3 Ways To Bag More Predators (And Hogs) This Winter

Predators stalk the night. So do wise predator hunters. Here's a company that knows the best ways to light your way. 

by Mark Melotik

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Predators stalk the night. So do wise predator hunters. Here’s a company that knows the best ways to light your way.

Over much of their range but especially in heavily timbered or even semi-forested areas, fox and coyote sightings in daylight are almost always noteworthy events. The simple reason is that these cagey, reclusive predators are largely nocturnal, doing almost all of their serious hunting and traveling under the cloak of darkness. So if your goal is a successful hunt you’d be wise to gear up accordingly.

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When you think of cutting-edge predator gear maybe it’s high-tech digital calling systems or sweet new rifle cartridges like the 22 Nosler or 224 Valkyrie that come to mind, but Team HuntStand is happy to report today’s latest lighting systems are holding up their side of the innovation landscape. A great case in point is Conroe, Texas-based Elusive Wildlife Technologies, a company all predator and hog hunters should know. Here’s a deadly trio of new gear all of us need to check out. XLR HD3Light-2 900Looking to top a favorite bolt rifle or AR with a reach-and-out-touch-them predator light? The XLR HD3 is the latest light from Elusive Wildlife Technologies that features an innovative, integrated color selector to quickly change between Red, Green, and White. There are no bulbs to change or filters to install; this patent-pending design allows each LED to shine the farthest distance possible without sacrificing power or brightness for the ability to change color on the fly.HD3onRifle 900You’ll also find a convenient quarter-turn zoom focus adjustable beam, and an ultra-quiet, rheostat dimmer knob to fine-tune your rig to your personal liking; the oversized knob is smartly designed to allow easy operation in darkness, even with gloves, and its locking feature prevents accidental activation.

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The HD3 tail cap is also equipped with plug-in wired remote on/off, pressure, and Whisper Silent dimmer switches, which attach to the rifle stock to allow remote activation of the light. Charging is possible with the power port built into the tail cap; the battery can be removed and placed into the charging base that plugs into any wall outlet (A/C 110v or 220v) or vehicle power port. XLR HD3Light 900The HD3 Pro Rifle Package includes: the new HD3 color changing light, ultra-quiet rheostat dimmer knob, windage and elevation mount, ring-to-rail mount, Rapid Scope Mount, wired remote on/off and pressure switches, Whisper Silent dimmer switch, two long-lasting rechargeable lithium batteries (one for the light and one as a backup), dual station smart charger with wall adapter and vehicle adapter, USB charger, and a protective custom cut-foam case.Blind Sider-X2-900Lots of you make use of trail cameras; the new Blind Sider-X2 Feeder & Bait Light with built-in Motion Activation was designed to be the brightest vertically mounted light on the market with applications for both predator and hog hunters. Built around the familiar design of a trail camera, this easy-to-use light can be strapped to a tree, post, or paired with most standard trail camera mounts. Simply select one or two LEDs to control the brightness, then position the Blind Sider-X2 on any trail, near your feeder, or over a bait pile you’d like to view at night. Then it’s a simple matter of opening the housing and switching to “Motion Mode” to activate the motion sensor. When an animal is detected, the light will gradually increase in brightness, lighting up an area up to 90 feet long.

The Blind Sider-X2 remains on while motion is present; after 20 seconds with no activity it will power off, conserving battery life. Users can select a run time from 20 seconds, 90 seconds, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or 15 minutes. Looking for continuous illumination? Switch to “On Mode” for a continuous beam of light covering your hunting area.

The Blind Sider-X2 operates on four D Cell batteries; other options are an external 6 Volt Battery, or one 18650 Lithium Ion rechargeable battery powered by a 6V solar panel (not included). Blood Track-R-1 900How about a smart new lighting system designed for after the shot? Whether looking for wounded deer, hogs, or predators, the Kill Light Blood Track-R was designed to be the best blood-tracking flashlight you have ever used or your money back. In the past “blood lights” have come and gone quickly, mostly the result of faulty or misleading technology, but there are no gimmicks in this design. Several years of research have gone into developing this ground-breaking light, which features a precision optical semi-spherical lens, combined with an extremely powerful LED—all backed by a 45-day money-back guarantee. The adjustable Low, Medium or High power helps find blood quickly and keeps you on the trail. The perfectly balanced, even beam measures an optimal 3 to 4 feet in diameter while trailing, and can be focused to a tighter spot when searching fields, or cutting through underbrush to find your game up to 150 yards away.

Whether you’re a predator or hog hunter (or both), take some time and check out the wide variety of lighting and hunting products built to make your next bow or gun adventure more successful and enjoyable, from the innovators at Elusive Wildlife Technologies.



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