A Handful Of Promising Trail Cams For 2017 [New]

More features. Better resolution/image quality. Extended battery life. The newest trail cams offer these and maybe something even more exciting: affordable prices.

by Bob Humphrey


More features. Better resolution/image quality. Extended battery life. The newest trail cams offer these and maybe something even more exciting: affordable prices.

MoultrieMCG 900Moultrie S-50i. Moultrie is now assorting their ever-growing line of game cameras into four categories to help consumers find the model that best suits their specific needs. New to their premium “S” or Signature series is the S-50i ($200). Just some of its many features are: 20 mp images and true 1080p HD video with audio, 0.3-second trigger speed, 80-foot detection range and 100-foot flash range both day and night, the latter accomplished with 48-LED iNVISIBLE Infrared Flash technology. Extended battery life allows for 28,000 images to be taken while a built-in two-inch full-color display lets you view images or use Moultrie Mobile System technology to access images and videos on your mobile devices.

 BrowningBTC 900Browning Command Ops. One benefit of constantly advancing technology is that it continues to drive down the price of consumer goods providing incredible value, game cameras being a general example. A more specific example is Browning’s new Command Ops series, which offers 8MP image resolution, 0.67-second trigger speeds, 720p HD video with sound and Infrared LED nighttime illumination, all for a mere $120. Menu options allow for a range of still and video capture modes and “data strip” displays, and it all fits in a compact 5x4x2.5-inch case.

 Wildgame 900_edited-1Wildgame Innovations Silent Crush Cam 20. A trail camera that frightens game is of limited utility. Yet that’s exactly what you get with noisy shutters and conventional cameras that use mechanical filters to compensate for changing day-night light conditions. And, images taken during peak twilight periods are often of poor quality. Wildgame Innovations addressed all these issues with their Silent Crush Cam 20. Rather than mechanical filters, it captures 20MP still images and HD 720p video clips using separate,

VIDEO: More On The New Silent Crush Cam 20

dedicated cameras, each with components optimized for respective daytime, nighttime and twilight performance. And a patent-pending SLS (Silent Lens System) Technology eliminates shutter noise. The standard model ($150) employs a 42-piece high-intensity LED IR flash with a nighttime illumination range up to 100 feet while the LightsOut version ($160) uses a 42-piece high-intensity invisible BLACK LED IR flash for stealthy nighttime illumination out to 90 feet. Both feature sub-half-second trigger speeds, glass lenses and special anti-fog lens coatings to combat dew and moisture.

 Primos ProofCam 900Primos Proof Gen203 Blackout. This latest Gen2 iteration of Primos Proof cameras offers a faster, 1-second recovery rate for more hits and fewer misses; a longer, 100-foot nighttime detection distance, and a new auto exposure feature for better light detection with no more whiteouts. Available in three models, the 03 BLACKOUT ($188) boasts a 0.3-second trigger speed, up to 16 mp image and 720 HD video resolution and 60 BLACKOUT LEDs for improved short- and long-range nighttime images. Setup is simple with illuminated sliding switches; the camera will run up to a year on 8 AA batteries.

StealthCam DS4K 900Stealth Cam DS4K. Technological advancement allows manufacturers to push the envelope for consumers who always want the leading edge. For example, Stealth Cam’s DS4K ($300) is the first trail camera to offer 30MP resolution and Ultra HD, 4K Video technology. That’s along with other premium features like dual image sensors for optimal day and night high-res images, 42 NO GLO IR emitters for 100-foot “true invisible” nighttime illumination and Matrix Advanced Blur Reduction and Retina low-light sensitivity for better quality low-light pictures. You get all that (and extensive software capabilities and options) in a surprisingly affordable package.

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