Better Spring Hunting With ScoutLook: 6 Gobbler-Getting Strategies

Marking a precise digital trail of your day's hunt. Instantly sharing a hot ridgetop roost with hunting buds. Accurate knowledge of when threatening weather will hit and pass. Read on for more HuntStand turkey tips.

by Mark Melotik

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Marking a precise digital trail of your day’s hunt. Instantly sharing a hot ridgetop roost with hunting buds. Accurate knowledge of when threatening weather will hit and pass. Read on for more HuntStand turkey tips.

ScoutLookTurksLEAD 900During long drives do you pass the time running turkey mouth calls? Do you have separate, surprisingly large boxes dedicated to housing your collections of box and pot calls? Most all dedicated turkey hunters can relate, but another question remains: Are you making the most of your HuntStand app? Turkey hunting is a specialized pursuit and few understand this like Team HuntStand. In our last turkey-focused feature we explored a few important app features geared toward helping you locate and set up on more spring birds; what follows are a few more critical ways the HuntStand Hunting app can help you (and your buddies) score this turkey season.

However, let’s start from the start; while turkey scouting and turkey hunting, make sure you’re in Turkey Mode. Remember, the HuntStand app has the following modes: Deer, Turkey, Waterfowl, Predator, Hog, Big Game. Be sure to select the correct mode for the type of game you’re hunting.TurkScout4 900ScoutTreX. ScoutTreX provides real-time tracking of your movements in the HuntStand Hunting app. As you chase gobblers all over the woods—especially on new, unfamiliar properties—it can be helpful to keep track of your movements with ScoutTreX so it’s easier and faster to get back to your camp or vehicle. And at a glance, you will know if you covered an area you had previously marked as a potential hotspot. When you hunt more efficiently, you hunt more effectively.

Distance & Area Measurement. As you’re digitally scouting a property with HuntStand’s interactive map, you might want to determine the best place for a morning or afternoon blind setup. If I hunt on this field edge, how far will I be able to shoot? Use HuntSTand’s Distance Measurement tool to make sure you’re setting up in a spot that will allow you to cover as much ground as possible in your effective range (gun or bow). How big is that block of timber on this new hunting property? Use HuntStand’s Area Measurement tool to determine acreages.roost-scoutmarx 900_editedMapMarX. Use MapMarX to create freehand drawings of boundaries in the HuntStand Hunting app. Example: Maybe there’s a particular ridge on a large property where gobblers seem to consistently hang out. Draw a line (or drop pins) around the ridge using MapMarX and create a note. You can also share MapMarX with fellow HuntStand users; when you share, the MapMarX will automatically show up in their app.Turks 900Terrain Map Layer. Apply your knowledge of turkey activity related to terrain features by viewing HuntStand’s interactive map with the Terrain layer turned on. How might you approach a roost on a steep ridge? What’s the most efficient way to get back to camp without ending up on a death march? The Terrain layer will help.

Radar. Precipitation can greatly determine the fate of a turkey hunt. Keep track of spring rain showers and storm fronts as you’re planning your hunts by using HuntStand’s Radar map overlay. You don’t have to be told that once the rain hits scads of hunters will be calling it a day; with HuntStand’s incredibly accurate hour-by-hour weather updates you can be ready to capitalize when those nasty fronts pass, working birds with little (if any) competition.turkey-log-dead 900Location Sharing. Want to share information to collaborate with your hunting buddies/fellow HuntStand Hunting app users? It’s easy with the sharing feature in the app. Go to your list of Saved Locations from the main menu —> tap on one of the Places, ScoutTreX or MapMarX that you want to share —> tap the plus-sign icon —> tap the share icon —> tap the check box next to the name of your friend with whom you wish to share —> tap the “share” button. Now your friend will be able to access the shared info in their app.



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