Farm & Hunt with the Yamaha Wolverine RMAX2 1000 XT-R

by HuntStand


On a central Wisconsin cranberry farm, where Team HuntStand recently filmed a crossbow whitetail hunt, every piece of equipment is a tool to get a job done. Especially during the fall harvest, when every moment counts. Stuff needs to get done—right now. And don’t forget it’s the deer season opener. Farm & hunt with Yamaha? Yep. These are conditions where the Yamaha RMAX 1000 XT-R really shines. It can help haul harvest gear, quickly and efficiently, anywhere it needs to go. And through some challenging terrain full-size trucks can’t negotiate.

Time to Hunt

The Martinovich family has a long history of growing cranberries. And maybe a longer tradition of hunting deer. On many farms, whitetails complete the outdoor combo platter. It’s no different in central Wisconsin. On the Martinovich farm an extensive trail system helps get people and gear from one side of the 1,600-acre property to the other. But not all trails accommodate a full-size pickup. Tight, rutted, muddy trails. No room for turnarounds. This is where the Yamaha Wolverine RMAX 1000 XT-R really shines.

Off-Season Fun

And how about a little fun? Working hard is always part of the equation on a 1,600-acre cranberry farm. But how about those summer evenings when the day’s work is done? That’s when your Yamaha side-by-side transforms yet again. It’s a high-level recreation machine looking for adventure. Skirting sand dunes. Running gravel roads. Challenging mud hole stretches. Farm & hunt with Yamaha? Sure, but why limit yourself? Yamaha’s new side-by-sides help you make the most of your outdoor pursuits, in every season.

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