26 Father’s Day Gifts $50 And Under For Dads Who Hunt

Got $50? Then you can score a whole lot of cool hunt gifts most any dad would love. Start your search with these Team HuntStand-approved offerings.

by Mark Melotik

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Got $50? Then you can score a whole lot of cool hunt gifts most any dad would love. Start your search with these Team HuntStand-approved offerings. property-lines-slide-turkey

HuntStand Hunting App: Now With Property Lines. Your dad’s favorite hunting app is now the only hunting app he’ll ever need! The free HuntStand app delivers global pinpoint weather forecasts, advanced game logging, GobbleSpot gobbler marker for turkey hunters, distance and area measurement tools, and a growing suite of features to give hunters a digital edge in the field.


The latest Hunting app update contains a new Property Lines feature that covers all 50 states (97 percent of U.S. properties). This feature allows you to see: property lines, property sizes, landowner contact information and more! You can try Property Lines FREE for 7 days, or get unlimited access for $5.99/month. Available for Android and iOS. CLICK HERE to see a video and learn more.

WorkSharp900Work Sharp Pocket Knife Sharpener. Don’t let dad get stuck in the field or at the game-processing table with a dull blade. The Pocket Knife Sharpener ($14.95) makes it simple to put a precise edge on most of your hunting and butchering knives. Sharpening with this tool is a quick and easy process; the diamond sharpening plate and ceramic honing rod use built-in angle guides to create a sharp edge anytime, anywhere. Stick this ultra-compact design in your hunting pack or keep it in the glove compartment of your truck so it’s always there when you need it to make meat.NomadSouthbounder900

Nomad Southbounder Camo ¼ Zip Fleece. This whisper-quiet, 100-percent polyester lightweight fleece is ideal for chilly mornings around camp, as an all-season hunting mid-layer, or even as outerwear for those who hunt in the southland. A durable water-repellent finish keeps the morning dew or even a light rain from dampening your efforts. Even better, the Southbounder is NOW ON SALE FOR $30 (was $59.99) as part of Nomad’s own Father’s Day Sale.Bino-Harness-X1 900
ALPS OutdoorZ Bino Harness X. This premium binocular harness ($50-55) comes in standard or extra large to accommodate all sizes of binoculars. It stays close to your chest, preventing bouncing or shifting as you run, hike and climb into position. The straps have been specifically designed to fit comfortably underneath your pack straps, allowing you to wear the Bino Harness X comfortably with or without your pack. The tough durable design features the same 1680D Nylon Ballistic material fabric found in all of the ALPS Extreme line products to ensure extra durability in even the harshest environments. The Bino Harness X features four total lashing points to allow for your favorite add-ons, including the new Vital X rangefinder pouch. A lens cloth is also included in the front zippered pocket.

ThermacellRadiuswRefill 900Thermacell Radius Zone Repeller. Mosquitoes are virtually synonymous with early season hunting no matter where your hunt unfolds. The Radius Mosquito Repeller ($49.99) is a new and better way to fight these bloodthirsty pests; at the push of a button, it creates a scent-free zone of mosquito protection. The Radius uses a rechargeable USB lithium ion battery to heat the liquid repellent (instead of butane cartridges used in the older models). This allows for the unit to emit an effective zone of protection for 8 hours at any elevation, and big news: It has been approved by the DOT for air transportation! The liquid refill cartridges allow for up to 40 hours of continuous protection per cartridge.CampChef 900

Camp Chef One-Burner Multi-Fuel Stove. This lightweight stove ($39.99) travels to and from dad’s base camp easily and safely and is always ready to ride along and fire up a quick lunch or dinner, with its included, compact carry case. Nicely versatile, this smart stove runs on both butane and propane; manage the powerful 8,000 BTU burner with the adjustable heat control and convenient matchless ignition.ScentLok900ScentLok OZ20 Active Odor Destroyer. Make sure dad doesn’t stink this hunting season. ScentLok’s new line of OZ ozone generators that include the compact, take-anywhere OZ20 ($39.99) are designed to emit a powerful stream of ozone molecules to seek out and destroy virtually all types of odors and bacteria in its path. This simple 12-volt plug-in device is safe, and chemical and fragrance free. WARNING: Ozone products are only intended for use in unoccupied spacesSmartwool 900Smartwool Men’s Hike Light Crew Socks. You say your hunt-crazy dad has never tried Smartwool socks? Let this be the year; he’ll be certain to benefit from the warmth, comfort and “no stink” performance of merino wool. An arch brace holds the Hike Light Crew Sock ($18) in place and adds additional support, while a flat-knit toe seam keeps you comfortable throughout the day. It’s ideal for moderate hiking or walking.CabelasWindowMount 900

Cabela’s Car Window Mount. Allow dad a better look at deer and turkeys through his spotting scope, or let him capture that photo he’s been waiting for, without leaving his vehicle to set up a tripod. This sweet mount ($49.99) clamps securely onto most car and truck windows and the padded clamps won’t scratch your glass; the panhead tilts vertically and rotates 360 degrees. Made of tough cast metal, this mount fits standard spotting scope and camera tripod thread holes.DannerGloves900
Danner Elkskin Unlined Work Gloves. Every dad needs a pair of bombproof leather gloves for setting treestands, creating food plots, riding ATVs or otherwise knocking around the great outdoors. Danner has partnered with Geier Gloves in Centralia, WA, to offer simple, rugged gloves crafted from the best materials to ensure performance, longevity and fit. These fine gloves ($50) are made from medium-weight tannery-run elkskin leather that’s thicker than deerskin, so it is not as dexterous, but is ultra-protective, warm and durable, suited for anything from work to motorsports.DannerBelt 900
Danner Crazyhorse Pointer Belt. Handcrafted from oil-tanned harness leather, the Crazyhorse Pointer Belt ($36) has a smooth hand and a durable grain. The treated leather is more pliable and conforms to your body faster than untreated leather. The belt has an antique nickel buckle and features a flat edge, blunt tip, and single keeper over a double “V” stitch pattern. Danner suggests ordering one size higher than your pant size for best fit.F&S hammock 900
Field & Stream Double Hammock With Straps. A great place for dad to relax in hunt camp, or while on camping and fishing trips. This compact, ultralight design ($49.99) is large enough to fit two people (9.3 feet long by 6.2 feet wide; weight capacity 400 pounds) and features a side storage pouch to keep small gear items handy. Includes carry bag and strong, durable polyester webbing straps.LacrosseCoozie 900
LaCrosse Alpha Can Cooler. This unique can cooler ($15) is built just like the legendary LaCrosse Alpha boots, with premium rubber over 3.5mm of insulating neoprene, and even a sturdy outsole on the bottom. Dad’s beverage of choice will stay cool and be easy to hold on to, and he’ll be the envy of the party. Fits standard can size.OutdoorEdgeChow900

Outdoor Edge ChowPal. Lots of hunters eat on the run during the season, grabbing some lunch in the field or maybe back at the truck. Help dad be prepared with the new ChowPal ($27.50), a smart new approach to outdoor eating utensils that incorporates multi-tool functionality. This lightweight (2.4 ounces) all-in-one utensil set/multi-tool adds a can opener, a bottle opener, a flathead screwdriver and a wrench to the nested fork and folding knife/spoon that lock together but quickly and easily slide apart when you’re ready to chow down. The knife/spoon features a locking, single-bevel knife blade that folds flat against the spoon; the fork features a graduated wrench in 8, 10, 11 and 13mm.IgniteHot 900
MTN OPS Hot Ignite. Hunting seasons and early mornings go hand in hand…and this smart coffee replacement is ready to get dad up and running and hunting harder than ever. This smart formula includes caffeine for a quick jolt and a 20-plus-hour release of nitric oxide for extended “no jitters” energy. So you’ll not only experience long-lasting energy but also improved hydration, faster recovery, and no crash. Start your day the right way, with a warm cup of MTN OPS Hot Ignite ($39.95), in three great flavors: Charged Cocoa, Mountain Mocha, and Apple Cider.Chillin Brew 900
Arctic Ice Chillin’ Brew Cooler Packs. Why bother with the hassle and mess of ice when you can keep everything in your cooler cold with the Chillin’ Brew series of reusable cooler packs?($25/5-lb.) Chillin’ Brew’s freezing point of 28°F makes it uniquely suited for keeping any beverage at its coldest point possible, keeping your cooler contents colder than ice. Chillin’ Brew packs have been tested to keep coolers under 32°F for days; maybe even better, they are reusable for a lifetime, making them a very economical choice. Simply store in a freezer for ease of access; they re-freeze in about 6-8 hours, and are top-rack dishwasher safe. NoslerTrophyVarmint 900

Nosler Trophy Grade Varmint 22 Nosler. There is some cartridge-design competition in dedicated AR rounds, a battle that includes the 22 Nosler and 224 Valkyrie. The Trophy Grade Varmint 22 Nosler ($35 to $50) is based on a noticeably bigger case, with more powder capacity and pushing around 300 fps more velocity. Nosler offers this exciting, high-performance round in a Ballistic Tip Varmint bullet or the frangible Ballistic Tip Lead Free along with legendary Nosler brass. Nosler specs show long-range benefits out to 1,300 yards.Hornady6.5PRC-SHOT 900
Hornady 6.5 PRC. Good news for dads who like to shoot and hunt: The 6.5 PRC is bigger than the popular 6.5 Creedmoor and Hornady is producing it to fit in short or medium actions. This ammo features moderate powder charges for consistent accuracy with low recoil. The 6.5 is made to perform at the range and for hunting, featuring a flat trajectory and high velocities that will reach beyond 1,000 yards. It’s available in either Hornady Precision Hunter 143-gr. ELD-X or Hornady Match 147-gr. ELD Match (both shown above).RageEX 900
Rage X-Treme 4-Blade. Talk about an aptly named head. With its deep-penetrating, sweeping blade angle and huge 2.3-inch cutting diameter, the new-for-2018 X-Treme 4-Blade ($36/2) is Rage’s first expandable broadhead to feature a 7/8-inch leading edge cut-on-contact tip. The black anodized aircraft-grade aluminum ferrule is still streamlined but the .030-inch thick single-piece, 7/8-inch cut-on-contact tip and two double-bevel .035-inch expandable wing blades that span 2.3-inches combine for total cutting surfaces in excess of 3 inches. You’ll also find a second set of red high energy Shock Collars for use with high-energy bows and crossbows.RockyMountainWarhead 900

Rocky Mountain Steel Warhead SS. One good thing often leads to another. Based on the success of last year’s Warhead mechanical, Rocky Mountain has expanded (pardon the pun) the line to include this two-blade design ($29.99/3) with over-the-top blade deployment for superior hide penetration and bone breakage. As the name implies, it features a precision-machined stainless steel ferrule with a 1.5-inch cutting diameter and a hybrid-tip design that cuts on contact, yet has the strength to bust through bone. The durable .035-inch-thick stainless steel blades are securely held in place during flight and reliably “jackknife” open on contact. Also available is a 100-grain Crossbow version.KentBismuthGood 900

Kent Bismuth Premium Waterfowl. Kent Cartridge is providing a great alternative to steel shot for waterfowl and upland enthusiasts. Bismuth Premium is non-toxic shot, which is 24-percent denser than steel. It is malleable like lead, making it a safe choice for older and fixed-choke guns. The process used for developing the pellets ensures uniform spheres for consistent performance at all ranges. From specialized powders and primers, to specially engineered wads, Kent Bismuth Premium Waterfowl loads speak to quality and consistency; they are available for 12-, 16-, 20- and 28-gauge shotguns, in both 2 ¾- and 3-inch loads ($32 to $45).BrowningHMR 900Browning BPR Performance Rimfire—17 HMR 17 GR. Here’s the beginnings of some summertime fun for both dad and the kids. There is often lots of information in a name, and BPR Performance Rimfire means smooth feeding, reliable extraction and consistent performance. With a muzzle velocity of 2,550 fps, this ammo ensures a full 245 ft./lbs. of energy is transferred to your target with hard-hitting performance.Winchester22 900Winchester Super Suppressed. Most dads who shoot and plink, especially with their kids, would love a box or two of this cutting-edge super-quiet ammo. As suppressors continue to draw a larger audience, more ammunition manufacturers are offering specialized products for optimal performance. Winchester is loading .22 LR in a new line of ammunition called Super Suppressed, designed to be subsonic even without a suppressor. When fired through a suppressor all you basically hear is the slide functioning. And that’s just plain cool. Available in .22 LR ($9 to $11) and .22 Magnum ($15 to $17).

NocturnalStrobe900Nockturnal Fit Lighted Nocks Expand. Last year Nockturnal introduced the Fit, a universal lighted nock designed to fit X-diameter and larger arrows. This year, they’ve expanded the Fit line with even more color and multi-color strobe choices, including: Blue, Orange and White, as well as Red/Blue and Green/Blue strobes ($35.28/3-Pack). Weighing about 25 grains, each Fit is waterproof and shockproof, features an ultra-strong, impact resistant, clear polycarbonate nock construction encapsulating the super-bright single LED or paired strobing LEDs, which are triggered by a patented string-activated, piston-driven contact switch and, with over 20 hours of lithium battery life will remain brightly lit for ample arrow retrieval time.CajunBrushFire900

Cajun Brush Fire Arrow Rest. Here’s a great way to get dad into the fast-paced sport of bowfishing. Bowfishing enthusiasts now have an arrow rest built with the same rugged, reliable simplicity as the legendary Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit. Smart features of the Brush Fire ($29.99) include a teflon impregnated insert on the bottom for durability; the reversible-mount design allows use with left- and right-hand bows, and replaceable bristles offer full containment.LacrosseMuddy 900

LaCrosse Alpha Muddy. Okay, we lied. Just a bit. These incredible low-rise boots violate our top-end cost (MSRP is $100), but you must trust us that they will likely become one of the most-cherished gifts on this list, and worth every hard-earned penny. The reason? Year-long versatility. Dads love that. Whether dad is trekking around hunt camp, dog walking, bringing in firewood, taking out the trash, or in the process of myriad daily chores, the Alpha Muddy will be his go-to boot. Effortless to pull on and slip off, this crazy-comfortable design is built with the company’s premium, waterproof rubber and includes a cushioning neoprene interior.

All of us here at Team HuntStand would like to wish a very happy Father’s Day to all the outdoor dads out there, the guys who not only take the time to pass on the sacred traditions of hunting and fishing to their kids, but also their outdoors-challenged friends.



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