Check The New Rambo Megatron Hunt-Focused E-Bike [First Look]

by Mark Melotik

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Electric or E-Bikes aren’t new, but their many advantages continue to be refined and tailored to the specific needs of hunters. A great example is the new Rambo Megatron E-Bike that breaks some new ground.

The dual 1,000-watt hub motors of the Megatron give hunters lots of options when it comes to E-Bike power and efficiency. With these dual motors you have the capability of ultimate versatility. How much versatility? Well, for starters, you have the ability to instantly change from front wheel drive to rear-wheel drive. And for ultimate power in rough terrain, you also have the option of on-demand all wheel drive. And you can choose any of these three options on the go, with up to 80 miles of range.

The advantages the Megatron holds for hunters should be obvious. And especially, when you consider the more “standard” E-bike advantages of ultimate stealth and silence. Add in the ability to save battery life and access extra power when needed? Well, those are huge advantages. Rambo believes the Megatron has set the new standard for the ultimate hunt-focused E-Bike, and it makes a strong case.

Our advice? If you’re in the market for a new hunt-focused E-Bike, the feature-packed new Megatron demands a strong look.

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