Excalibur Crossbow Q & A: How The New TwinStrike Crossbow Breaks The Mold

We speak with the creator of one of the most-innovative new crossbows ever built.

by Mark Melotik

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We speak with the creator of one of the most-innovative new crossbows ever built.

TwinStrike1 900Q: If we’re going to start from the start, how did the ground-breaking two-shot design of the TwinStrike Crossbow come about? Was this a sudden “light-goes-on” type of innovation or has this been several years in development?

Excalibur Crossbow: At Excalibur Crossbow, we are hunters creating products for hunters. With that, it really came about from all of us sitting around doing what we love—and someone saying, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a crossbow that featured a second follow-up shot ready to go?’ At that point, it was off to the races for our engineers.

Q: Although the primary benefit of the TwinStrike seems rather obvious, how does Excalibur see this crossbow impacting hunters and hunter recruitment moving forward?

Excalibur Crossbow: We want hunters to be successful and enjoy the sport we love. Crossbows allow people to access archery opportunities without the stresses and length of time it takes to be proficient with a typical vertical bow. As hunters, we all know stuff happens. Every hunter has had a shot goes sideways. An arrow strikes a branch, an animal jumps a shot, or we just flat-out misjudge the yardage. That’s why we all take a quiver full of arrows for a follow-up shot if needed. With the TwinStrike, that follow-up shot is ready to go in milliseconds. TwinStrike3 900Q: What are three compelling reasons for hunters who don’t own a TwinStrike, to purchase one in the next few months?

Excalibur CrossbowReally, the first goes back to the quick follow-up shot if needed. As we mentioned, we all take a quiver full of arrows for a follow-up shot if needed, and with the TwinStrike, that follow-up shot is ready to go in milliseconds.

The second would be the ability to have both a fixed-blade broadhead, and an expandable-blade head, loaded and ready to go. If something does go wrong on the first shot—let’s say with the fixed blade head—you then have the more-streamlined, expandable-tipped arrow ready to go, with the extra cutting diameter if needed, for a slightly longer shot.

The third would be proven Excalibur reliability and durability. As with all Excalibur crossbows, the TwinStrike features durability that provides confidence it won’t let you down. It also features the DIY, in-the-field ability to change the string, if you happen to cut it accidentally. No crossbow press is needed.TwinStrike4 900

Q: A common theme during 2020 for many outdoor gear companies was the struggle to keep up with demand forced by the global pandemic; can you provide some insight into your ability to meet consumer demand of the new TwinStrike in 2021? Are dealerships stocked now, and can consumers expect that to be the case for the bulk of 2021?

Excalibur Crossbow: Prior to the consumer launch, we debuted the TwinStrike to our dealers, most of which pre-ordered demo bows and stock in preparation for its popularity. With that, we have already begun to ship product to meet those orders, and we have geared up to continue to ship our ever-increasing consumer orders.TwinStrike5 900

Q: Is the TwinStrike’s unique design patent-protected? And if so, can Excalibur ever envision a scenario where it would license this technology to other companies?

Excalibur Crossbow: Excalibur-exclusive DualFire technology, the heart of the TwinStrike, is patent-protected. This technology, coupled with our recurve-limb design, gives us the ability to provide the 2nd follow-up shot. At this point there is no other platform what would allow the addition of this technology, and so it will remain exclusive to Excalibur.TwinStrike6 900

Q: What type of broadheads can be used with the new TwinStrike—any restrictions as to fixed or mechanicals, or their size/weight?

Excalibur Crossbow: No restrictions whatsoever. The TwinStrike can utilize any type or weight broadhead. Also, this goes back to one of the compelling reasons to own a TwinStrike: The ability to have both a fixed blade and expandable blade, loaded and ready to go. TwinStrike7 900

Q: What type of arrow/arrows are compatible with the new TwinStrike, and why?

Excalibur Crossbow: We always recommend our Excalibur Arrows. The TwinStrike requires a 16.5-inch arrow equipped with our exclusive Rhino Nock. This exclusive nock engages the TwinStrike Ceasefire, our anti-dry-fire system. This prohibits the crossbow from firing without an arrow installed. We do not recommend the use of any other arrows.TwinStrike8 900Q: Does the TwinStrike require any unique maintenance or care versus other types of crossbows? Any unique or specific “off-season” storage tips?

Excalibur Crossbow: We recommend the same steps an archer/hunter would take with any current crossbow. Nothing unique is required for the TwinStrike. Here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Wax the string. Periodically check the bowstring for any signs of wear.
  2. Lubricate the rail with a light silicone lube. We recommend Excalibur’s Ex-Slick.
  3. Lubricate the trigger housing. We recommend Excalibur’s Ex-Oil.
  4. Keep the trigger housing free of dirt.
  5. Periodically re-tighten all bolts.


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