9 DIY Food Plot Products

Got deer on the brain? Great, because it's time to get food plots in shape. Get started with these proven products ready to attract, grow and hold more deer.

by HuntStand


Antler King No Sweat No Till Plot Mix

Antler King No Sweat Not Till Plot MixAre you maximizing the food plot possibilities on your favorite hunt tract? No Sweat No Till is one of our 9 DIY food plot products you’ve got to check out, because it’s an ideal mix for no-till areas such as logging roads, shady areas, or those spots where you can’t use equipment. Contains varieties of oats, rye, brassica and clover that are shade tolerant and easy to establish. In addition, they are fast-growing and pH tolerant. It’s an ideal mix of perennials and annuals that deer love. One bag plants a quarter acre. $24.95/4.5 pounds

Crush Pro Sugar Beets Food Plot Mix

Crush Pro Sugar Beets Food Plot Mix Get started now to ensure your deer plot holds plenty of late-season attraction. Designed to be planted in spring, this proven, annual blend of  Ani-Crush Sugar Beets, select clovers, and New Zealand brassicas is ready to take your food plots to the next level. How? The exceptionally high sugar content of this sugar beet blend makes them irresistible to deer. For best results with this blend approved by HuntStand pros Lee and Tiffany Lakosky, plant when the forecast calls for rain within 10 days of planting. One 4-pound bag plants a half acre, or 22,000 square feet. $44.99/4 pounds

Big & J Deer Dig It Mineral Powder

Big & J Dig It Mineral

While you’re working on food plots is a great time to freshen and establish local mineral sites. Deer Dig It is a great source of sodium, which is the next part of the puzzle in deer nutrition once their calcium and phosphorus needs are met. Use this 4.5-pound bag of Deer Dig It  in conjunction with other Big & J products that include BB2, The Cube, To Die For and Deadly Dust during the Spring, Summer, and (in some regions) early Fall to establish areas where deer return to regularly. MSRP: $21.99/4.5 pounds


Crush Clover Plus Alfalfa

Crush Clover Plus AlfalfaYou don’t have to be told deer love alfalfa and clover. This smart blend approved by HuntStand pros Lee & Tiffany Lakosky, doubles down on deer attraction. How? It combines creeping alfalfa, yellow-blossom alfalfa,

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Ani-Crush white and red clovers, select white clovers, and crimson clover. Designed to be planted in the spring and fall, for best results plant this perennial blend when the forecast calls for rain within 10 days of planting. Ten-pound bag plants 1 acre or 44,000 sq. ft. $89.99/10 pounds

Antler King Trophy Clover Mix

Antler King Trophy Clover MixLooking to give your local deer every chance to put on pounds and inches? Trophy Clover Mix offers the highest protein- and tonnage-producing clover and chicory perennial mix on the market. This mix provides up to 10 tons of 30-percent-plus forage per acre! In addition, it’s treated with Antler King’s Ultra Coat Orange for higher germination rates and increased forage yield. Plant Trophy Clover seeds less than a quarter-inch deep; recommended starter fertilizer is 5-10-30 or 9-23-30 or 6-24-24, at 250 pounds per acre. Use 0-0-60 after the plot is established; pH should be between 6.2-7.0. $34.99/3.5 pounds

Whitetail Institute Imperial Clover Deer Food Plot Seed


Imperial Whitetail Clover Seed


Looking to attract and grow healthier deer? Designed for spring and fall planting, this best-selling clover seed promotes antler growth and attracts deer. In addition, it’s also heat, cold and drought tolerant. It’s also packed with antler-building protein and helps does deliver heavier, healthier fawns and produce more milk. Hunters will appreciate the fact it is coated with RainBond for enhanced seedling survivability. In addition, it lasts up to five years from a single planting. Four-pound bag plants a half acre. MSRP: $36.99/4 pounds

Antler King Red Zone

Antler King Red ZoneLooking for better results from your plots? Get in the zone. Red Zone contains high-protein forage and grain soybeans, high-protein forage peas, succulent buckwheat and sunflowers. Red Zone can be planted May thru August in the northern U.S., and March thru September in the southern U.S. It’s best planted with a drill, but you can also broadcast the seeds and then drag them into the soil. One bag plants a half acre. $49.99/20 pounds

Buckmasters APG All-Purpose No-Till Blend

Buckmasters APG All-Purpose No-Till BlendHave you struggled with food plot production? This unique blend is one of the easiest ways to success; it will produce a variety of forage in almost any growing environment. What’s in it? An exclusive blend of 80-percent forage wheat and 20-percent oats, along with 3-percent Bob Oats, Cereal Rye, Trophy Rape, and Crimson Clover. The remaining 2 percent comprises proven deer attractants, which are also proven to assist in doe lactation cycles and antler growth for bucks of all ages. With this no-till formula, you simply cut the existing vegetation as short as possible then liberally spread Buckmasters APG formula. $49.99/50 pounds

Whitetail Institute Fusion Deer Food Plot Seed

Whitetail Institute Fusion Deer Food Plot SeedWhat’s one of the biggest food plot killers? Extreme temps. The good news? Fusion is not only extremely resistant to drought and heat, it’s also very cold tolerant. So your food plots have every chance for success. Fusion includes the newest proprietary clovers scientifically designed by the Whitetail Institute specifically for deer. In addition, it includes WINA perennial forage chicory for maximum attraction, high protein levels, longevity, and variety. This smart blend plants a half acre, and provides up to 44-percent antler-building protein. $36.99/3.15 pounds



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