Deadly Dozen: The Best Of HuntStand Hunting 2015

With the New Year still young, let’s take a look back at the most-popular HuntStand Hunting stories of 2015. Features so nice, they’re worth seeing twice.

by Mark Melotik

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With the New Year still young, let’s take a look back at the most-popular HuntStand Hunting stories of 2015. Features so nice, they’re worth seeing twice.


What Makes A Skilled Deer Hunter? Regular HuntStand contributor Tony Peterson reminds us all that tasting ‘real-world’ hunting success might not lead to fame or fortune, but will likely deliver far greater rewards. When you set your own hunt goals and truly hunt for yourself rather than attempting to meet the expectations of others, you’re a winner no matter the outcome.

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Working The Wind To Stalk Whitetails. Well-traveled HuntStand contributor Ron Spomer takes a hard look at what it takes to get the drop on a wary whitetail and its ultra-keen senses. Of course one stands out above all others: When it comes to whitetails, the nose knows. 


SHOT OF THE WEEK – Illinois Archery Rut Buck. HuntStand’s “Shot of the Week” video series has showcased dozens of heart-pounding hunts with some incredible success stories. One of the biggest fan favorites from 2015 is this exciting Illinois rut hunt featuring bowhunter Rob Scott from Dominant Bucks TV. You can see more hunts from “Shot of the Week” right here. While you’re at the HuntStand’s YouTube Channel, don’t forget to subscribe


Video: The Chronicles: Bowhunting A Massive Buck At Eye Level. It’s early September and HuntStand’s Brian Stephens is in Nebraska hunting a big-bodied whitetail buck with his Elite Energy 32. When the deep-chested management buck finally makes an appearance, Brian comes to full draw from a well-placed ground blind.


Video: THE HUNGER: Hunting Public-Land Pronghorn Antelope In Montana. The pronghorn is known for its sharp eyesight and its ability to detect threats from a great distance, but HuntStand’s Josh Dahlke plans to catch up to one with a high-velocity Nosler in this exciting episode of THE HUNGER.


Video: SHOT OF THE WEEK –Archery Elk At 5 Yards. Talk about heart-pounding excitement. Take a front-row seat as Cole Kayser, son of HuntStand contributor Mark Kayser, comes face to face with a mature bull elk at a mere 5 yards during the Wyoming rut. Could you keep it together and make the shot during this high-stress scenario?



Gear Up For Prairie Pronghorn Success. When your home will be a tent camp and your goal is a wily Wyoming speed goat, your gear choices are more critical than ever. Here are some great ideas for your next DIY camp setup, courtesy of HuntStand’s Mark Melotik, and some friends that include the team at Camp Chef, and Cabela’s.


How To Plan A Late-Season Whitetail Ambush. When temps are dropping and the season is waning, it’s time to get serious about stand location to kill a winter whitetail. Expand your skills and knowledge as HuntStand contributor Mark Kayser discusses his best strategies for consistent late-season success.

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THE HUNGER: Dropped Into The Wilderness For Moose. Ever had a float plane whisk you deep into remote moose-filled wilderness? If not, here’s your chance. Come along with HuntStand contributor Brad Fenson and friend Kevin Howard as they set up camp and stalk majestic moose in the wilds of northern Alberta, in this photo essay from the HuntStand original video series THE HUNGER.


THE HUNGER: Marathon Bulls: Going The Distance For Public-Land Elk. Public land hunting is a ritual, an intricate multi-faceted process, and few describe it more eloquently than HuntStand contributor Eric Conn. Check out this photo essay to see the results of months of preseason scouting, 4 a.m. mornings and late nights, many miles traveled on foot and in vehicles, hours of glassing mountainsides, and heaping portions of exhaustion and sleep deprivation.


Two-State Whitetail Rut Hunt Adventure. Two straight weeks with nothing to do but bowhunt rutty whitetail bucks. What could be better? Come along as HuntStand’s Mark Melotik hits the road to chase rutting whitetails in two respected big-buck meccas: Illinois and Kansas.


7 Ways To Wreck A Young Deer Hunter. As a father of two beginning gun hunters—sons ages 10 and 12—HuntStand contributor Dave Maas has learned a few tips that could stack the odds in your favor when it comes to providing your kids with a positive first experience in the deer woods. He’s also discovered a few common pitfalls.



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