6 New Riflescopes For Hunters In 2018

This fine group of new riflescopes features a nice mix of both, all ready to help you see more hunting success.

by Mark Melotik

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Nicely affordable. Off-the-charts advancements. This fine group of new riflescopes features a nice mix of both, all ready to help you see more hunting success.LeupoldVXFreedom900

Leupold VX-Freedom Series Riflescopes. Leupold enthusiasts and anyone looking for a killer value will want to check out the new VX-Freedom line of riflescopes ($235-$390). The series was developed to deliver optical performance at a price

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consumers will have trouble passing up. Specially coated lenses and low-light clarity are part of the gold ring standard. Out of the gate, the VX-Freedom is available in 1.5-4×20, 2-7×33, 3-9×40, 3-9×50, 4-12×40. All models have second focal plane reticles and 1-inch main tubes, with a muzzleloader, rimfire, and centerfire option reticles.BurrisEliminatorIII 900Burris Eliminator III LaserScope 3-12×44. You’re looking at one of the most-advanced riflescopes on the planet. This sleek next-gen design is capable of ranging and knocking down targets out to 1,200-plus yards, using precise trajectory compensation that’s calculated for your exact ammunition and range. How deadly is that? Another

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cool feature is the illuminated aiming point that will help you anchor game even in low-light conditions. The Eliminator III LaserScope 3-12×44 (starting at $1,559) comes with a programming book, and there is a website app to help get the precise programming numbers you need, based on your elevation, atmospheric condition, and cartridge of choice. Also available in 4-16×50 ($1,499).NikonBLACK 900Nikon Black FX1000 Riflescope. The new Black FX1000 ($750) was designed to make long-range shooting achievable. This scope integrates a first focal plane optical

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system with easy dialing at any magnification and distance. The glass-etched tactical reticles are paired with turrets that allow fast, repeatable distance corrections and intuitive hold-off points. The scopes feature a return-to-zero stop in the turrets.AROptics900Bushnell AR Optics. Bushnell’s new line of AR Optics riflescopes was designed for AR platform use. Models have a caliber-specific BDC reticle and include .22 LR, .223/5.56, .308, .300 Blackout, 6.5 Creedmoor and the new .224 Valkyrie. Scopes have a throw-down power lever with two heights to customize use. Available in 4.5-18×40 and 1-4×24 models.Toric30mmMOA 900Tract Toric UHD 30mm 4-20×50 FFP MOA. Tract threw in everything, including the kitchen sink, when they developed the Toric UHD 30mm 4-20×50 long-range riflescope ($1,154). The first focal plane and an MOA reticle with illumination options mean the

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only excuse lies with the shooter. The turret features .25 MOA per click adjustments and a locking system to eliminate inadvertent movement. A parallax dial allows for adjustment from 25 yards to infinity.SimmonsAetec2 900Simmons AETEC. Simmons has re-introduced its AETEC riflescopes ($200-$300), which were the first aspherical lens technology in the market. In short, it means edge-to-edge clarity, which made it quite popular among hunters. This nicely affordable, relaunched line offers models with a standard or illuminated Truplex reticle, along with exposed or capped turrets.



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