A Serious Cut Above: Can’t-Miss 2019 Broadheads

Can broadheads get simpler, stronger, and more deadly efficient? Good news bowhunters: Below are several great examples showcasing all three smart upgrades.

by Mark Melotik

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Can broadheads get simpler, stronger, and more deadly efficient? Good news bowhunters: Below are several great examples showcasing all three smart upgrades.

RageHYPO NC 900Rage Hypodermic NC (No Collar). Rage knows that when the tiniest details count big, simpler is better. The new Hypodermic NC ($49.99/3) utilizes cutting-edge finger-like tabs on the blades’ Slip Cam pivot point to “anchor” them in place while in the closed position, completely eliminating the need for a Shock Collar, dental band or O-ring, while still providing reliable blade retention. Upon impact, the blades

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are designed to instantly deploy to a 2-inch cutting diameter, leading to gaping wounds that bowhunters have come to expect from the field-proven Rage Hypodermic series. The new Hypodermic hybrid tip offers an even narrower profile and needle-like ferrule, a streamlined package designed to deliver field-tip accuracy. The two .035-inch thick blades are designed to deploy on impact, sliding into a swept-back blade angle.RckyMtnSwitchBlade 900Rocky Mountain Switchblade. Looks alone can’t kill but this four-blade hybrid design and its rugged aircraft-grade aluminum ferrule is one wicked package. The 7/8-inch cut-on-contact leading-edge blades of the Switchblade ($24.99/3) are designed to deliver bone-crushing power for deep penetration. Those

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leading-edge blades are followed by two wide-cutting expandable wing blades held in place with a rock-solid O-ring blade-retention system. Upon impact, the beefy .035-inch thick wing blades are designed to spring instantly into action, deploying to a full 2-inch cutting diameter and creating a whopping 2 7/8-inch total cut.SIK broadhead 900

SIK Broadheads SK2. This nifty premium broadhead brand launched in 2018 and the unique two-blade SK2 ($49.9/3) mechanical is just one of its must-see heads that also include fixed models. Using patented FliteLoc Technology, the SK2’s signature Offset Blade Design is guaranteed to deploy on impact, producing a 3.625-inch cutting surface and leaving the target with a 2-inch offset wound channel.MUZZYONE 900Muzzy ONE. How many pieces does your broadhead have? As you might guess the Muzzy ONE ($44.99 per 3, both vertical and crossbow models) is machined from a single piece of premium stainless steel, giving Muzzy the ability to precisely control all tolerances. The hybrid chisel/cut-on-contact tip is designed to blast through bone and deliver incredible penetrating power, while precision positioned vents on the blades help ensure the ONE flies with proven Muzzy accuracy. This solid 100-grain head features three hefty .046-inch thick blades with a 1 1/8-inch cut; the head can be easily resharpened on a flat stone.Striker V2 900G5 Striker V2. The cool thing about “next-gen” products is meaningful refinement. The Striker V2 Broadhead seems to follow this trend nicely, improving on the original Striker head with a fully machined stainless steel ferrule that delivers tighter tolerances and thereby a stronger blade retention system. Like its predecessor, the Striker V2 ($44.99/3) features three scary-sharp Lutz blades designed to produce lethal hits and impressive blood trails. You’ll also find a slightly larger 1.25-inch cutting diameter. WaspHavalonNV 900Wasp Havalon HV. The exciting three-blade fixed head above is a collaboration between Wasp Archery, the overall Editor’s Choice Award Winner of the 2018 HuntStand Ultimate Broadhead Field Test, and Havalon Knives, makers of scary-sharp replacement-blade hunting knives. Designers and engineers from both companies collaborated over the course of two years, sharing their knowledge of blade technology and materials for the ultimate in strength, surgical sharpness, and precision. Leading the way on the Wasp Havalon HV ($44.99/3) is the trademark Stainless Smart Tip (SST), a 100-percent stainless steel TROCAR tip designed for deep penetration. You’ll also find an aerospace-grade 7075 T6 aluminum ferrule, and .35-inch thick surgically sharp stainless steel blades that combine for a 1 3/16-inch cutting diameter. As with all Wasp fixed-blade heads, HV blades are easily replaced and each pack comes with three complete broadheads and six replacement blades. NAPDarkKnight 900NAP Dark Knight Aluminum 125. Why choose between a fixed and mechanical head? This innovative new hybrid design combines the guaranteed cutting width of a fixed-blade head with the shooting precision of a mechanical, while delivering pass-through performance to rival either design. The Dark Knight Aluminum 125 ($39.99/3) begins with a durable one-piece aluminum ferrule and a sharp, ultra-penetrating steel tip. Incorporated into the ferrule is a completely unique three-blade, two-stage deploying blade system. The main blade configuration is of a hybrid design. The sharp stainless-steel blades ensure a maximum 1 3/8-inch-wide cutting diameter as they pass through an animal. The truly significant advantage, however, is the locked blades’ ability to pivot in the ferrule. When the locked blades encounter bone, for example, they pivot away from the obstruction, rather than skip or deflect like conventional broadheads, and then re-center. This action, combined with the large 1 1/8-inch bleeder blade, allows your arrow to maintain a straight flight path and provides the greatest potential for pass-through shots.



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