Facts About Firearms Suppressors/Silencers

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How much do you know about firearms suppressors, or silencers? Lots of hunters remain confused, but this video will help answer all of the pertinent questions. In this video Richard Mann shares facts about firearm suppressors (silencers), and explains how Silencer Central offers an ideal service for buying suppressors and suppressor accessories.

Suppressors are typically caliber specific, in other words, you need a suppressor to match the caliber of the gun you are shooting. A 30-caliber suppressor, for instance, can be used on any 30-caliber rifle, including the 308, 30-06, or 300 Win Mag. However, you can also use a specific suppressor on sub-caliber firearms. So the same 30-caliber suppressor can also be used on a 7mm rifle, a 6.5mm, or even a .22 Long Rifle.

The process for buying a suppressor is a little complex, and can take from three to six months. But the hoops you must jump through are well worth the time and effort. Why? Because when it comes to hunting, a suppressor can be a tremendous benefit. How you ask? A suppressor helps to reduce recoil. And you will shoot more accurately with a rifle that recoils less.

Another benefit of suppressors is that you can use your hearing sense while hunting, because a suppressor allows you to forgo hearing protection. Yes, using a suppressor helps protect your hearing. In addition, yet another benefit is a reduced sound signature, which will help prevent spooking game at the shot. Because of this, if you miss your first shot, you’re much more likely to get off a second shot at a big game animal before it bolts.

Buying Help From The Experts

If you’re interested in purchasing a suppressor/silencer, a great option is working with Silencer Central. This helpful business knows all the facts about firearms suppressors. In addition, Silencer Central makes the purchasing process easy, including taking care of all your paper work, and more.

For even more info on using suppressors/silencers for hunting, see this recent HuntStand feature article.

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