Best New Bowsights For 2022 [First Look]

Lighter and stronger with more (and better) adjustability? The best new bowsights of 2022 are the stuff serious bowhunters once saw only in dreams.

by HuntStand


Table Of Contents:

Redline RL-1 Carbon 3 Pin
Trophy Ridge Digital React Bowsights
Mathews BL Fixed 5-Pin Sight
CBE Trek & Trek Pro Bowsights
HHA Sports Optimizer Lite X
HHA Sports Tetra Series
Black Gold Dual Trac
Covert Optics ThermX TRF

Redline RL-1 Carbon 3 Pin

Redline R1 3-Pin

This exciting new brand is built for extreme bowhunters who demand rugged dependability and also light weight, and the RL-1 Carbon is a great example. Premium functionality starts with a full carbon bracket and aluminum housing. You’ll also find an adjustable 2nd and 3rd axis, along with .019 fiber optic pins

Redline 3-Pin Bodyand tool free adjustment knob. In addition, this sight features a precise windage adjustment knob, an enclosed fiber optic ring, and customizable/removable quick acquisition RL sight ring. An

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adjustable yardage pointer, bubble level, and ultra-smooth wheel adjustment complete this 10.5-ounce package. MSRP: $239.99 (Also available in a 1 Pin model: $229.99)

Trophy Ridge Digital React Bowsights

Digital React 1-Pin

Unlike electronic, laser-ranging sights such as those made by Burris and Garmin, the Digital React One Pin (above) doesn’t range your target but uses its built-in software to make sighting in (and field operation with game in sight), faster and easier than ever. Sight in the vertical single pin (choose from .010 or .019 diameter) at two distances, and you’ll have marks out to the farthest

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distance your bow can shoot. Or you can choose to program the sight by entering your arrow speed. Operation is the same as dialing-in most single-pin sights, but instead of eyeballing a tiny sight tape the distance is displayed on a convenient screen with large, easily read numbers. That’s a huge, time-saving upgrade.

Digital React Trio Pro

The similar new Digital React Trio Pro (shown above) features two horizontal fixed .019 pins, and a vertical React .010 pin that you can dial-in as detailed above. MSRP: $359.99-$379.99

Mathews BL Fixed 5-Pin Sight

Mathews BL5 SightBuilt to be custom-fit to its ground-breaking new-for-2022 flagship hunting compound, the V3X that HuntStand helped introduce back in November, Mathews has broken some new ground. The excitement stems from new cutting-edge accessories all bowhunters need to see. Mathews partnered with Axcel to create the BL Fixed 5-pin Sight that uses its dovetail mount to fit right through the unique V3X riser. No external mounting bracket is required.

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The unique sight allows archers to micro-adjust elevation, windage and each individual .019-inch pin with the highest level of precision. The sight allows for simple 1st, 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments. In addition, it features an ultra-high modulus carbon bar designed for an exact fit, minimizing weight and vibration. MSRP: $349.99

CBE Trek & Trek Pro Bowsights

CBE Trek Sight

Any distance. Any light condition. That’s what bowhunters can expect to handle with the new Trek (shown above) and Trek Pro Bowsights from CBE. Both of these sights feature two floating pins and multiple indicator pointers, as well as 1st, 2nd and 3rd Axis Adjustment. You’ll also find 12 inches of fiber optics protected within CBE’s Blade Pin design, available in .010 or .019, and either 1, 3 or 5-pin configuration. In addition, you can ensure customizable shot acquisition and proper lighting with the included

CBE Trek Pro Sight

interchangeable peep alignment rings and rheostat light. Found exclusively on the Trek Pro (shown above), you’re able to further optimize your pin’s brightness in all lighting conditions with the new Sliding Rheostat, while also having the ability to add a 41mm lens. The Trek features the Smart

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Mount bracket system that allows for adaptability in set up for a direct mount with triple-hole configuration. Meanwhile, the Trek Pro sports a lightweight design with a Carbon Fiber extension dovetail sight bar for numerous mounting options. MSRP: Trek (starting at $249), Trek Pro (starting at $329.99). 

HHA Sports Optimizer Lite X  

HHA Optimizer Lite X

For 2022 an award-winning design gets even better in the form of HHA’s new Optimizer Lite X. It’s now easier than ever to get on target, quickly, with this all-new single-pin design that offers more adjustability.  That comes in the form of HHA’s new Infinite Adjust Slotted Slide Bracket. This bracket allows users to make vertical and 2nd axis adjustments easier, simplifying the sight-in process. Even better, shooters no longer need to “play hopscotch” with the sight by jumping the housing from hole to hole. Archers can now easily fine-tune their shot at 20 yards. Once you have the Optimizer Lite X dialed in at 20 and 60 yards, you’re now on target in 5-yard increments out to 80 yards. Included are tool-free windage and elevation adjustments, and your choice of .010 or .019 fiber sizing, and two different housing diameters. The sights accept HHA’s full line of accessories and carry a 100-percent Lifetime Warranty. Accessories include lights, sun shades, and magnified lenses. MSRP: $159.99-$249.99

HHA Sports Tetra Series  


HHA Tetra Series

How do you make a proven, killer model one of the best new bowsights of 2022? If you’re adjustable-sight specialist HHA Sports, you enhance the elevation and axis adjustments on your top-selling Tetra Series bowsights. For 2022, they now include increased accuracy, simplified movements in the field and faster, on-target performance. At the heart of it all is the 2022 Tetra Series’ Infinite Adjust Plate that allows you to make elevation and 2nd axis adjustments independent of each other. That was a request from both customers and pro shops. In addition, the Tetra series features 2.1-inches of vertical travel, and

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is available as a fixed frame or dovetail bar. You can also choose between a single or 4-pin option, each with a vibrant green sight ring with  integrated bubble level. The sights come in either .010 or .019 fiber sizes and a variety of housing diameters. In addition, all 2022 Tetra and Tetra Max dovetail models are compatible with the new Mathews Bridge Lock Technology. Hoyt-specific sights for their In-Line Picatinny Sight Mount System are offered as well. MSRP: $229.99-$419.99

Black Gold Dual Trac Bowsight

Black Gold Dual Trac Sight RingLooking for a 2-pin movable sight with single pin visibility? Built on Black Gold’s proven Pro Sight platform, the new Dual Trac was built to raise the bar in single pin sights for brightness, durability, and ease of adjustability. Included is a variation of Black Gold’s Pro Pin, which provides a more defined aiming point and less target obstruction. What sets this model apart is a second pro pin that provides an additional

Black Gold Dual Trac Sightquick aiming point without the need to move the dial. The Dual Indicator System reduces time and movement by providing a needle for shorter yardages, combined with a 2nd needle for longer-range

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shooting. Both needles are independently adjustable to fine-tune specific bow setups. You’ll also find micro-adjustable windage and elevation, as well as a micro adjust 1st and 3rd axis, and a non-micro-adjust 2nd axis. All allow for precise adjustments to ensure the sight is square to the bow. MSRP: $389.95

Covert Optics ThermX TRF Thermal Rangefinder

Covert Thermal Rangefinder

About as high-tech as sighting systems can get, the new ThermX TRF from Covert Optics is one very versatile thermal handheld rangefinder. It allows ranging at night of anything that has a heat signature, and its applications are many. It can be attached to be used as a thermal crossbow sight, a thermal vertical bowsight, or rangefinding thermal weapon’s sight. Powered by a Lepton 3.5 micro

Covert Sight On Bow and Crossbowcore sensor with 160×120 sensor resolution, and a 9hz frame rate, the TRF’s unique display features a wide variety of functionality and reticle options. The simple-to-use interface with a variety of brightness options will fit varying lighting/temperature situations. You an access several aiming pins/reticles on the 1.5-inch color OLED display (160×128 resolution), including a custom solution for FeraDyne’s Axe crossbows. It can also be adjusted to accommodate a wide variety of weapons and projectile speeds. MSRP: $2,499.99

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