5 Ways To Locate More Spring Turkeys With ScoutLook

HuntStand helps you keep a valuable running log of turkey sightings and sign, track the wind to maximize your calling efforts, and much, much more.

by Mark Melotik

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HuntStand helps you keep a valuable running log of turkey sightings and sign, track the wind to maximize your calling efforts, and much, much more.


You practice your calling regularly. Take the time to pattern your favorite gun and load and dial-in your latest smooth-shooting compound. But are you making the most of your HuntStand app? There’s no doubt hunting turkeys is a specialized pursuit, and few understand this like Team HuntStand. So let’s explore a few important app features that will help you locate and set up on more spring birds.

First things first; while turkey scouting and turkey hunting, make sure you’re in Turkey Mode. Remember, the HuntStand app has the following modes: Deer, Turkey, Waterfowl, Predator, Hog, Big Game. Be sure to select the correct mode for the type of game you’re hunting.

Property Lines. Say you’ve spotted a gobbler on an unfamiliar property. Do you have access to hunt there? Check HuntStand’s Property Lines to look up landowner information. If you don’t have permission, use the landowner’s mailing address to find their home and knock on their door. Another advantage? Quickly and easily locating potential hotspots on, say, mostly wooded public tracts that abut private farmlands. In this type of scenario, many local turkeys may well be roosting on the wooded public ground and traveling over to feed and strut in the open privately held fields. Almost instantly, you’ve determined prime areas for potential turkey ambushes, and at the least, some sweet spots for more-thorough, boots-on-the-ground scouting.TurkeyMark 900Logging. By logging your turkey observations, over time you can begin to recognize activity patterns that will lead you to more successful hunt planning. ScoutLook allows you to save turkey logs according to subspecies, turkeys seen, log time, activity, and additional logging fields if you harvest a bird. You can analyze your logs in the app, or, back home on your home computer, open your account on the HuntStand website to sort logs according to various conditions.

ScoutMarX. Think of ScoutMarX as a way to quickly store places of interest in your HuntStand Hunting app. Unique to turkey hunting, ScoutMarX include options such as dusting area, GobbleSpot, ideal set up spot, predator turkey kill, roost site, scratching, and more. View ScoutMarX on HuntStand’s interactive map; use them to put together turkey hunting puzzle pieces, and to make game-time decisions as you’re planning your hunts.

GobbleSpot. When the HuntStand Hunting app is set to Turkey Mode, you’ll notice “GobbleSpot” is available in the dropdown menu when you tap the “Save” button. When you hear turkeys gobbling, open the app and drop a GobbleSpot pin on the location where you think they’re gobbling. This will make it easier to navigate to a gobbler and set up, and it will also help you keep track of all the spots you’ve heard gobblers, to consider on future hunts.TurkeySL 900Wind Maps. You see that HuntStand is forecasting windy conditions in your area for the next several days. Is it more important for you to hear gobbles from upwind, or for your calls to project greater distances downwind? Both can be smart plays. By using HuntStand’s ScentCone wind map in Turkey Mode, you can decide how to approach a field or block of timber depending on your listening or calling strategy.



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