9 Red-Dot (Reflex) Sights For Turkey Hunting In 2018

Reflex or red dot sights are a great choice for your favorite turkey gun for many reasons, and the list of high-class options has never been better.

by Mark Melotik

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Reflex or red dot sights are a great choice for your favorite turkey gun for many reasons, and the list of high-class options has never been better.

Burris-FastFire900fastfire, ff FastFire 3 fastfire, ff 300234, 300235, 300236, 300237Burris FastFire Series. Every turkey shotgun can benefit from the ultra-durable, weatherproof Burris FastFire series that puts a bright red dot on your target to give you a serious speed and accuracy advantage. With bead or fiber optic shotgun sights, you need to get a solid cheek weld and look down the barrel for precise sight alignment. That’s not the case with reflex (red dot) sights: They’re parallax free, so as long as you can see the aiming point on a turkey’s vitals you can make the shot. The FastFire 2 ($251, top photo with turkey) has a 4 MOA red dot with automatic illumination. The FastFire 3 ($299, shown above) has the option of a 3 or 8 MOA dot, with automatic or manual illumination settings.NikonTACTICALSPUR 900Nikon P-Tactical SPUR Reflex Sight. Turkey hunters, it’s time to smile. For 2018 Nikon is offering its world-renowned optics for the first time in a reflex sight. The SPUR offers a 3 MOA red dot, long battery life and an extensive list of features that make it an ideal optic for virtually any


firearm platform where fast, reliable, intuitive sighting is desired. Engineered with fully multicoated lenses and Nikon’s “TruColor” coating that virtually eliminates the bluish tint common to reflex sights, the P-Tactical SPUR ($220) provides a clear, natural view for both-eyes-open sighting. The SPUR’s 3 MOA dot is adjustable with 10 levels of brightness—and is centered within a 27mmx16mm sighting window for an extra-wide field of view with unlimited-and-non-critical eye relief.

TRS26_900Bushnell AR Optics Red Dot Scopes. Bushnell’s best-selling family of scopes, AR Optics, has taken red dots to the next level. The new TRS-26 goes beyond its historic predecessor with longer battery life, a brighter, crisper dot AND push-button operation in the same compact package. The


First Strike 2.0 is two times the red dot its older brother was; it also features longer battery life, a brighter dot and tool-less side compartment battery removal. You’ll also find waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof construction that ensures reliable performance, no matter the weather.LeupoldDPPro 900Leupold DeltaPoint Pro. Is your optic faster than your reactions? That was the design goal of the DeltaPoint Pro ($520) which features a lightweight aluminum housing shrouded by spring steel for ultimate durability, while the aspheric lens generates a wide field-of-view with some of the best image quality ever seen in a reflex sight. Leupold’s patented Motion Sensor Technology discerns any movement of the sight and automatically activates the illumination, which is inset into a light tunnel to reduce the light signature. The tool-less, spring-actuated battery compartment makes changing the battery quick and easy while being impervious to water at a depth of 33 feet. The 1 MOA elevation and windage adjustments eliminate the need for adjustment lock screws.SIGRomeo6H 900SIG SAUER ROMEO6 Red Dot. Turkeys take cover. The ROMEO6 is a full-sized red-dot sight ideally suited for today’s finest turkey shotguns, as well as MSR and AR platforms. Two different models in the family include the ROMEO6T ($720) and ROMEO6H ($540). Both are offered with Ballistic “Circle-Dot” and “Circle-Plex” quad reticles, and each boasts a vibrant and crystal-clear visual for those up-close situations when you need to find your target easily and quickly for rapid engagement. The ROMEO6T features a solar panel with two super capacitors that provide up to 9 hours of battery-free life with a battery backup for those long days in the field or at the range. This model features a 7075 aluminum housing for a lifetime of reliable service.AimPointMicroS-1 900Aimpoint Micro S-1. Designed specifically for use on shotguns with a ventilated rib, the Micro S-1 greatly enhances hit percentage for waterfowl and upland bird hunters, on the sporting clays course, and provides a compact, low-profile optic for turkey and deer shotgun hunters. The innovative carbon fiber reinforced mounting system positions the Micro S-1 on the lowest possible optical axis without adding unnecessary weight. The optic may be attached directly at any point along the ventilated rib, and currently includes interchangeable adapter plates to fit most Browning, Beretta, and Benelli shotguns. The big, bright 6 MOA red dot provides an optimal combination of target acquisition speed and visibility.StyrkaRedDot 900Styrka S3 Red Dot. The local turkeys might not stand a chance with an S3 Red Dot ($330) on your shotgun this spring. Designed to eliminate parallax, there is always a clear image of your target, and


red or green dot options mean you can line up a gobbler in any light condition. This sight offers unlimited eye relief, is made of lightweight aluminum, and features a smart auto shut-off. WeaverTurk 900Weaver Rapid Fire Red Dot. Turkey hunters will appreciate that the 1x25mm Weaver Tactical Rapid Fire Red Dot ($240) is quick and easy to sight in, with its .5 MOA click adjustments. The 2 MOA red dot has six brightness setting options, and the unit features a removable Tactical Mount


with a TorqueKnob tool-less thumbscrew to allow fast mounting and transition to a variety of firearms—including your favorite turkey shotgun. If this sight excels in the tactical and competition field, the turkeys won’t stand a chance.VortexCrossfire 900Vortex Crossfire 2 Red Dot. Those challenging “up-close” gobblers and tight patterns require precision shooting, which means a red dot can ensure you’re on target when opportunity knocks. The Crossfire 2 Red Dot Sight ($219) is light, compact, and allows you to get on target quickly. With a 2 MOA bright, red dot, 1x magnification, and simple set up, you can be ready for turkey season in no time.



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