5 Bow & Rifle Targets Built To Get You Hunt-Ready [New]

Make spring and summer practice sessions count with these neat new designs aimed at increased shooting enjoyment, and making you a better, more-confident shot.

by Brad Fenson


Make spring and summer practice sessions count with these neat new designs aimed at increased shooting enjoyment, and making you a better, more-confident shot.

VisiColorPronghorn 900Champion VisiColor Real Life Big Game Targets. If you’re looking to shoot some targets this year before heading out big game hunting, why not use some that look like the real McCoy? Take aim at trophy animals from across North America with Champion VisiColor Real Life Big Game targets that feature a black bear, pronghorn and whitetailed deer. A successful shot shows a burst of color in each vital zone, giving you instant feedback. A visible sight-in bull’s-eye on each target lets you zero-in your rifle before you set your sights on living breathing big game. There are 12 targets in a package ($28; four of each animal) with vital zones marked by different colors.

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Cabela'sRifleGong 900_edited3Cabela’s 10-inch Rifle Gong Target With Stand. The World’s Foremost Outfitter has developed a steel gong that will provide an audible response, as well as movement, when your bullet hits the mark. The 10-inch Rifle Gong Target ($100) is 0.55 inches thick and 10 inches in diameter, capable of withstanding centerfire rifle bullets from a minimum of 100 yards and beyond. It is easy to assemble and includes a powder-coated steel frame that can take some misplaced lead. There are steel chains and “S” hooks for easy setup and takedown. Even better? This durable target’s lifetime guarantee.

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Rinehart X-Bow Bag 900Rinehart X-Bow Bag. The X-Bow Bag target ($50) was designed with layered, arrow-stopping material, and is rated for crossbows shooting up to a blistering 450 fps. As most crossbows have a scope, the target has a sight-in grid with Minute of Angle (MOA) graduations. It has never been easier to see the exact adjustment required to put your arrows on the “X”. The bag also has 12 dots for practice, distributing shots across the target for longer life. At 18 inches, and with a carry handle, this compact design can be used in the field or as a discharge target.

Mo-Go 900Delta McKenzie Mo’ Go Target. The smartly-designed Mo’ Go Target ($75) offers more foam for stopping power and longevity, yet is compact enough to take with you most anywhere. Mo’ Foam is the most dense and durable foam on the market, which reduces chunking and slivering when compared to other layered targets. The weld-bonded process eliminates the need for bands, allows for shooting on all sides, and reduces slivering from broadheads. The Mo’ Go is designed to handle both vertical bows and crossbows, shooting field tips or broadheads. It weighs 15 pounds and measures 20x18x11 inches.

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RinehartPyramid 900Rinehart Pyramid Target. Building a target as a pyramid, shooters are provided with four sides to shoot at, in an easy-to-carry design. With a stable base, it can be set up anywhere for practice. The target features the MOA grid, which allows for easy and effective adjustment of an archer’s sight or a crossbow shooter’s scope. Made of solid foam, the Pyramid Target ($70) measures 14 inches high and 18 inches wide, and weighs just 7 pounds. The highly visible target zones on the Pyramid allow shooters to practice in low-light conditions without a doubt in their mind on where the bull’s-eye lives.



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