To enter the HuntStand 2017 Big Buck HIT LIST contest, simply send us a few clear, digital trail cam photos (two to four) of a buck (or bucks) taken in the summer of 2017 (day or night images, photos accepted through Sept. 18). Include a few sentences detailing the type of terrain/area where the image(s) were captured (field edge, favorite stand site, etc.) and some info on the buck(s) pictured. Do you have any history with the buck? Is the buck a likely newcomer to your area? Is it somehow unusual or unique for the area? What weapons/seasons will you use to hunt the pictured buck(s)?

Along with your photos, include your full name, age, photo date(s) and state, and also be sure to include your mailing address. Your e-mail subject line should read: Big Buck HIT LIST! Send your photo(s) and requested info to: [email protected] 

Thermacell took years of feedback from their customers aimed at the Handheld Repeller, and completely revamped the design, creating the new MR450. The redesigned grill allows for better airflow in an upright position, which helps emit a more-effective zone of protection if attached to your belt. The ignition switch is 50 to 80 percent quieter, and every unit comes with a belt clip for easy access and storage.

Maybe the most exciting feature is the indicator light, which illuminates when the unit has reached the appropriate temperature to emit the zone of protection. The indicator light will also let users know when the unit is running low on fuel—rather than being attacked by mosquitoes. The MR450 uses the same mats and butane cartridges as previous units, so users will experience the same mosquito-free sits in treestands and ground blinds.