Burly West VA Buck Is Our Final Winner [Big Buck HIT LIST]

An impressive West Virginia buck becomes a fitting choice for our final Hit List winner for 2017. Thanks for all your entries!

by Mark Melotik

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An impressive West Virginia buck becomes a fitting choice for our final Hit List winner for 2017. Thanks for all your entries!

CarterBuck3 900

Let’em go and let’em grow. For a lot of hunters passing on younger bucks that have great potential to develop into outstanding trophies is a smart call, and for the latest example we have this fine buck being monitored by Ty Carter of West Virginia. As you might recall Carter was one of the winners in our 2016 Big Buck ALERT contest, and with this latest entry, Carter becomes the 12th and final winner of our 2017 Big Buck HIT LIST contest.

CarterBuck4 900

“This a ‘Hit List’ buck I know very well,” Carter began. “I have pictures of this deer for three years in a row on a small 63-acre farm of family owned property. During the first week of the 2016 bow season I had a close encounter with him at 12 yards. Knowing his potential at an estimated 3.5 years, I elected to pass on the shot opportunity.

CarterBuck2 900

“Fast-forward to this past summer. Like clockwork my trail cameras starting lighting up with velvet photos of the greatly improved, now 4.5-year-old buck, coming to feed in a soybean field. I had recently planted the bean field, for a second consecutive year.

CarterBuck1 900

“The camera hangs just on the edge of the woodline, overlooking a travel area, with my stand being a short distance behind in the woods. As for now this buck is patterned for first-week hunting season success, but time will tell. Using my HuntStand app again this year will hopefully help aid in the downfall of this beautiful whitetail, and hopefully I will check back in with a ‘Big Buck Alert’ contest entry again this fall. Thank you HuntStand!”

ThermacellContest 900

For his final, Week 12 win, Carter will be sent a new-for-2017 Thermacell MR450 Handheld Repeller (see image above), valued at $35. Team HuntStand would like to thank everyone who sent in entries for our 2017 Big Buck HIT LIST contest, and if you didn’t win, take heart. The HuntStand Big Buck ALERT contest has just begun, offering the chance to win several more great prizes. If you score this fall, send in your entry…we’d love to share your HuntStand app success story with the HuntStand community. Good luck out there!



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