Father’s Day Gift Guide | 14 Gifts for Dads Who Hunt

Socks and ties? Not this year. We've taken the guesswork out of gift-giving with this fine selection of gear your sporting dad will cherish.

by HuntStand


Benchmade Steep Country Fixed Blade Knife

Benchmade Steep Country KnifeWhat makes a hunting knife especially valuable? Versatility. This neat fixed-blade design leads out our Father’s Day Gift Guide because it’s capable of performing throughout any season, on any species. High visibility Santoprene handles make it easy to keep track of, and provide ample grip in slippery conditions with a redesigned handle texture. With precision in mind, the updated blade thickness and jimping location will make the last cut feel just as effortless as the first. MSRP: $14o SALE: $126

Leupold Performance Sunglasses

Leupold Packout Performance EyewearPerformance eyewear with everyday style? Yes, please. Polarized, shatterproof, rugged, and incredibly clear; they will never let dad down. Any day or any adventure. Leupold’s In-Fused polarized technology uses an advanced manufacturing process that fuses the polarization film between two of the lens layers. This process provides permanent polarized protection that won’t scratch or deteriorate over time. $129.99 to $179.99

Black Diamond Storm 500R – Lumen Headlamp

Black Diamond Storm Headlamp
Make sure dad’s path stays well lit with this compact and powerful design that won’t let him down. Whatever his adventure, this smart rechargeable design is powered with an integrated high capacity 2400 mAh Li-ion battery, with micro-USB charge port. In addition, you’ll find an ultra-bright 500 Lumen max output, and outdoor-friendly waterproof design to light the way in any weather. $74.95

75L MistRiver Welded Dry Duffel

75L MistRiver Welded Dry DuffelMost any sportsman can find dozens of uses for a premium waterproof duffel like this one. Maybe the goal is to keep clothing and gear absolutely dry. Maybe it’s to keep that gear protected and scent-free in the back of pickups, during all types of travel, or on hunting/camping/fishing trips. In all these scenarios, the MistRiver Welded Dry Duffel delivers. You’ll find rugged 420 TPU construction with waterproof welded seams, an exterior waterproof pocket with waterproof zipper, and convenient, adjustable side handles. The nice and roomy size (28×15.75×11.8 inches) helps dad stay organized. $179.99



Ovis Sacks Ready-To-Hunt Kill Kit

Ovis Sacks Ready-To-Hunt Kill KitLots of hunters forget to plan well enough for success, which is why the veteran team at Black Ovis has done it for you. This kit has everything your dad needs to get that animal off the hill and cleaned out, in one complete, convenient package. You have a couple of options to choose from depending on your preferred Bag Size and Knife Brand. Each have their own pros and cons, but each kit comes with (1) Knife and (1) Game Bag Kit. In each Game Bag Kit Black Ovis includes the following: 4 quarter bags (XL-22″ x 33″/Large-16″ x 24″), 1 meat parts bag (XL-16″ x 20″/Large-14″ x 18″), 40 feet of flagging tape, 2 pair of Latex gloves, one 5×3-foot  plastic sheet, and one storage bag. $102.49 to $152.99

Survivor Filter Pro – Portable Water Filter Pump 

Pro FilterKeep dad hydrated and safe even in the most-remote backcountry, with the Survivor Filter Pro Portable Water Filter Pump. Built to be the best of its kind on the market today, this unit offers a filtration level to an unbelievable 0.01 microns. That’s the highest level available on the market today for any kind of portable water filter. So he’ll get proven 0.01 micron protection against tested virus, bacteria, and parasites, while reducing most heavy metals and improving water taste. $70

MEAT! Pro External Vacuum Sealer

MEAT! Pro External Vacuum SealerHere’s a no-brainer gift that is just the ticket to next-level game meat preservation. Dad will love that it seals everything to his exact specs, thanks to its control panel featuring adjustable seal time, adjustable vacuum, pressure gauge, and digital time display. The Pro External Vacuum Sealer comes equipped with a locking latch for added stability and a removable drip tray for easy cleanup. The extra-wide sealing strip spans 14 inches so you can easily seal the included 1 bag roll (12.5 inches wide x 16 foot) and 20 precut bags (10 8.5 x 13.5 inches bags and 10 11 x 13.5 inches bags). $179.99

Peax Backcountry Pro Sissy Stix Trekking Poles

Peax Sissy Stix Pro Trekking Poles

If your dad has never hunted the backcountry with help from trekking poles, he’s in for a treat. We’re talking less fatigue, increased safety and much easier game meat packouts. Plus, they make excellent wading staffs during stream trout and steelhead season. Designed to endure the most-rugged conditions, the Backcountry Pro Sissy Stix are built to be tough and durable while still maintaining ultralight weight. The anodized aluminum QuickLock system allows for instant pole adaptability to match the pressure and demand of heavy loads. Ergonomic EVA shock-absorbing grips and padded wrist straps reduce hand fatigue and keep you smiling mile after mile. $129.95

Hooyman 40V Lithium-Ion Pole Saw

Hooyman 40V Lithium-Ion Pole SawTalk about a time (and back!) saver any deer-hunting dad would love. Shooting lanes and hunt-ready stand sites appear almost like magic with the Hooyman 40V Lithium Pole Saw. Weighing in just under 10 pounds, the 40V Lithium Pole Saw delivers a longer run time, higher performance, and fade-free power with no memory loss. This battery snaps in and out of the saw quickly and includes a battery charge indicator for power-level checks and charges in around 60 minutes for optimal cordless cutting. Boom. $324.99

American Hunter XDE Pro

Hunting land management is a year-round task, and this nifty feeder can help out dad and his prized tract in many ways. The XDE Pro with Hopper Feeder features an EZTouch digital timer with large LCD display. In addition, the feeder has a simple spin plate, two Qset preconfigured settings, and feeds 116 times per day at a feed rate of 160 seconds. It is also prewired for American Hunters solar panel (not included). Retail: $134.99 SALE: $121.49

Outers Universal 62-Piece Gun Cleaning Kit

Outers Universal 62-Pc Cleaning Kit

Your dad owns guns. All of them need to be cleaned and maintained. So this latched 62-piece Universal Aluminum gun cleaning kit should be a home run gift because it provides serious convenience, durability and portability. Among the many helpful pieces of this universal kit are 3 solid brass rods for .17-270-cal rifles and pistols; 3 solid brass rods for 30-cal and larger rifles, pistols and shotguns and muzzleloaders; 14 Bronze brushes to fit: 17-cal, 2.20/204 cal, 22-cal, 243-25 cal/6mm, 6.5mm, 270/7mm-cal, 30/8mm-cal, 9mm/38/357-cal, 40-45-cal/10mm, 410 ga, 20/28-ga, 10/12-ga, 50 cal and 54 cal. In addition, you get 3 Utility brushes, 50 Cleaning patches (3 x 1.5 inches); 50 Cleaning patches (3 x 3 inches) and 4 Polishing cloths. Retail: $71.99 SALE: $64.79

HME 3D Target Stand

Help dad get the most out of his 3D target practice this summer with this helpful stand. The versatile HME 3D Target Stand offers a chance to shoot deer and other 3D targets using different poses and angles quickly and easily, in the same session. In addition, it’s lightweight, and easy to assemble. The raised leg design is adjustable from 19 to 29 inches long to accommodate most 3D targets, and allows placement on uneven ground. The durable finish will last for many seasons. Sale: $33.29

Bog DeathGrip Sherpa

Bogs DeathGrip SherpaElk. Mule Deer. Sheep. Whatever dad’s next adventure, the DeathGrip Sherpa might be the ultimate backcountry tripod. Designed as a multi-functional tripod platform, the DeathGrip Sherpa weighs just over 4 pounds and utilizes a quick-change system on top of a glass-smooth ball head mount, making it ideal for glassing and shooting on the side of a mountain. In addition, you’ll find a proprietary hybrid foot, twist-lock legs, the proprietary DeathGrip clamping system, and a removable center post. $449.99

HuntStand Pro – Father’s Day Sale: Save 30 Percent!

HuntStand Pro 3D Father's Day
Did we save the best for last? Of course we did. Every dad needs to experience the power of HuntStand Pro. Use this special Father’s Day deal to save 30 percent, and he’ll enjoy the most full-featured, cost-effective hunting app on the market. Upgrading to HuntStand Pro adds some truly amazing features and tools all hunters can use including Real 3D: All of your markers, lines, and shapes will conform perfectly to the 3D base map, allowing you to understand the topography of your Hunt Area like never before. Property

Save 30 Percent On HuntStand Pro – Father’s Day Sale

Boundaries: Unlimited nationwide property info including boundaries, owner names, property size, and property perimeter. Hunting Land: Expand your awareness of huntable land everywhere with our nationwide database of publicly accessible hunting land. You also get multiple satellite base layers, detailed weather information, wholistic trail camera photo management, (with heatmaps to indicate game activity) a streamlined stand reservation system, advanced map creation and sharing capabilities, a premium high-resolution map printing service, and much more.



HuntStand is the #1 hunting and land management app in the country. It combines advanced mapping tools with powerful map layers to allow users to create and share the best hunting maps possible.