Best New Muzzleloaders for 2022

Get stoked for front-stuffer hunting with this lineup of new muzzleloaders.

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More .45 caliber options, and some hot new barrels and weather-resistant finishes highlight the best new muzzleloaders for 2022. Check out the hand-picked lineup below, and start prepping now for muzzleloader season success.

Traditions NitroFire w/VAPR Twist Barrel

Traditions NitroFire

How do you make a great muzzleloader even better? Add a faster-twist barrel. One of the best new muzzleloaders for 2022, the award-winning NitroFire now features a 1:24-inch VAPR Twist barrel. The faster twist helps to better stabilize bullets, increase accuracy, and expands the bullet options that can be used. The NitroFire is available in .50 caliber and has a 26-inch Chromoly steel fluted and tapered barrel. The NitroFire is also equipped with Traditions Elite XT trigger system. It’s a crisp, clean-breaking trigger optimized for hunting. It features a rebounding hammer and cross block trigger safety. As the first muzzleloader on the market to use the ground-breaking Firestick system by Federal Premium, the NitroFire now elevates to a new level with the 1:24-inch VAPR twist barrel. MSRPs range from $549-$699.

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Traditions Adds .45 Cal. Options

Traditions Vortek StrikerFire

Traditions PursuitXT

Flatter shooting. Higher velocity. For 2022 Traditions Performance Firearms has added .45 caliber muzzleloader and accessory options into its line. They’ve been added for hunters and shooters looking for a more-precise shooting experience. Traditions now has .45-caliber models available in both the popular Vortek StrikerFire series (above, top) and the mid-level Pursuit XT series (above).

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Both series have been part of the Traditions line for several years, and have evolved as new technology and options have been added. To support these models, Traditions is also offering accessories in .45 caliber.

CVA Paramount Pro

CVA Paramount Pro

Looking for top muzzleloader performance? The rifles of CVA’s Paramount Series are designed to provide muzzle velocities comparable to centerfire rifles. This series includes the highly-touted Paramount Pro, adding custom quality into this proven series. The Paramount Pro adds a lightweight

Paramount Pro in Field

Grayboe Fiberglass Stock in hand-painted camo. In addition, you’ll find a matching Cerakote finish for the barrel, and a TriggerTech premium trigger. The Paramount Pro is available in the new super-fast and flat-shooting .40 caliber. It’s also available in standard .45 caliber, and a specifically configured .50 caliber version for big game hunters. CVA calls them the most long-range-capable production muzzleloaders ever made.

CVA Accura LR-X

CVA Acura LR-X

Wish you owned a tough break-action muzzleloader capable of handling the harshest weather conditions? Stop wishing. CVA’s Accura Series provides stand-out performance and ease-of-use for a break-action muzzleloader. The Accura LR-X is the longer-barreled Accura, offering the extra velocity and range many hunters want. It’s one of the best new muzzleloaders for a wide variety of situations. The quick-takedown design offers easy cleaning and compact transport. You also get a carbon-fiber collapsible loading rod. This eliminates the accuracy-robbing necessity of having a ramrod under the barrel. The Accura LR-X is available in both fast-shooting .45 caliber, and .50 caliber to comply with necessary states.

Thompson Center Encore Pro Hunter XT

TC Encore ProHunter XT

Looking for a reliable muzzleloader with cutting-edge features? The Encore Pro Hunter XT .50 caliber muzzleloader delivers. It starts with its FlexTech recoil-reducing stock, and Quick Load Accurizor with reduced rifling at the tip for easy loading. In addition, you’ll also find Weather Shield coating and a patented ambidextrous Swing Hammer. Featuring a patented recoil management system, the Encore Pro Hunter XT takes the bite out of muzzle rise. You also get optimum control in wet or dry conditions with an overmolded pistol grip. In addition, the advanced Weather Shield finish is 50 times more corrosion-resistant than stainless steel. It makes this gun nearly impervious to rust. Applied to critical components, this finish protects your investment in every condition. Another cool feature? Encore Pro Hunter and Encore barrels are always interchangeable regardless of finish. Simply remove two screws and a pin to switch calibers quickly.

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