A Wealth Of Ohio Farm-Country Bruisers [Big Buck HIT LIST]

An Ohio farm that hasn't been hunted in two years. A handful of soybean-loving trophy-class bucks. Put them together and you get our final Week 10 winner.

by Mark Melotik

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An Ohio farm that hasn’t been hunted in two years. A handful of soybean-loving trophy-class bucks. Put them together and you get our final Week 10 winner.


Clay Hayes can hardly wait for Sept. 26. That long-awaited date is Ohio’s archery deer season opener, and Hayes, 22, has plenty to be excited about. Most of us set a few game cameras hoping to reveal the whereabouts of one solid target buck, but the summertime work of Hayes has revealed nothing short of a bounty. For sending in photos of several bruiser Ohio bucks using the same farm, Hayes is the final, Week 10 winner of our 2020 Big Buck HIT LIST contest. The weekly win scores Hayes a Wildlife Research Center scent and scent-elimination prize package valued at more than $87, and also makes him eligible for our drawing to win a Wildlife Research Center prize package valued at more than $180.

Stay tuned next week for news of our Grand Prize winner! Week10C four 900“These photos were all taken between the last week of July and August 8th, all on the same farm,” Hayes wrote. “We haven’t hunted this farm in two years due to the biggest, mature buck being shot during gun season and later found dead. So all of these bucks are new to us. We plan on using compound bows to hunt these deer; any of the bucks shown here are on my Hit List.

Week10C one 900“Most of the photos were taken right on the edge of soybean fields, off a stretch of hardwoods. One of the bucks we’ve named ‘2020’—he’s a one-of-a-kind nontypical (images below), with points going every which way. Our top Hit Lister
Week10C three 900
(shown at very top) is the buck with the split right brow; he has a huge frame—just a beautiful deer. We use the HuntStand app virtually non-stop during the summer and fall trying to pattern bucks and figure them out!”
HitllistWeek8prize 900We’ve now chosen 10 weekly winners that we began showcasing July 3rd. Each weekly winner took home one of several different prize packages from scent and scent-elimination specialist Wildlife Research Centerour Week 10 Winner receives a prize package valued at more than $87 (see image above) that includes a Magnum Scrape-Dripper w/4 oz. Golden Scrape (w/Scent Reflex Technology), a 1-oz. bottle of Golden Estrus (with Scent Reflex), an 8-oz. spray bottle of Active-Scrape scent, and a Scent Killer Gold 24/24 Combo.
WRChuntstandgrandprize 900 All weekly winners will now be placed in a drawing to receive a Grand Prize Package of Wildlife Research Center products (see image above) valued at more than $180—we’ll announce our Grand Prize winner next week. Included is a Scent Killer Gold 24/24 Combo, Field Wipes, Scent Killer Body Wash, Shampoo, and Antiperspirant/Deodorant, as well as Laundry Detergent, Dryer Sheets, a Magnum Dripper with Golden Scrape, Key Wicks and a variety of Special Golden Estrus Scents.

Week10C five 900Thanks to all who submitted entries for this exciting contest, but remember your chances to win great gear from HuntStand are far from over; in fact, they’re just getting started. Case in point is our Big Buck ALERT Contest announced Monday, that’s ready to reward those who score big during the fall hunting seasons


while using the many-featured HuntStand app—whether you’re toting a bow, crossbow, rifle, shotgun or muzzleloader. And we’ll also be announcing even more exciting opportunities to win very soon. Stay tuned, and thanks for using HuntStand!



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