Best New Archery Targets For 2022 [First Look]

With bows and crossbows getting ever faster, archery targets need to be built stronger and smarter. We found several new models that make the grade for 2022.

by HuntStand



Delta-McKenzie Big 8 Archery Target

Delta Big 8 Target

Looking for longer target life? How about a larger shooting area for more long-distance confidence? The new Big 8 from Delta-McKenzie checks both boxes and then some. And that’s why this unique design is among the best new archery targets for 2022. The innovative hexagon shape provides eight shooting faces; the asymmetrical design greatly increases usable life with any type of bow or crossbow. In addition, the Big 8’s geometry also provides a larger shooting area versus conventional square targets. This offers shooters confidence to stretch the distance without fear of missing the target.

Buy The Delta McKenzie Big Daddy Buck Target

Also, Delta’s Big 8 utilizes a new premium competition-grade “self-healing” foam. It was built in conjunction with the ASA Pro 3D tournament circuit to withstand even heavy tournament use. In addition, it lasts up to eight times longer, while maintaining a lower pull force for easier arrow or bolt extraction. The Big 8 target is both field point and broadhead compatible, and is speed rated for all high-performance bows and crossbows. In conclusion, it’s available in a highly portable 16-inch size, or the long-distance-effective 20-inch model w/replaceable core. MSRPs $189.99-$245.99

Hurricane Bag Targets Hurricane Cat 5

Hurricane Cat 5 Target Both vertical bows and crossbows are producing never-before seen speeds. The answer to productive practice sessions? The new Hurricane Cat 5. Built with the most-extreme stopping power ever offered, this unique design features arrow-stopping fortified Hurricane Tri-Core Technology. It’s built to withstand impacts of up to 650 feet per second, provide longer target life, and

Hurricane Cat 5 Deer Targetvirtually eliminate pass-throughs. The 25×25-inch self-standing design of the Cat 5 is reinforced with Hurricane’s most-durable fill. In addition, the eye-catching, two-sided design makes practice sessions fun. You’ll also find an integrated sight-in grid that helps in precision horizontal and vertical axis adjustment of pin sights and scopes. MSRP: $69.99




The BLOCK Infinity Targets

As bow and crossbow technology has advanced, BLOCK targets have adapted. Case in point is the new BLOCK Infinity series built to deliver a new level of extreme stopping power and extended target life. The standard Infinity targets are capable of stopping standard-diameter arrows at speeds up to 500 fps. In addition, the Infinity Crossbow targets are able to stop standard-diameter bolts up to 520 fps! It all comes courtesy of exclusive PolyFusion Technology and six-sided shooting. BLOCK Infinity targets make use of a high-density layered-foam inner core encased with an exterior foam wall.

The six-sided exterior features six individual shooting faces with five unique designs strategically placed for extended target life.  In addition, they’re safe for use with field points, and both fixed and expandable broadheads. Two sizes are available; the Infinity 20 measures 20×20 inches and the Infinity 22 measures 22×22 inches. Also, two crossbow options are available: The Infinity Crossbow 16 measures 16×16 inches, and the BLOCK Infinity Crossbow 20 measures 20×20 inches. MSRPs: $159.99-$229.99

Rinehart Targets 1/3 Scale Woodland Series

Rinehart Woodland Series MooseMost bowhunters know the advantages of practicing with realistic 3D targets. However, one drawback has been steep prices, but the Rinehart 1/3 Scale Woodland Series is an affordable answer. This unique series that includes a moose, caribou, and elk allows you to experience the thrills of these epic hunts right in your own back yard. In addition, because they’re one-third scale, when placed at 20

yards, all three of these realistic targets simulate a 60-yard shot on the full-sized animal. As a result, that makes your practice sessions both fun and effective. All three targets utilize the company’s solid FX Woodland Foam with a replaceable core of Rinehart’s Signature Series foam. The Elk measures 38 inches tall and 44 inches long; the Caribou measures 42×45 inches, and the Moose, 36×31 inches. MSRPs: $225

Morrell Transformer Buck

Morrell Transformer BuckTwo targets in one? It’s a great concept that Morrell has brought to reality with its new Transformer Buck. The aptly named design can stand as a 3D buck target and quickly transform into a portable free-standing block-style target. Used as a realistic buck 3D the target measures 39 inches wide by 48 inches tall and weighs 22 pounds. The removable shooting core complete with carry handle weighs 10 pounds and measures 19 inches wide by 10 inches tall by 12 inches thick. Even better? It’s made of Morrell’s proven High Roller Foam known for its durability and easy arrow pulling. It’s built to stop all the hardest-hitting crossbows and compounds.

Morrell Yellow Jacket Kinetic 1.0

Morrell Kinetic 1.0Blazing-fast crossbows. The fastest premium compounds. This new bag target was built to handle them all. Morrell is calling the Kinetic 1.0 the most-durable bag target ever created, so tough that no speed rating is required. The unique design has two patented floating centers that are built to create twice the stopping power of any bag target available. Two shooting sides measure 20 inches wide by 20 inches tall by 14 inches thick. In addition, it’s hand stuffed with premium material, weighs 65 pounds and won’t fall over. MSRP: $149.99





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