7 Deadly Broadheads For 2017 [New]

Consistent flight. Deep penetration. Devastating performance. The newest broadheads offer these and more; here are several new designs to consider as you build your 2017 bowhunting arsenal.

by Bob Humphrey


Consistent flight. Deep penetration. Devastating performance. The newest broadheads offer these and more; here are several new designs to consider as you build your 2017 bowhunting arsenal.

Slickss copy 900Slick Trick RaptorTrick. Slick Trick engineers cited “the consistent demand of diehard bowhunters” as their inspiration in designing the RaptorTrick ($48/3-pack), which just might be the first and only expandable broadhead you can fine-tune to your bow’s speed. In flight, the stainless-steel ferrule’s streamlined profile provides field point accuracy, regardless of bow speed. But the real secret is a unique multi-position O-ring you can secure in the front notch for high kinetic energy (KE) bows and crossbows, in the middle for standard KE bows and in the rear for low-energy bows, ensuring blades remain fixed in flight yet deploy on contact. Then, a four-edge bone-splitting tip followed by two .035-inch steel blades, placed at an optimal angle for extreme penetration, deliver a powerful punch and a two-inch cut.

Rage_Hypo_Trypan 900

Rage Hypodermic Trypan. Improving on the immensely popular Hypodermic head was no easy task, but Rage engineers found a way with the new Hypodermic Trypan. First they replaced the stainless steel ferrule with a tougher, more durable and corrosion-resistant titanium ferrule. Stronger material also allows them to make the ferrule more streamlined for better flight performance. Less ferrule weight then allows for thicker (.039-inch), stronger stainless steel blades that now produce two-inch “slap-cuts” on entry and feature a new “Super Sweptback” blade angle for even better penetration. Rage Hypodermic Trypans ($55) come in a three-pack with a practice tip.

G5s copy_edited-1

G5 Outdoors Dead Meat. At the heart of the Dead Meat is a new SnapLock retaining collar system. It features an integrated clip that “marries” with a tiny knob on the back side of the blade, creating an audible “snap” when each of the three blades is securely locked in place so there’s no worry about in-flight deployment. And the profile is designed to fly like a field point. The ferrule of this all-stainless steel machined head features a razor-sharp yet rugged chisel tip for bone-breaking initial contact, followed by three heavy-duty blades that deploy for a 1.5-inch diameter cut. Available in 100 and 125 grains and in a Crossbow configuration. $55/3-pack.

Wacssss copy_edited-1Wac’Em Expands Mechanical Offerings. To build their first expandable (last year), Wac’Em started with the same cut-on-impact tip design used on their fixed-blade heads. They then added hardened stainless steel mechanical blades, but placed them far enough back so they do not deploy until half of the broadhead’s body has penetrated, a blade design that drastically reduces deflection as well as in-flight kinetic energy loss. The initial versions were obviously well received as they’ve expanded (pardon the pun) the line to now include two (two-blade and three-blade) American-forged steel versions. Both are 100 grains with a 1.5-inch cut diameter. $45 per 4

TruGlos New copy 900TruGlo TitaniumX Broadheads. No, that’s not a typo. TruGlo engineers teamed up with broadhead designer, Bruce Barrie (former owner of Rocky Mountain Broadheads) to develop an all new TitaniumX family of mechanical and fixed-blade 100-grain broadheads for both compounds and crossbows (crossbow models shown above). Their one-piece ferrules and Tru•Cut, cut-on-contact tips are CNC-machined from Grade-5 titanium while their .031-inch thick Tru•Thru stainless steel, replaceable blades are precision-sharpened. The narrow flight profile of the mechanicals—available in large cutting diameter 2-blade and dual-stage 4-blade models—is designed for field-tip accuracy. Package includes replacement blades and installation tool. $41 per set.



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