8 Must-See New Bowhunting Tools

Looking for the year's stand-out bowhunting gear? Check out these cutting-edge "tools of the trade" built to help increase your bowhunting success.

by HuntStand


A Better Cell Camera

Trail cameras are an incredible tool to help you learn more about your favorite hunt tracts. If you haven’t tried one it’s time; the latest cellular technology makes it easier than ever to learn “real-time” game activity. Case in point is the new Flex camera from Spypoint. Some cell cams can be bears to
Spypoint Flex Trail Camera
set up and operate; not this one. Inspired by consumer demand, Spypoint’s new Flex Camera offers easier formatting (there’s a microSD card format button!), a better antenna, great photos (33 MP) and over-the-air firmware updates. In addition, because it comes with two pre-installed SIM cards, it automatically connects to the cellular network with the best coverage in your area. Four capture modes include photo, video, and Time Lapse +, which takes photos at your preferred interval, and also when the detection sensor is triggered.

Versatile Pack System

One pack system to take on all your bowhunts? That’s the exciting reality with the new Elite System from Alps. This lightweight frame and pack system can serve everyone from whitetailers to the most-extreme wilderness hunters. The Elite system centers on the all-new Elite frame ($299.99, 3 lbs. 10 oz.), which can help haul treestands and climbing sticks and is 30-percent lighter and 30-percent stronger than previous pack frames. Three pack bags are offered with the Elite system.
ALPS Elite 1800 Pack
Whitetailers will love the Elite 1800 pack bag (shown above), ($149.99, 1 lb., 12 oz. w/included rain cover and drop-down weapon pocket). For multi-day backcountry trips, the Elite 3800 pack bag ($199.99, 2 lbs., 7 oz w/rain cover) features a 3800 cu-in. capacity, drop-down pocket, and exterior spotting scope pocket.


Next-Level Scent Control

Most bowhunters do a pretty good job of reducing scent in their clothing and gear. But what about reducing your scent once in the field? That’s where many of us fall short, but the new Ozonics HR500 unit can help, when used in both treestands and ground blinds. Introduced just in time for fall seasons, the new HR500 is
Ozonics HR500noticeably quieter in Boost and HyperBoost modes. Ozonics made it happen with a redesigned fan system, and an all-new circuit board. Another cool feature of the HR500 is that it’s app enabled; you can now control its operation with the Ozonics app. It lets you monitor battery life in real time, as well as change power modes, with little or no movement while on stand. The HR500 is also remote control compatible, which allows you to increase ozone output with the simple click of a button.

Double-Duty Boots

You’ve likely got boots that will get you to your deer stand. But do yours help you get bowhunting close? The Alphaburly Pro from LaCrosse sure can. Nothing helps you eliminate ground scent while traveling to and

from your stand like a premium rubber boot. The Alphaburly Pro combines high-quality, scent-free rubber with naturally insulating neoprene, in a lightweight, comfortable package. Choose from non-insulated and 400-, 800-, 1000- and 1600-gram Thinsulate Ultra insulation, in a variety of camo options as well as solid brown.

Bowsight with Benefits

Does your movable bowsight help deliver more accuracy with less movement? That’s the exciting reality of the new Trophy Ridge Digital React 1 bowsight. The huge benefits with this sight are its pinpoint accuracy, and its ease and speed of adjustment in the presence of game. With this sight, once you know the exact

Trophy Ridge Digital React 1
range to your target it’s a simple matter of turning the sight dial to the precise yardage. With the large, easily visible LED readout, you never have to take your eyes off your target. This sight eliminates the need to bring your bow in close and squint at a little sight tape. For bowhunters, that’s a great improvement. In addition, setup is incredibly fast and easy. Simply sight in your top pin for 20 yards using the tool-less windage and elevation knobs. Then enter your verified bow speed (after a trip through a chronograph), and all distances are instantly dialed in. So that means shooting one arrow, and you’re done. Or, you can sight in your 20-yard pin, and one other yardage, say 30 or 40 yards. In a couple minutes, the sight is once again set, all the way out to 100 yards.

Broadhead for Any Setup

All bowhunters should have confidence in their broadhead of choice, and Wasp is making that easier than ever. Wasp’s new SharpShooter 200 broadhead weighs 200 grains and was built for traditional bowhunters, as well as compound users looking to increase their Front of Center (FOC) balance. The Right Hand single

Wasp SharpShooter 200 Broadhead

bevel edge allows the arrow to continue to rotate after impact (unlike double-bevel blades that stop rotating on impact), providing bone-splitting penetration. Wasp now offers the award-winning SharpShooter broadhead in weights of 100, 150, and 200 grains; the SharpShooter 200 can be used with or without the included bleeder blades. (The broadhead weighs approximately 12 grains less without the bleeder blades). The SharpShooter 200 features a 1 1/8-inch cutting diameter with .038-inch-thick main blades and .020-inch-thick bleeder blades.

Micro-Brew Scents

Whitetailers know that rut scents are great for positioning bucks for quality shots, and getting better trail cam photos. But premium-quality scents can make all the difference, a good reason to trust Micro Brew Craft Scents, by Wildlife Research Center. Buck-Fire Raging Estrus is the latest in this
WRC Buck Fire Micro Brew Scent

scent-specialist’s line of super premium Micro Brew Craft Scents. Each one is a uniquely crafted blend of high-quality ingredients to help attract more deer. Buck-Fire Raging Estrus is a tribute to the “Wild Bunch”

Buy Now: Wildlife Research Center Estrous Gold Synthetic Doe Urine

at the old Northwoods deer camp. This carefully crafted fired-up estrus scent is specially tweaked with two secret, rut-inspiring ingredients. In addition, you’ll find just a touch of tarsal smell to help lure dominant bucks. MSRP: $30.85 (4-oz. bottle w/magnum Key Wick)

Must-See Saddle

You don’t have to be told saddle hunting is hot for whitetailers, but Trophyline has taken this technology to the next level. Introduced in July, the all-new Venatic Saddle is redefining ultralight hunting saddles. It’s one of the lightest saddles on the market, but it was also built to be the most-comfortable available. The
Trophyline Venatic Tree Saddle

Venatic was born from a collaboration between Matthew Thompkins, of TX5 Custom Gear, and Trophyline. The result is an ultralight, super-strong made-in-the-US design built from ultralight ripstop fabric. It’s

Buy Now: Trophyline Covert Lite Saddle

rugged, silent, breathable and dries quickly. In addition, the bulky saddle straps of the past are gone. The Venatic features straps that have been strategically narrowed, adding mobility without sacrificing strength. MSRP: $299.99

WASP Z-FORCE | Broadhead Test & Review 2022

The second-place finisher in our accuracy test, the WASP Z-Force three-blade mechanical also showed us impressive penetration in our 2022 Broadhead Test & Review.



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