Best Gifts for Hunters in 2022 (Including Special Discount Codes)

Find the top holiday gifts for hunters in this year's HuntStand gift guide!

by HuntStand


We rounded up more than 20 of the best gifts for hunters in 2022, including special discount codes to help you save on your holiday shopping list. It’s time to hunt up the perfect gift for that special hunter in your life …


HuntStand Pro Whitetail

huntstand whitetail activity forecast

The new HuntStand Pro Whitetail membership gives you all the features of HuntStand Pro, plus an additional set of tools designed to help you target whitetails like never before. Discover the best times to hunt with the 7-Day Whitetail Activity Forecast (pictured above). We’ve also developed the first-ever nationwide Rut Map, with proven rut dates for the entire country. Once you’ve decided the best time and place to hunt, use HuntZone wind mapping to find where and when the wind will be in your favor. More exclusive Pro Whitetail features include Monthly Satellite Imagery, the Whitetail Habitat Map to help you find habitat most suitable for white-tailed deer, a Crop History layer, and National Aerial high-resolution imagery. Unlock all the new maps and tools in the HuntStand app today with an upgrade to HuntStand Pro Whitetail.

Cold Steel Engage 3.5-in. Folder

Cold Steel Engage

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Great knives and gift giving? Perfect match. Built to be an everyday carry workhorse, the Engage is an easy-carrying folder with an ample 3.5-inch S35VN stainless steel blade for superior toughness and edge retention. Featuring Cold Steel’s patent-pending slide-action Atlas Lock that guarantees consistent, durable and reliable lockup, it’s completely ambidextrous and fully capable to meet any task. The easy gripping G-10 handle is overbuilt to be resilient, and the satin clip point blade allows for detailed and precise cutting. MSRP: $249.99 Use this 20%-off coupon code: ENGAGE20

Outdoor Edge RazorGuide Pak

Outdoor Edge RazorGuide Pak

All the hunting blades you’ll need in one handy pack? That’s the skinny on the new RazorGuide Pak from Outdoor Edge. Featured is the company’s patented RazorSafe replaceable blade change system. Included are two of Outdoor Edge’s most-popular knives—the RazorBone and the RazorCape. In addition, you also get the multipurpose Flip N Zip folding aluminum saw that works equally well on bone or wood. Both knives feature OE’s patented Replaceable Blade System and a host of different blade profiles, including two of the newly designed 3-inch caping blades, a single 3 ½-inch gutting blade, two 3 ½-inch drop-point blades and two 5-inch boning/fillet blades. Included is a premium waxed canvas roll pack, which converts into a belt scabbard. MSRP: $99.95

Muddy Morph Cellular Trail Camera

muddy morph cellular trail camera

Muddy Morph BOGO Offer

The Morph cellular trail camera features quick-scan setup with a QR code to get it up and running in no time. For a limited time, buy one and get one free, a $189.99 value! (No discount code needed; offer provided at cart level.) The Morph features 0.4-second trigger speed and captures up to 26 megapixel photos or 1080P video at 30FPS. You also get your choice of low or high upload resolution for when images are sent to your phone via the COMMAND app. In addition, you get a 100-foot detection and IR range, and a burst mode that captures 1-9 images per triggering. Operates on eight AA batteries. MSRP: $189.99

Wildgame Innovations Encounter Cellular Trail Camera

WGI Encounter cell cam

Wildgame Innovations Encounter BOGO Offer

Here’s a ton of features packed into a smart, simple device. And right now you can buy one and get one free, a $139.99 value! (No discount code needed; offer provided at cart level.) The Encounter sends images via cellular network and works nationwide on any network. With new-and-improved onboarding setup via QR code, you’ll be ready to immediately receive images on your mobile device or desktop computer from anywhere. Further your scouting advantage by utilizing the latest HuntSmart features with functionality such as species recognition, advanced filtering capabilities, and more. Wildgame’s most streamlined cellular game camera yet is ready to go to work to help you #HuntSmarter, not harder. MSRP: $139.99

Mathews Phase4 Compounds

Mathews Phase4 Field

Wait. A new Mathews bow that drastically reduces vibration, and expands on the company’s unique Bridge-Lock accessories? That’s the exciting gist of the new Phase4 compounds that are available in 29- or 33-inch axle-to-axle lengths. New Resistance Phase Damping (RPD) Technology is engineered to drastically reduce vibration, and is compatible with a completely redesigned line of Bridge-Lock Stabilizers. That means the Phase4 is Mathews’ stealthiest hunting rig to date. The RPD tackles excess energy directly in the limbs, which significantly deadens and silences post-shot vibration. In addition, the new Bridge-Lock Stabilizers (available in 8-, 10-, and 12-inch lengths with eight finish options) offer improved balance points and a stiffer bow connection for added vibration dampening and enhanced stabilization. The Phase4 29 has a 6-inch brace height and accommodates draw lengths from 25.5-30 inches. The Phase4 33 has a 6.5-inch brace height and accommodates draw lengths from 27–31.5 inches. Starting at $1,299

Mission SUB-1 Crossbow

Mission SUB-1 in field

You don’t have to be told crossbows are more popular than ever. Designed to be the most accurate, quiet, easy-to-use crossbow on the market, the SUB-1 consistently delivers groups less than 1 inch at 100 yards. In addition, it features an innovative trigger system that has the ability to safely de-cock with the push of a button. With its compact frame and uncompromising commitment to high-quality materials, the SUB-1 promises a topnotch shooting experience. Starting at $1,899

Killer Instinct Swat X1 Crossbow

killer instinct swat x1 crossbow

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From whitetails to turkeys, hogs to western big game, our team loves using crossbows to notch tags. Killer Instinct Crossbows deliver high-end performance at reasonable prices. Click here to check out some of the crossbows, or right here to see full crossbow packages. The flagship SWAT X1 crossbow measures only 24.75 inches long and 6.25 inches wide when cocked, while generating massive speed and power from the highly efficient Synchronized X Cam. With 50% let-off, the narrow X1 can be cocked effortlessly by rope cocker, but also includes a Compact Silent Crank. The Accutac Barrel provides additional guidance and support to the crossbow arrow for unmatched broadhead accuracy at high speeds. The enclosed design also protects the arrow and broadhead for an extra layer of safety. A 3-pound trigger produces a clean break with zero creep for extended-range accuracy. MSRP: $1299.99. Use this 10%-off coupon code: HUNTSTAND10 (apply in “Order Summary” field at checkout)

SEVR Titanium 2.0 Broadhead

sevr titanium 2.0 broadhead

Team HuntStand has been shooting SEVR broadheads with great success since they launched 4 years ago. The latest in the SEVR lineup is the Titanium 2.0. A super-strength titanium ferrule and tip, combined with SEVR’s patented Lock-and-Pivot blades made of stainless steel, provide a deadly combination with extreme durability. These broadheads work equally well with lightning-fast crossbows or average-speed compounds. MSRP: $15.99/broadhead

Tenzing Hangtime Day Pack

Tenzing Hangtime PackHave a whitetailer in the family? The first pack of its kind designed specifically for treestand hunting is an ideal gift. The Hangtime features a rigid, EVA-molded shell that holds it shape for simplified use in the field. Utilize all 750 cubic inches inside the large main compartment, and react quickly with easy one-handed access through the front or top. Specialized storage space is plentiful for every piece of hunting gear imaginable: from specialized optics and game call pockets, to quiver attachment points and a removable bow carrier. MSRP: $219.99

Skull Hooker Little Hooker

Skull Hooker Little Hooker

Here’s a best-selling holiday gift that continues to earn fans. The affordable Little Hooker is a classy, minimalist way to display your Euro (skull) mounts. It’s easy to adjust so you can show off the best angle of your trophy. Designed specifically for smaller game (roughly a large deer-sized skull and smaller) such as hogs, aoudad, alligator, black bear, cougar, deer, and antelope. In addition, it also holds exotic medium game such as gazelle, impala, and more. Constructed of strong powder-coated steel and offered in two striking colors: robust brown and graphite black. MSRP: $34.99

Work Sharp Mk.2 Knife & Tool Sharpener

work sharp mk.2 knife sharpeners

Here’s a gift all sportsmen can appreciate. Work Sharp has taken its professional flexible abrasive belt technology to the next level with the Mk.2 Knife & Tool Sharpener. It’s built to sharpen every knife you own, and it also sharpens scissors and a wide range of tools. The improvements to the Mk.2 maintain all the core features of the Original Knife & Tool Sharpener, yet bring meaningful new benefits. Spurred by customer feedback, you’ll find a new dual-speed control and an all-new sharpening guide design. Both deliver increased precision and repeatability. In addition, you’ll find ease of use and scratch-resistant leather linings. MSRP: $99.95

Muddy Prevue 2 See-Through Blind
Muddy Prevue 2 blind

Muddy Prevue 2 Blind BOGO Offer

What’s better than a feature-laden, cutting-edge hunting blind? Two of them, of course. This unique two-person blind with one-way see-through mesh construction offers superb concealment, and right now you can buy one and get one free, a $229.99 value! (No discount code needed; offer provided at cart level.) The Prevue 2 offers easy setup and heavy-duty construction. It features a 53×53-inch footprint and 67×67-inch shooting width. Included are three full-width panoramic windows with a zippered door entrance, and blacked-out interior. MSRP: $229.99

Hawk Reveal 3-Man Ground Blind

Hawk Reveal Blind

Hawk Reveal Blind BOGO Offer

Ideal for hunting with the kids, your buddies or with extra room, and right now you can get buy one and get one free, a $299.99 value! (No discount code needed; offer provided at cart level.) This roomy blind boasts an oversized 63×63-inch footprint and a whopping 73-inch standing height. Plus, a full 77×77-inch shooting width and two customizable horizontal front windows with silent sliding panels make you deadly from nearly any angle. The heavy-duty 600-denier fabric construction is water resistant and black backed to keep you sheltered from the elements and your movements masked. Includes a convenient storage bag with carry strap and eight durable steel stakes. MSRP: $299.99

Benelli BE.S.T. Lupo Bolt-Action Rifle

Benelli Lupo Best

The Lupo continues to make our list of the best new hunting rifles with a few tweaks. New for 2022, Benelli’s industry-leading BE.S.T. surface treatment now adorns three of the Lupo’s popular big-game calibers. The .300 Win. Mag. is a formidable caliber for deer, especially out west. With a Crio-treated free-floating barrel attached to a hardened-steel barrel extension, all bedded to a steel block, the Lupo gives shooters sub-MOA accuracy. Benelli has always been known for their spacers and customizable shotguns, and that’s extended to the Lupo lineup. The Combtech cheek pad also carried over, increasing comfort. The .300 Win. Mag. features the Elevated II stock finish and a matte Labrador gray BE.S.T. 24-inch barrel. Overall weight is 7.1 lbs. MSRP $1,899

Springfield Armory Model 2020 Waypoint

Model 2020

Introduced in late 2020, but hard to find until the past year, this gun that is available in .308 Win. (7.62x51mm NATO) as well as 6.5 PRC and 6.5 Creedmoor is not for the casual hunter. Springfield Armory has been known for its attention to detail and accuracy since its inception. With a .75 MOA guarantee, you know that you’re buying a quality rifle. The Model 2020 Waypoint featured here has a custom-painted evergreen camo stock that’s made of lightweight carbon fiber, and features a 3-axis adjustable cheek comb. In addition, the receiver is green Cerakote and the 20-inch barrel is fluted, 416 stainless steel, with green Cerakote, and has a 1:10 twist. With an overall length of 41.5 inches, the 2020 Waypoint comes in at just 7 lbs. 11 oz. Other features include a Picatinny rail mount with REM 700 SA pattern, a fluted Nitride bolt, and a TriggerTech adjustable trigger. MSRP $1,923

Boyds Agility Performance Gunstocks

boyds agility gunstock

You don’t have to be a gunsmith to make some powerful changes to your rifle. One of the best (and easiest) upgrades you can make is to your gunstock. If you know how to turn a screwdriver or a wrench, in a matter of minutes you can enhance the performance of your rifle with a Boyds hardwood gunstock. The new Agility gunstock from Boyds is a drop-in-ready stock offered in 14 colors. Custom cosmetics are cool and all, but the real benefits come in the overall design of this stock, including adjustable length of pull, an adjustable cheek riser, a comfortable vertical grip, and 14 beautiful color options. Starting at $237

Muddy Viking Hang-On Treestand

muddy viking hang-on treestand

Muddy Viking BOGO Offer

The Viking is Muddy’s lightest-weight hang-on treestand. At 15 pounds, it’s an efficient and economical stand if you’re looking to deck out your hunting property to give you plenty of flexibility for sits throughout the season. Its slim profile and low weight also make it a reasonable stand for hauling into hang-and-hunts when it’s time to make a game-time move on a bruiser buck. Get yours now to take advantage of the limited-time buy-one-get-one-free promotion. (No discount code needed; offer provided at cart level.)

LaCrosse Navigator Series

Navigator Series

A successful hunt requires thinking on your feet, always anticipating the unpredictable. Help them adjust to their surroundings and explore confidently with the immediate comfort and flexibility of the Navigator Series. The Lodestar, Windrose, and Atlas hunting boots are designed to keep you steady and agile, while traversing through every type of terrain. Starting at $180


Burris Fullfield IV Riflescope

Burris Fullfield IV 2.5-10x42

Here’s a nice holiday bonus: Burris is offering a $25 online rebate with the purchase of any new Fullfield IV riflescope—one of their most trusted and affordable hunting optics. The rebate offer is available today through December 31, 2022. Consumers can find qualified Burris Fullfield IV scopes at an authorized local or online Burris dealer. The Fullfield IV is a rugged, lightweight, and proven hunting scope. The nitrogen-filled tube and is waterproof, shockproof, and fog proof. Burris recently redesigned the Fullfield IV with sleek turret knobs to allow for easier field adjustments, along with an improved 4x optical system, premium multi-coated lenses, and high-grade optical glass for excellent brightness and clarity. The optic is built to handle the recoil of all hunting rifle platforms, from airguns to high-caliber rifles, and is available in five different sizes to match the every type of hunting scenario. For more information on the Fullfield IV rebate and list of eligible products for other Burris promotions, click here. Starting at $215

Trijicon Huron 3-12×40 Riflescope

Trijicon Huron

Help them hunt with confidence at extended range with the Trijicon Huron 3-12×40 riflescope. With outstanding lens quality, versatile magnification range, and premium anti-scratch glass coatings, the Huron makes it possible to hunt in any lighting conditions. The BDC Hunter Holds reticle will get you on target quickly and accommodates the most popular hunting cartridges. Most hunts lead to rugged terrain and plenty of bumps along the way, but the Huron 3-12×40 is built to stand up to the beating and maintain zero. MSRP: $699

Steiner Predator 8 2-16×42 Riflescope

Steiner Predator 8

Talk about a sweet gift. The Predator 8 is the most versatile and precise line of hunting optics ever made by Steiner, featuring a powerful 8x system. You’ll ensure they’re prepared for hunting any species, in any terrain across the globe. An integrated customizable ballistic turret allows shooters to reliably and accurately dial for bullet drop, and three different numbered, movable rings, can be set to custom distances for quick dialing. Audible and tactile turret mechanics provide sure, intuitive operation and a Zero Mode means shooters can quickly get back to zero without coming off the optic. A wide field of view and high-contrast lens coatings ensure fast, brilliant, and crisp images with high edge-to-edge sharpness and outstanding detail recognition. Users won’t lose accuracy on dark targets or in low light with illuminated reticle options in 11 brightness settings. MSRP: $2,069.99

Leupold BX-4 Pro Guide HD Binoculars

Leupold BX-4 Pro Guide 8x42

With these premium binos low-light viewing is a whole new world. Specialized lens coatings—the same ones used in the award-winning Leupold VX-5HD and VX-6HD riflescopes—allow you to glass longer during the early predawn hours to well past dusk. The Twilight Max HD system combines exceptional light transmission and glare management to provide vivid, bright, high-contrast images. The BX-4 Pro Guide HD binoculars are available in six configurations: 8×32, 10×32, 8×42, 10×42, 10×50 and 12×50. The entire line is backed by the Leupold Full Lifetime Guarantee. Starting at $579.99

Aimpoint Micro H-2 Red-Dot Sight

aimpoint micro h-2

Doing battle with big bucks in heavy cover, hogs on the move, or rubber-necking turkeys is much easier if you’re armed with the Aimpoint Micro H-2. This red-dot sight features a 6 MOA red dot with adjustable illumination, contained in an ultra-durable housing that won’t flinch after a serious beating. It’s a great match for rifles, shotguns, or muzzleloaders when your goal is to get on target quickly and make accurate shots at the most common hunting distances. MSRP: $798

MEAT! 1 HP Dual Grind Grinder

meat dual grind grinder 1 hp

Score big this fall? It’s time to gather friends, family, and neighbors for a full-on MEAT! fest. This advanced new grinder features a powerful 1 HP motor, but the real surprise comes in the two grinding plates that operate in one pass to get you fine ground in half the time. It also includes a handy accessory tray for easy organization. Add the MEAT! foot pedal switch (sold separately) and you’ll be grinding better than your local butcher. Did you know MEAT! sells direct-to-consumer only? That means you get better processing gear at a fraction of the price. MSRP: $699.99

Badlands Axin 1/4-Zip Hoodie

Badlands Axin HoodieHunters gotta look good when they’re not hunting. Help them do just that with the new Axin Hoodie. This must-have fleece casual wear is both stylish and rugged, and built to Badland’s uncompromising standards. Available in both Navy (shown) and Mustard. MSRP: $89.99

Walker’s Razor Slim Electronic Muff

Walker's Razor Muff

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Give the gift of hearing protection. The original Razor Slim electronic ear muffs feature an ultra-low-profile, compact design and are available in a variety of color options. Full dynamic range HD speakers provide clear and balanced sound. Sound-activated noise compression has a 0.02-second reaction time to protect your hearing no matter the situation. Choose from 13 colors. MSRP: $59.99. Use this 20%-off coupon code: RAZOR20

Yamaha 2023 RMAX2 1000 XT-R

yamaha rmax2 1000 xt-r deer

We’ve relied on the first generation of two-seater RMAX units to tackle everything from tough western hunts to setting up whitetail properties and hauling out big bucks. With even more to offer, the 2023 RMAX2 delivers next-level performance. Go here to see the full specs of the new RMAX2 1000 XT-R. Demand is off the charts for these fierce machines. You might not be able to park one under the tree in time for Christmas, but settling for stocking stuffers until your Yamaha shows up at a dealer will be worth it. Starting at $27,199



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