E-Calls vs. Hand Calls For Coyotes [HuntStand Pro Tips]

by HuntStand


Are you among the hunters who debate E-Calls vs. Hand Calls for luring coyotes? We all seem to have a favorite, but combining the two is often your most-successful option.

HuntStand Pro Mark Kayser is a huge fan of hand calls for coyotes because they offer so much versatility. With hand calls you can instantly change volume, call inflection, and even switch calls completely. All it takes is a second, whereas making those same call changes with an e-caller takes more time and thought. For those coyote hunters who are very skilled with an e-caller that may not be a problem, but for others it might.

There will likely always be predator hunters debating E-Calls vs. Hand Calls, but Kayser points you really don’t have to choose. And further, that you really shouldn’t choose. Because when you use E-Calls and Hand Calls in the same setup, you have increased your coyote calling power and effectiveness. With the right calling sequences you can actually manipulate incoming coyotes to your benefit. You can make running coyotes slow down, inch a few feet closer, or even stop altogether. And when you stop them in the right place, you can make an accurate, coyote-anchoring shot.

The bottom line in this debate? Well, your electronic caller serves a purpose, and your hand calls serve a purpose too. In the end, you’ll be a better and more well-rounded predator and coyote hunter if you take the time to combine those calls. And not just occasionally, but on all your predator hunting setups. Too much hassle? Get the right calls and they won’t bog you down.

Are you ready to head out and call in a few coyotes with E-Calls and Hand Calls? Right now is prime time. That is, as long as you’re packing the right attitude, a little creativeness, and the right calls.

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