8 Fixed 2018 Broadheads All Bowhunters Need To See [New]

Sharper and stronger. Better blade retention. More-accurate flight. All bowhunters looking for an edge (or three) need to consider these smart “next-gen” fixed heads.

by Mark Melotik

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Sharper and stronger. Better blade retention. More-accurate flight. All bowhunters looking for an edge (or three) need to consider these smart “next-gen” fixed heads.

MuzzyMerc 900Muzzy Merc. Though this legendary line now includes mechanicals, Muzzy’s foundation is still fixed-blade broadheads, a category in which it continues to excel, as evidenced by the new, three-blade, 100-grain Merc ($40). The system begins with a one-piece solid, stainless steel ferrule designed for extreme durability, deep

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penetration and quiet flight. Then, the Merc’s innovative tip design and threaded aluminum blade retention system combine to encapsulate and reliably hold three razor-sharp .030-inch replaceable blades that ultimately deliver devastating wound channels from their 1 1/8-inch cutting diameter. And the unique blade geometry and venting is designed to deliver stable flight and extreme bloodletting. WacemXL 900Wac’Em XL 3-Blade 100 Grain Fixed Blade. This proven-deadly three-blade design ($40/3) can be quickly and easily sharpened on any flat stone, and features

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100-percent hardened stainless steel construction with 1 ¼-inch cutting diameter and strong .030 replaceable blades. Each package of three heads includes a FREE Nockturnal Strobing FIT lighted nock (with 3 bushings to fit most any arrow). DART Broadhead 900Wasp Dart. Based on the proven and time-tested design of the Boss fixed blade, the new 4-Blade Dart ($38/3) features a stealthy and aerodynamic design for field point accuracy at longer distances, especially with crossbows or higher-speed compounds, coupled with a devastating four-blade configuration. The new Dart also

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features a pressed-on 100-percent Stainless Smart Tip (SST), as well as .027-inch stainless steel blades that result in a full 2 ¼ inches of cutting surface and a lightweight, ultra-compact aerodynamic aluminum ferrule designed to provide field point accuracy and easy tuning. Available in 100- and 125-grain versions; every pack comes with two extra sets of blades.ReckoningWideCut 900Bloodsport Wraith Broadhead System.  This smart design uses one ferrule and multiple blade options to help bowhunters match their broadhead to their hunt, without breaking the bank. Its basis is a super-strong, cut-on-contact universal stainless steel ferrule that employs a unique Scooptail design to enhance in-flight accuracy, while delivering a “snowplow” effect for maximum penetration. Upgraded for 2018, the universal ferrule features a new simplified blade replacement method that requires no additional parts, tools or O-rings. Using just the screw-on collar you can attach any of five Wraith blade styles: the 1.125-inch Deep Cut or 1.5-inch Wide Cut (Shown above, $25/3), Treestand, or 1.125-inch Turkey Body Shot or oversized 2.375-inch Turkey Lopper ($30/3).SolidBroadhead 900Solid Legend Series. Built on their Solid reputation, both versions in the Legend series are constructed of S30V stainless steel, use a zero-taper ferrule, and feature cut-on-contact tip Samurai-style curved blades that are ground to a unique Samurai-style curved blade edge. Those and the perpendicular bleeder blades are a full .060-inch thick to hold an edge and resist the elements. Available in 100- and 125-grain heads ($130/3) featuring ½-inch and ¾-inch bleeders, and 4.80 and 5.32 inches of total cutting edge, respectively.pharakon900Flying Arrow Pharmakon 3. Company President Chris Rager described the new 100-grain Pharmakon 3 series ($45/3) as basically a Toxic on steroids. It retains features of the original Toxic, like patented (RCD) Radical Core Decompression technology and (QCSL) Quick Change Solid Lock technology, but adds a one-piece solid stainless steel ferrule and bone-crushing chisel tip and new and improved, heavier Quick Change, interchangeable Solid Lock blades with a 7/8-inch cutting diameter. It’s also much shorter than the Toxic and very aerodynamic, making it easy to tune. Both regular and crossbow versions are available.SwhackerRazor254 900Swhacker RazorSeries Fixed Blade Broadheads. Long known for its proven mechanicals, for 2018 Swhacker has introduced three new RazorSeries fixed-blade broadheads. All are engineered from solid 420 stainless steel and feature up to .075 blade thickness, more than twice the thickness of most other fixed-blade heads on the market. Each RazorSeries broadhead is laser-cut, independently ground, and hand-stropped to shaving-sharp perfection. Three separate100-grain models (available this summer) will offer a different blade pitch (35, 54, 59 degrees) and blade dimension to fit your hunting style, including the Razor254 (shown above).

Mohican 900Mohican Sneak Project One. With a full 2-1/2 inch cut, the Project One ($40/3) boasts the widest cutting diameter of any fixed blade. Yet they’re able to accomplish such a wide cut without sacrificing penetration by introducing only one blade into the target at a time. On impact, the chiseled cutting edges bust through bone with ease. And the staggered “offset” blade design creates aerodynamic stability in much the same way as staggered fletching, so you don’t sacrifice accuracy. Available in 125 grains.



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