Best New Broadheads for 2023 [First Look]

Get the razor’s edge on your next bowhunting setup by choosing the right broadhead.

by HuntStand


Are you on the prowl for the best new broadheads for 2023? Fixed, expandable, hybrid—to come is a pile of fresh broadhead offerings that you should consider to tip your arrows for this year’s bowhunting pursuits.

New Archery Products Ignite Series 

NAP Ignite 3 Fixed Blade Broadhead

NAP has produced some remarkable broadheads over the years that command respect, and its Ignite Series only deepens the roots of this broadhead builder. They’re built around a one-piece Grade 5 Titanium ferrule to guarantee strength and bone-busting penetration. The cut-on-contact points are needle-point sharp, which poke a clean hole for the .031-inch thick blades and allow those blades to cause serious damage. The Ignite Series comes in three- and four-blade configurations—all come razor-sharp from the factory, and a Crossbow 4-Blade is available for the horizontal bow toter.

Iron Will Single Bevel Broadheads

Iron Will Single Bevel Broadhead

You can’t look at the best new broadheads for 2023 without including a single-bevel head, which have regained massive popularity. Fixed-blade broadhead lovers, especially those who chase their stick-and-string dreams out West, are filling their quivers with Iron Will’s Single Bevel Broadheads. These accurate, rugged, scary-sharp heads help arrows maintain rotational spin throughout impact, which means cleaner arrow entrance and more tissue damage. Fitted with bleeder blades, the cut produced by this broadhead is rectangular, and rectangular cuts don’t close up, meaning more blood on the ground, even if a marginal hit is made. Backed by a lifetime warranty when shot in a hunting situation.

Swhacker #282 Hank Parker Signature Series

swhacker #282 hank parker mechanical broadhead

Like many reading this, I’ve dumped more than a few deer with Swhacker’s original #202, and for 2023 this broadhead builder has taken all the features that made the #202 such a killer and added Blade-Lock Technology. Branded by Swhacker as the #282 Hank Parker Signature Series, Blade-Lock Technology allows shooters to practice with the same broadhead they plan to use on the hunt. When set in practice mode, blades won’t deploy and become dull. Instead, once the Blade-Lock set screw is removed and the Hunt-Ready Plug is added, the 125-grain #282 expands to a whopping 2.25 inches.

REK Broadheads XP

REK XP Mechanical Broadhead

Innovation gets noticed, so bowhunters are raising eyebrows at REK Broadheads. This newcomer has created the XP and FXD broadheads for 2023. A pair of broadheads with a modular design allows the user to use the same tip and ferrule but adjust the blades to be fixed or mechanical. The XP is a 2-blade killer with a patented spring-lock retention system that holds the blades in place until contact, and the FXD uses the same tip and ferrule as the XP so that you can swap between fixed and mechanical. The XP weighs 100 grains and has a cutting diameter of 1.85 inches. The FXD weighs 100 grains and has a cutting diameter of 1.25 inches.

Wasp SharpShooter 200

wasp sharpshooter 200 fixed blade broadhead

Traditional shooters and compound goers obsessed with threading a heavy fixed blade into a carbon shaft will cheer Wasp’s SharpShooter 200. You guessed it: 200 stands for this fixed blade’s grain weight, and it was engineered to create more F.O.C. (Front of Center) and generate more energy transfer on impact. The SharpShooter 200 is a single right-hand bevel head that can improve kinetic energy and give archers maximum penetration on any big-game animal.

Fire N The Hole Slang Blade 

firenthehole slang blade broadhead

An innovative broadhead design that uses cut-on-contact blades that deploy while passing through the animal, cuts produced by the Slang Blade create entrance wounds around an inch. But exit wounds are massive, measured up to 4 inches by those who’ve used this scissor-like broadhead in the field. When set in the closed position, the head is slim and sleek and promises solid arrow flight, and the beveled blade allows air to pass over one beveled edge and under the other to create excellent arrow spin. Compound and crossbow models are available.

Ramcat Hemoshock & Hemoshock DP

ramcat hemoshock mechanical broadheads

The Ramcat team knows they have a good thing in Air Foil technology. For 2023, the manufacturer hasn’t strayed from this technology but has added Firenock Aero Concentric Technology (F.A.C.T.) to its Hemoshock & Hemoshock DP broadheads. Married together, Air Foil and F.A.C.T. improve accuracy and let these heads hit with a wallop. Ramcat, thanks to the 2-3/4-inch cutting surface, is calling its newly-designed heads the most prominent, accurate, and devastating broadheads they’ve ever put in a three-pack. The Hemoshock DP gives bowhunters increased penetration regardless of their draw weight or produced energy. The D.P. will be available in May of 2023.

Trophy Taker Shuttle T-LOK Maverick

trophy taker shuttle tlok maverick fixed blade broadhead

When Trophy Taker launches a new broadhead, archers take notice, and that’s the case with the new-for-2023 T-LOK Maverick. A souped-up version of Trophy Taker’s Original T-LOK, the T-LOK Maverick adds a fourth blade to boost the broadhead’s overall cutting surface. Those who’ve slung the T-LOK downrange tell that the fourth blade adds a new element of hush to the 1-3/16-cutting-diameter broadhead.

Slick Trick Torch

Slick Trick Torch Mechanical Broadhead

Slick Trick wanted to build an expandable broadhead that would give big-game hunters accuracy, durability, and absolute killing power. Mission accomplished. The Torch’s single-bevel blade is a clear win, and a double-faceted internal Deadbolt Deployment mechanism locks the Torch’s rear-deploying blades, so there’s no need for collars, bands, or O-rings. The ferrule is slim but durable, and its transition to the Silver Tip is streamlined. On impact, the blades create a massive 2-inch wound channel.

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Rage NC Technology

rage no collar chisel tip mechanical broadhead

Rage blended old school with new school for 2023 and fitted a trio of its tried-and-true arrow toppers with N.C. (No Collar) Technology. Now Rage’s uber-popular Rage 2-Blade, 2-Blade Chisel-Tip, and Crossbow X broadheads sport N.C. Technology, which means no more open-in-the-quiver plastic clips. N.C. Technology keeps blades secure in the ferrule until the reward-deploying blades are ready to expand.

Easton Match Grade Field Points

easton match grade field point

Easton has yet to jump into the broadhead market, but for 2023 this arrow kingpin gives archers Match Grade Field Points. Why does this matter? The archery community needs to take a lesson from the rifle crowd. Rifle shooters fret over ballistics, and bowhunters should too. These Match Grade Field Points look like they should be set in a brass casing and fired downrange with their elongated tangent ogive shape and bullet-like appearance. Easton’s Match Grade comes in 8-32 threads in five popular diameters to ensure a perfect point-to-insert-to-shaft bond. Points are available in 100- and 125-grain models and the 11/32-diameter point also comes in a 150-grain model.


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