Best New Bowhunting Products From The 2022 ATA Show

Team HuntStand prowled the aisles of the 2022 Archery Trade Show held in Louisville in early January and found plenty of standout new bowhunting gear. If you're in the market for a bow gear upgrade, your search starts here.

by HuntStand


Trophy Ridge Digital React Bowsights

Unlike electronic, laser-ranging sights such as those made by Burris and Garmin, the Digital React One Pin (above) doesn’t range your target but uses its built-in software to make sighting in (and field operation with game in sight), faster and easier than ever. Sight in the vertical single pin (choose from .010 or .019 diameter) at two distances, and you’ll have marks out to the farthest distance your bow can shoot. Or you can choose to program the sight by entering your arrow speed. Operation is the same as dialing-in most single-pin sights, but instead of eyeballing a tiny sight tape the distance is displayed on a convenient screen with large, easily read numbers. That’s a huge, time-saving upgrade.Digital React Trio ProThe similar new Digital React Trio Pro (shown above) features two horizontal fixed .019 pins, and a vertical React .010 pin that you can dial-in as detailed above. MSRP: $359.99-$379.99

Nomad Durawool Base LayersNomad Durawool Hoodie

You can count Team HuntStand as huge fans of merino wool when it comes to huntwear—pretty much no matter how or where it is used—so it’s great to see Nomad add its own styles and flavor. Designed to be the ideal first layer in the harshest conditions, new 4-way stretch Durawool base layers are available in a hoodie, crew top, legging and boxers and are highly breathable while providing excellent moisture management. The hoodie and crew are available in a versatile solid color: Mud. The hoodie (shown above) is also available in Nomad’s exclusive Mossy Oak Hybrid Droptine and Mossy Oak Hybrid Migrate patterns. MSRP: $40-$110

Millennium G400 Blind ChairMillennium G400 Blind Chair

Designed to be superior in both comfort and performance to simple folding camp chairs, the next-level lightweight aluminum G400 design (7.9 pounds) features silent-swiveling SilentHunt technology to help you close the deal during those up-close-and-personal ground blind encounters. You’ll also find Millennium’s proven ComfortMax sling-style seat built to provide all-day comfort and a solid shooting position. Four adjustable legs allow leveling on uneven terrain, and the seat height can be adjusted from 16 to 19 inches for the best shooting angle through blind windows. MSRP: $235.99.

Bear Razorhead Broadhead ReturnsBear Razorhead Single Bevel Broadhead

Here’s some great news for traditional archers and even compound users looking for a broadhead with serious Front-Of-Center (weight forward) advantages. For 2022 the iconic Bear Razorhead broadhead is back, but with a complete modern redesign that allows it to perform like four separate heads. The all-new Razorhead VWS (Variable Weight System) returns with both single and double bevel blade options, and features an insert system that allows bowhunters to instantly change broadhead weight from 150 grains, to 175, 200, and 250 grains. Both the single bevel (shown above) and double bevel Razorhead models (below) areBear Razorhead Double Bevel Broadheadconstructed from high-grade stainless steel that can be easily resharpened. The broadheads by themselves, as a glue-on point for wooden arrow shafts, weigh 150 grains. Bear’s new insert system offers further weight customizing for carbon/aluminum arrows. The 2022 Razorhead will ship with three different sets of inserts and three field points that match the weight of the broadheads. Both the single bevel or double bevel Razorhead VWS ship with three broadheads, three sets of variable weight inserts (nine total), and three field points. MSRP: $69.99

ALPS OutdoorZ Elite Wilderness Pack System

ALPS OutdoorZ Elite Wilderness Pack SystemGo farther. Hunt harder. That’s the gist of this new, lightweight frame and pack system developed for extreme wilderness hunters. The ultralight modular Elite frame and pack bags, built using 500D Cordura fabric, are ideal for hunters who require a lightweight system that can haul meat and gear through the most adverse terrain and weather conditions. The Elite system centers on the all-new Elite frame ($299.99, 3 lbs. 10 oz.), which is fully adjustable and 30-percent lighter and 30-percent stronger than previous pack frames. Two pack bags are offered with the Elite system. For short trips or ultralight bivouacs, there is the Elite 1800 pack bag, ($149.99, 1 lb., 12 oz. w/included rain cover and drop-down weapon pocket). For multi-day backcountry trips, the Elite 3800 pack bag ($199.99, 2 lbs., 7 oz w/rain cover) features a 3800 cu-in. capacity, drop-down pocket, and exterior spotting scope pocket. MSRP: $149.99-299.99

TruBall Executive Release 

TruBall Executive ReleaseBowhunters are always on the lookout for smart mechanical releases that can help increase accuracy and eliminate dreaded target panic, and for 2022 release specialist TruBall has unveiled two promising new models. The Executive (shown above) is a new take on a hinge release that fires when rotated, but instead of connecting between your index and middle finger the pivot point is over your index finger, with a goal of smoother and easier operation. You can also vary the length of the head, as needed to fit your hand, bow and d-loop. MSRP: $299.99.

TruBall Abyss X-tension Flex Release 

TruBall Abyss X-tension Flex Release Team HuntStand was even more impressed by TruBall’s new Abyss X-Tension Flex (above), which can be shot as a thumb trigger or a tension-activated release with the simple turn of a set screw. We were able to try it out and this one breaks some new ground for fans of thumb-activated designs—or anyone who would like to know how to use one correctly. With the Abyss in tension-activated mode, you draw back as with a normal thumb-button, with your thumb on a familiar thumb peg, but instead of being able to fire with that digit you simply pull through the shot. The building tension breaks the shot while you remain focused on your target, operation that should make your summer shooting more productive than ever. MSRP: $354.99.

Spypoint Flex Cellular Trail CameraSpypoint Flex Cellular Trail Camera

We don’t have to remind you that some cellular cameras can be bears to set up and operate. Not this one. Inspired by consumer demand, Spypoint’s new Flex Camera offers easier formatting (there’s a microSD card format button!), a better antenna, great photos (33 MP) and over-the-air firmware updates. And because it comes with two pre-installed SIM cards, it automatically connects to the cellular network with the best coverage in your area. Four capture modes include photo, video, and Time Lapse +, which takes photos at your preferred interval, and also when the detection sensor is triggered. Cool. MSRP: $169

Easton Bowtruk 4015 Travel Case

Easton Bowtruk 4015 Travel CaseWhether your hunt travels take you 50 miles, across state lines or even via air, Easton is calling this the finest hunter’s travel bow case ever made, and there’s plenty to like. The all-new Bowtruk 4015 Travel Bow Case can hold two bows up to 40 inches long and is much lighter andEaston Bowtruk 4015 Travel Casemore streamlined than traditional hardshell cases; this hybrid design with oversized skate wheels offers plenty of pockets and utilizes the finest materials for better durability, improved functionality, and a more-refined look that all serious bowhunters need to consider. How tough is it? The outer shell features Cordura 1680D ballistic nylon—the same material used for military body armor. MSRP: $440.99

Outdoor Edge RazorCape

Outdoor Edge RazorCapeReplaceable-blade knives are hot and proven, and the versatile new RazorCape is built to help you quickly and efficiently power-through one of the most-tedious in-camp or in-the-field tasks: Caping your hard-won trophy. Included are two replaceable, scalpel-sharp, 3-inch caping blades and two drop-point blades suitable for field dressing and quartering. You also get a gutting blade that prevents piercing internal organs, all made from Japanese 420J2 stainless steel. The handle of one-piece, non-slip Grivory polymer completes this hunt-ready design that weighs just two ounces and has an overall length of 7.1 inches. MSRP: $53.99



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