Burris Veracity Riflescopes: Most Versatile Design Ever? [Review]

by HuntStand


The premium Veracity lineup of riflescopes from Burris offers plenty of lightweight and compact options. They’re ideal to pair with your favorite predator and big-game rifles alike. Why? They pack features that will help you stay on those hard-charging “up-close” coyotes, and effectively reach out for pinpoint, long-distance accuracy.

The Burris Veracity line is the company’s top-of-the-line hunting scopes, featuring a 5x zoom system and a larger field of view. In addition, you have a choice of front or rear focal plane design. The front focal plane reticle option that Team HuntStand used recently allows the reticle size to increase or decrease with magnification. As a result, the trajectory compensation is always correct for the selected power setting. That was a big help on this predator hunt, which saw both up-close and longer-distance opportunities, sometimes in the same set.

Rear focal plane is more traditional, and keeps the reticle clearly visible and the same size in all zooms. Advanced windage and elevation adjustment is accurate and repeatable, and matches the reticle’s MOA measurement system. In addition, all Burris Veracity scopes are waterproof, shockproof, fogproof and nitrogen filled. Plus, each scope carries a lifetime warranty.

Currently there are four different Burris Veracity Riflescopes in the line. They include the  2-10x42mm model used on this hunt. In addition, more options include the  3-15x50mm, 4-20x50mm, and 5-25x50mm. With the wide array of reticle options and choice of front or rear focal plane, this lineup is sure to offer a winning choice. When you’re ready to outfit your next predator or big game rifle, check out the Burris Veracity.


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