Apex combines tight tolerance and engineering expertise to deliver ultimate accuracy. Three-

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and four-finger extension offerings are included, which have 50 degrees of angle adjustment. The adjustable micro travel, trigger tension and additional large thumb barrel deliver custom-built performance that you’ll experience on the range and in the field. The ergonomic, nickel-plated brass handle is available in medium and large.ApexSurgeRelease 900Apex Gear Surge Thumb-Activated Release. As this feature proves thumb-activated releases are hot right now for both bowhunters and target archers, with a major reason being consistent, almost effortless accuracy. The affordable Surge ($90.99) lets archers try out this style without breaking the bank, and it comes with some nice premium features. The thin head and jaw reduce D-loop torque, the finger bed grooves deliver added grip, and you’ll also find a quiet and easy cocking/firing mechanism. Nice touches include a CNC aluminum case and stainless steel mechanics, along with individual travel and sensitivity adjustment, multi-position thumb barrel, and hunter-friendly built-in lanyard attachment (with lanyard included).




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