A Handful Of 2019 Targets All Bowhunters Should Consider

Whether prepping for turkeys, deer, bears or elk, the year's best new targets stand ready for action.

by Mark Melotik

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Whether prepping for turkeys, deer, bears or elk, the year’s best new targets stand ready for action.

MorrellTurkDeer 900Morrell Back To Back Combo 2. Hands-down one of the coolest new concepts in an easily portable target made for use with any type of head, from field points to fixed and mechanical broadheads, traveling up to a blistering 450 fps. Like its name implies, the four-sided Back To Back Combo 2 ($199.99) features realistic turkey and deer vitals “back to back,” with two additional sides offering your choice of six or three bullseyes. The real stand-out feature of this nicely portable 18x12x20-inch design might be its easy pulling and durable Flex-Back Self-Healing Solid Foam construction, which is also fade resistant, and 100-percent weatherproof. MorrellVitalSigns 900Morrell Dual Threat. Here’s a versatile new crossbow/compound compatible design that’s ready to be every bit of the “all-around” target most bowhunters will ever need. The six-sided Dual Threat ($259.99) ensures you won’t ever get bored by including 2 lifesize Whitetail vitals, as well as lifesize Bear and Turkey vitals, and two separate dot faces offering a total of 15 Bullseyes. Like its new Back to Back cousin, this 19x19x19-inch design stops field points, fixed and mechanical broadheads traveling up to 450 fps, with its easy pulling and durable Flex-Back Self-Healing Solid Foam construction that is fade resistant, and 100-percent weatherproof. RinehartElk 900Rinehart 1/3 Scale Woodland Elk. Our pick for the best new 3-D of 2019, for a few different reasons. Not only does this lifelike elk offer realistic sculpted features, it measures just 38 inches tall and 44 inches long—1/3 the size of the actual animal. So that scale size simulates a 60-yard shot at 20 yards, and many more archers can accommodate a 20-yard range versus one that stretches 60 or more. Even better? The affordable price tag ($219.99), just a fraction of realistic full-size elk 3-Ds. Like the rest of the Woodland Series, the body of the 1/3 Scale Elk is comprised of Rinehart’s solid FX Woodland Foam, with an integrated Signature Series replaceable core insert that’s both field point and broadhead compatible.Mr Perfect 900Rinehart Mr. Perfect. Here’s a fine example of next-level 3-D target realism, one that all bowhunters need to consider. Rinehart has upped the ante with precision airbrush painting on this ultra-lifelike design, as well as given users the option to use its new locking antlers, or a set of their own. Mr. Perfect ($269.99) stands 52 inches tall and is 36 inches long, and like most all other Rinehart designs the solid FX Woodland Foam construction, with its Signature Series foam replaceable core, is compatible with both compound bows and crossbows, shooting field points or broadheads.GlendelFullRut 900Glendel Full Rut Buck. This proven design has stood the test of time and continues to gain fans because there’s so much to love, whether you’re shooting a compound, crossbow or trad bow, with arrows tipped with field points or broadheads. Few targets can give you more confidence than the gigantic Full Rut Buck ($259.99), which simulates a muscular 250-pound whitetail that stands 37 inches high at the shoulders and a full 62 inches tall, while toting an eye-popping 150-inch 10-point rack. You’ll also appreciate the large 14x14x14-inch replaceable insert that features long-wearing, arrow-stopping Open Layered Polyfusion Technology that also somehow features ultra-easy arrow removal. A truly classic 3-D design.



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