Deer Hunting Made Easier with the Right Knife Sharpener

by HuntStand


Breaking down a deer after the shot is never an easy task. If you’ve skinned and quartered enough deer, then you know a sharp knife is essential to getting the job done. Keeping the right knife sharpener nearby will ensure your time in the skinning shed is well spent. In this video, Hunter Nelson explains how helpful it was to keep a Work Sharp knife sharpener on standby as he cleaned his first buck.

Deer Hunting Made Easier with the Right Knife Sharpener?

Will the right knife sharpener help better your odds at killing a big buck? Of course not! However, getting a deer on the ground is only a small part of the hunting process, and as you’ve probably heard before: the real work begins once your tag is punched. Work Sharp offers a wide variety of knife sharpeners, from powered sharpeners such as the MK.2 to manual knife sharpeners like the Guided Field Sharpener. Either of these knife sharpeners make great options for any deer camp.

On the Bench

The MK.2  can sharpen any knife and tool around deer camp with its flexible belts, sharpening guides, and  two-speed motor. It makes sharpening faster, easier, and more enjoyable. Thus, allowing you to spend less time sharpening and focusing more on the task at hand.

Deer Hunting Made Easier with the Right Knife Sharperner

In the Back Pocket

Hunter Nelson chose to keep the Guided Field Sharpener from Work Sharp in his back pocket for easy access. He recognizes the importance of quick processing in preserving the quality of meat. With the help of the Guided Field Sharpener, he was able to quickly sharpen his knife without stepping away from the deer.

Deer Hunting Made Easier with the Right Knife Sharpener

To put it simply, deer hunting can be made easier with the right knife sharpener. Powered or not, Work Sharp offers many great options. Hunter chose what was best for his needs and he was able to clean his buck without any worries.

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