Bowtech Unveils New 2022 Compound Bows [First Look]

Four head-turning 2022 compounds built to deliver the specs and performance that’ll make serious bowhunters look twice. 

by HuntStand


Bowtech has unveiled four stunning new hunt-focused compounds for 2022, and if you’re anything like Team HuntStand, picking just the right model for the coming year just got a whole lot more interesting. Here’s the breakdown of the specs and technologies behind these four head-turning rigs.Bowtech SR350. Bowtech is calling this one the most accurate and comfortable speed bow ever developed, period. That’s a big statement, but the SR350 ($1,299), weighing in at 4.4 pounds complete with its 33-inch axle-to-axle frame, has the guts to back it up. The optimized DeadLock Cam System is built to deliver a smooth-as-silk draw cycle, breaking the perception that a speed bow can’t be comfortable. And as you might guess by its name, this bow and its 6-inch brace height is built to generate a blistering 350 fps. Speaking of DeadLock Cam Technology, it’s designed to be the most tunable and reliably accurate cam system on the planet—a cam system that locks in accuracy. Bowtech CP28. You can count Team HuntStand among the fans of shorter axle-to-axle hunting compounds, which is the wheelhouse of the 28-inch axle-to-axle CP28 ($1,199), the most-compact DeadLock platform ever developed. The CP28, at 4.4 pounds with 6.75-inch brace height, is built to be a treestand or blind hunter’s dream, built around a compact but stable riser design for ultra-maneuverability and increased accuracy. The silky-smooth DeadLock Cam System is built to produce a flat-shooting 335 fps, with industry-leading ease of tuning accuracy. Bowtech says this bow’s cams help it deliver the stability of a 30-plus-inch axle-to-axle bow, while still generating extreme speed.Bowtech Revolt X80.  When you need or want the most hard-hitting power and accuracy available, it’s time to check out the new Revolt X80 ($1,399). This incredible 33-inch axle-to-axle bow weighing 4.5 pounds with 6.5-inch brace height is built to produce 102 foot-pounds of bone-crushing power at 340 fps, with pinpoint accuracy to extend effective range. And because it’s powered by Bowtech’s Deadlock Technology, the company says you won’t believe its smooth, silky draw—or the fact you’re actually drawing an 80-pound bow.Bowtech Revolt XLT. Long-draw archers sometimes get the short end of the stick when it comes to hot new bows, but the Revolt XL ($1,299) is designed to change that. With the 33-inch axle-to-axle Revolt XLT (4.5 pounds, 6.625-inch brace height) Bowtech says smooth-drawing accuracy for long draw archers has finally arrived, courtesy of its all-new DeadLock Cam System that’s optimized for ultimate performance at 350 fps, for archers with draw lengths ranging from 27.5 to 33 inches. Where do things top out? Bowtech says to expect a blistering 358 fps at 33 inches. Yowsa.



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