Father’s Day Gift Guide: 11 Gift Ideas For Dads Who Hunt

Your dad is a hunter? These 11 great Father's Day gifts will make your old man happier than opening day of deer season. Well ... almost.

by ScoutLook Weather


Your dad is a hunter? These 11 great Father’s Day gifts will make your old man happier than opening day of deer season. Well … almost.

Bucks of America Gear ($24-$55). This grassroots company started in Nebraska and has built a nationwide following at rapid speed—and for good reason. From Men’sWomen’s and Kid’s apparel to decals, headware and accessories, Bucks of America is a lifestyle brand that every deer hunter can tout with pride. As the name suggests, Bucks of America has customized its full line of gear for every state in the country! No doubt, you can find something on their website for Dad, but we’ve worked directly with Cody Neer, Bucks of America founder, to put together three discounted (15 percent off) Father’s Day packages exclusively for HuntStand users. Choose from: the “coffee” package pictured above for $46; another package including bottle and can koozies plus a Buck Life decal for $24; or a very special “support” t-shirt package for Dad’s patriotic side priced at $55. Bucks of America will leave a mark on the big guy.

Camp Chef Woodwind Pellet Grill ($899). Killin’, grillin’ and chillin’. You and Dad can do it best with the new Woodwind Pellet Grill. This perfectly built electric grill burns premium hardwood pellets. Just fill the hopper, dial it to your preferred temperature and let the smoke roll. Want to put a sweet sear on your fine cut of wild meat? It’s easy with the attached BBQ Sear Box, which runs on propane and heats up to a wicked 900 degrees for a quick sear or reverse sear. For a limited time, when you order the Woodwind you’ll get a free patio grill cover, bonus wood pellets and complimentary shipping. [ORDER NOW]

Work Sharp Guided Sharpening System ($59.95). It sharpens pocket knives, hunting knives, serrations, fish hooks, tools and more. The affordable Work Sharp Guided Sharpening System is a complete sharpening solution for every knife you own, and it even comes with a 42-year warranty. Manual sharpening has never been easier thanks to built-in angle guides and Work Sharp’s proprietary Pivot-Response technology, which makes it super simple to put a precision edge on curved blades. Don’t let dad lose his Man Card by walking around with a dull blade. [ORDER NOW]


ALPsBino-Harness-X 600

ALPS OutdoorZ Bino Harness X ($49.99). A binocular is worthless if you can’t keep it at the ready in the field at all times. This well-designed binocular harness from ALPS OutdoorZ is a full-containment system with a bino pocket that stays close to your chest, preventing bouncing or shifting as you run, hike and climb into position. The back panel is padded for extra comfort, and the harness is fully adjustable to fit all body sizes. The straps have been specifically designed to fit comfortably underneath your pack straps, allowing you to wear the Bino Harness X comfortably with or without your pack. [ORDER NOW]

HSS-HANG 600Hunter Safety System Hanger Harness ($99.95). A lot of guys are too stubborn to wear a safety harness. Not good. Treestand falls are far too common … but the good news is they’re easy to prevent. Keep Dad safe with the HSS-Hanger. It’s the first and only “off-season” treestand harness. The HSS-Hanger is built tough, constructed from durable fabric, and is packed with handy features that include deep, rigid utility pockets for securely hold steps, straps, HSS-Lifelines and more, preventing multiple trips up the tree. The smart slide pocket design allows the user to freely slide pockets to the front or back while climbing and working, and you’ll also find legendary HSS safety features: a pro-grade rope-style lineman’s climbing belt with two heavy-duty carabiners. Also included are an adjustable tree strap, suspension relief strap, instructional DVD and safe-use instructions. [ORDER NOW]


Thermacell MR450 Mosquito Repeller ($34.99). It’s like voodoo against mosquitoes. Thermacell’s invisible magic is the real deal, providing a 15-foot zone of protection against the most annoying flying, biting insects. The MR450 is an upgrade from the original Thermacell Repeller, with new features such as rubber armor, a heavy-duty clip, and an accessory mounting system. [ORDER NOW]


EngelCup 600Engel Tumblers ($12.49-$24.99). Hot coffee, ice-cold Coke or a tasty adult beverage at the end of a long day—Engel Tumblers are the way to go. Choose from the 22-ounce version or its 30-ounce big brother. They’re both built with high-grade stainless steel and spill-proof lids, complete with a convenient and reliable flip top for a sweet sipping experience every time. No more spilling that cup of Joe on the way to work, or even worse … party fouling a fresh pour of fire water (such as the last item on our gift list). The Tumblers’ narrow base fits in a wide range of cup-holders on boats, cars, trucks, ATVs and off-road vehicles. [ORDER NOW]

big-buck-gear-guide-600HuntStand App (ad-free, $9.99/year). Grab your dad’s smartphone and download the new ad-free HuntStand app. This new paid version of our app doesn’t contain any advertising. He can use the app to save unlimited hunting locations anywhere in the world, and then revisit saved locations at any time to view pinpoint weather conditions, including hourly ScentCone wind forecasts to plot productive stand sits. ScoutMarX will allow him to store locations of rubs, scrapes, bedding areas, and other key clues to build a deadly gameplan. He can store specific game animal observations to develop patterns and fill tags. Cache parcels of hunting areas for offline viewing and GPS navigation. You can expect a “thank-you” call from Dad when HuntStand leads him to success this fall. Available for Android and iOS. [DOWNLOAD NOW]

SA Protecting Membership Benefits

Sportsmen’s Alliance Membership ($50). Imagine if your dad couldn’t hunt anymore. That would be a cold day in H-E-DOUBLE-HOCKEY-STICKS. Unfortunately, there are all sorts of evil forces at play trying to shut down hunting in our beloved country. Support your old man’s hunting passion and let freedom ring by getting him a membership to Sportsmen’s Alliance. We recommend the “Protecting” membership, which includes: a one-year subscription to Sportsmen’s Monthly (the official Sportsmen’s Alliance newsletter); a Buck Knives PackLite Skinner knife; exclusive member discounts to top outdoor brands; and more. [ORDER NOW]


Leupold LTO-Tracker ($699.99). This killer, handheld technology will blow your pappy’s mind. The LTO-Tracker from Leupold is a compact, lightweight handheld thermal optic. It can use used to see the heat signature of game up to 600 yards away—day or night. With this great gadget, Dad will never scout or track downed game the same way again. He can use it to scan the area en route to a stand or blind to avoid spooking game. The LTO-Tracker turns fresh blood trails into a roadmap to fallen game, making recovery easier than ever. It has a 6X digital zoom, a 21-degree field of view, plus six different thermal viewing modes. Durable, waterproof and backed by Leupold’s 5-year electronics warranty. [ORDER NOW]


Wild Turkey Forgiven ($54.99). Take it from the words of our friends at Wild Turkey: “This small-batch, limited-edition whiskey was made from a unique, hand-selected blend of 6-year-old bourbon and rare, high-proof rye whiskies. The bourbon and rye flavors complement the best of each other to create a bold, creamy vanilla and oak opening, and a long, smooth finish with hints of pepper, clove and cinnamon.” We’ve tested it. If your father is a fan of smooth brown water from Kentucky, he surely won’t be disappointed by Forgiven. [ORDER NOW]



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