6 Smokin’ New Sights For Bowhunters In 2018

More innovation. More features. More accurate. The Class of 2018 Bowsights are one classy group indeed.

by Bob Humphrey


More innovation. More features. More accurate. The Class of 2018 Bowsights are one classy group indeed.

SightsIQDefine9001IQ Define Range Finding Sight. IQ has raised the bar on its already innovative no-torque sighting system by integrating a laser rangefinder directly into the new Define premium-quality 5-pin archery sight ($379.99), allowing for precision ranging during critical moments leading up to the shot, even while at full draw. Driven by high-performance circuitry, the laser-rangefinding system provides accuracy to +/- 1 yard, instantly displayed


on a vivid blue OLED, conveniently placed within the user’s line-of-sight. One-touch trigger-activated scan mode and full angle compensation take the guesswork out of moving or stationary targets for up to two minutes and eliminate additional movement associated with a handheld rangefinder. Powered by a single CR2 battery, the rangefinding unit is both compact and lightweight with minimal impact to the pin sight’s overall measurements (6 ¾”Lx4 1/8”W) and weight (18.5 oz). Five fully contained .019 FO pins with integrated sight light provide exceptional brightness through a full range of tool-free micro adjustment of both windage and elevation.garmin-xero-studio-900Garmin Xero A1 & A1i Bowsights. Ground-breaking? You bet. The Xero A1 ($799.99) and Xero A1i ($999.99) are auto-ranging digital laser bow sights that automatically measure the distance to a target AND provide a precise, virtual lighted pin for the shot. A silent, single-button trigger mounted on the bow’s grip lets you range targets at rest or at full draw, virtually eliminating distance estimation and hunter movement. The laser rangefinder instantly provides the precise angle-compensated distance—up to 100 yards on game or 300 yards on reflective targets. The Xero then projects a precise, virtual LED pin that is only visible to the archer, and without the clutter of multiple physical pins. An ambient light sensor ensures the pin brightness is optimized for various shooting conditions. The Xero A1i includes many additional features. Laser Locate estimates the arrow’s point of impact and transfers that location to a compatible Garmin device (sold separately) so hunters know where to begin their recovery of game. The A1i also enables the archer to configure multiple arrow profiles, to easily transition between a target or hunting setup without readjusting the sight. SightsAXRT 900Axcel RheoTech Multi-Pin Hunting Sight. This sweet sight offers adjustable pin brightness for various lighting environments from dawn to dusk, and treestand to ground blind, with a simple twist of its Rheostat Cover. Micro-adjustable windage and elevation gang adjustment knobs, featuring new Gear-Tooth lock levers, allow ultimate security of left-right and up-down settings. The RheoTech ($289.99) also features a new Diamond-shaped mounting bar for added strength


and durability, and new, true third axis adjustment screws. All RheoTech hunting sights are ambidextrous and are available in 4-, 5-, and 7-pin models, which feature 18 inches of super tough, .010 or .019 fiber running length-to-tip in new ultra-bright RheoTech-exclusive FirePins. And they still have Axcel’s popular co-planar internal aiming ring at the same depth of the pins, as well as an internal level bubble to help the archer notice any unwanted torque at a quick glance to ensure the shot will be true. An angled sight light port accepts all 3/8″x32 threaded sight lights.SightsHHA 900HHA Optimizer Tetra Bow Sight. Latest in the HHA Sports line-up of Optimizer single-pin bow sights, the Optimizer Tetra ($249.99) features an integrated SP-50 Infinite-Adjust bracket that offers a full 2.1-inches of vertical travel and allows for infinite adjustability to the scope housing, so shooters can dial their bow to extreme levels of accuracy while maximizing range of the preprinted yardage tapes. An all-new windage adjustment allows for both major adjustments as well as micro adjustments while second and third axis adjustments have also been integrated into the Tetra for


those wanting unlimited perfection and accuracy, all with tool-free adjustability. As with all HHA sights, the Optimizer Tetra features patented R.D.S. (Range. Dial. Shoot.) Technology so once you’re dialed in at 20 and 60 yards, you’re on target—to the yard—out to 100. Each sight is CNC-machined from aircraft-grade aluminum and the sight pin, (available in .019 and .10) is protected by HHA Sports’ A.R.M.O.R. Pin technology. The adjustable rheostat controls the amount of fiber optic exposed to light to ensure your pin is bright and viewed as cleanly and clearly as possible, regardless of the time of day. A straight frame, hunter-style mounting bracket fits all bows. The Tetra will accept HHA lens kits and well as the 2500 Burst Light and is available with a 1 5/8-, or 2-inch scope housing.

TrophyRidgeH4Trophy Ridge React H4. This full-featured yet affordable sight still has innovative React Technology which, after only two pin adjustments, automatically sights-in the remaining pins for dead-center accuracy. With this version you can easily correct windage and elevation with advanced tool-less adjustments, make axis corrections via integrated knobs and pin adjustments with a hex wrench. Designed for bows from 195 to 330 feet per second, the React H4 also features soft-touch Ballistix CoPolymer construction to reduce vibration and weight, and ultra-bright fiber optic pins and a rheostat light for better visibility in low and fading light. SightsSinglePin900TruGlo Archer’s Choice Range Rover Pro features, among other things, an ultra-smooth Zero-In adjustment dial with over 80 pre-marked yardage tapes (included) for remarkably precise Micro Adjust elevation tuning. You’ll also find PWR•DOT illuminated CENTER•DOT technology, wherein the innovative scope housing has a circle with lighted center dot (with adjustable green and red LED with 11 brightness settings) for honing your long-distance accuracy. Other fine features of the Range Rover Pro ($179.99) include an updated bracket design for increased compatibility with more bow models, a precision click micro-adjustable windage design, toolless yardage and windage lock and laser marks for windage and elevation adjustments. The sight housing accepts a 1.87-inch scope lens (sold separately), is adjustable and comes with an adjustable quiver mount and lens cover included.



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