Apple-Craving NY Buck Is the Goal [Big Buck HIT LIST]

When a young bowhunter sets a trail camera near some promising apple trees, he becomes our Week 9 winner.

by HuntStand


Who doesn’t love a great plan for opening day? Team HuntStand certainly does. And so does New York’s Eric Reiff. For sending in several trail camera photos of an apple-craving NY buck, the largest he has seen in the area, Reiff, 15, the Week Nine winner of our 2022 Big Buck HIT LIST contest.

The weekly win scores Reiff a Wildlife Research Center scent prize package valued at $44.99. It also makes him eligible for our drawing to win a Grand Prize Package valued at more than $630. The Grand Prize includes a wide variety of Wildlife Research Center products and two proven hunting optics from Burris. Will they be used to hunt the apple-craving NY buck? Time will tell.

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Week 9 Buck Profile

“These photos were taken along the edge of a swamp in New York,” Reiff wrote. “This is the first year I have seen this buck, and he is definitely the biggest buck I have seen in the area. I would like to bag him during the upcoming archery season.

Week 9 Buck Feeding

“This 10-point buck is on 150 acres of private land,” Reiff continued. “Me and my brother are the only ones who hunt it. I set the trail cam where it is, because there are some apple trees nearby—and I thought they might attract some deer. I will probably set a stand in this area, because I have been seeing this buck pretty regularly. This is the fourth year I am bowhunting.”

Week 9 Buck Width


To Enter the 2022 Big Buck HIT LIST Contest:

Simply send us a few clear, high-res. digital trail cam photos (three to five) of a buck (or bucks) TAKEN IN THE SUMMER OF 2022 (Day or night images, photos accepted NOW THROUGH SEPT. 7). Be sure to include the following:

A. The dates and state where the images were taken. All images need a date stamp.

B. A few sentences detailing the type of terrain/area where the images were captured (i.e. cedar swamp edge, funnel leading to soybean field, favorite stand site near wooded creekbed, etc.). Be as descriptive as possible.

C. Some info on the pictured buck(s). Do you have any history with the buck? Is the buck a newcomer to your area? Is the deer somehow unique or unusual for the area? What weapons/seasons will you use to hunt the pictured buck(s)?

D. Along with your photos, include your full name and age, and also be sure to include your mailing address. Your e-mail subject line should read: Big Buck HIT LIST! Send photo(s) and requested info to: [email protected] 

Big Buck HIT LIST weekly prize

Great Gear You Can Win

We’ll choose 10 weekly winners that we began showcasing July 8th; we’re still looking for One More weekly winner! Each weekly winner will receive a Ultimate Double Scrape-Dripper Kit from scent specialist Wildlife Research Center, valued at $44.99 (see image above). This serious combo includes two of the best Scrape-Drippers and two bottles of the best scrape scent you can use at a mock scrape location. The Magnum Scrape-Dripper drips daytime only and can operate for up to three weeks on 4 fluid ounces of scent. Golden Scrape with break-through Scent Reflex Technology is a perfect blend of Golden Estrus and intruding buck scents. In addition, it combines  subtle tones of freshly scraped earth and Territorial Musk.

WRC Hit List Grand Prize


At the end of the 10 weeks, all weekly winners enter a drawing for a chance at an incredible Grand Prize Combo Package with a value of $630. The package includes a variety of Wildlife Research Center scent and scent-eliminating products (see image above) valued at more than $181, as well as TWO great hunting optics from Burris: A Burris Droptine 8×42 binocular valued at $300, and a Burris Droptine 3-9×40 riflescope valued at $150 (see images below).

Burris Droptine 8x42 binocular

Don’t miss this opportunity to get outfitted with some of the best scent products available, and some of the most versatile hunting optics on the market. Proven gear that will help you get the drop on your favorite HIT LIST buck. Enter Today!

Burris Droptine 3-9x40 riflescope

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